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electric katastrof

  • Electric - Robyn
    "Electric... It's electric It's a natural high Electric We don't always know why Electric Keep your ego aside Well it's electric It's a thing you can't deny Blood boils without fire Day come, day go Without"
  • Electric - Leila K
    "Electric power Electric Let's get electric Electric disco, ah L - listen up now E is electric I-L-A-K loves you L - listen up now E is electric I-L-A-K loves you E is electric Don't get electric"
  • Electric - Metallica
    "I'm gonna be a rock and roll star Gotta groove from night to day Gotta blow my crummy job Gonna blow my blues away I'm gonna make a stand Gonna make a million Gonna make it with you I'm gonna be wild my"
  • Electric - Olivia Newton-John
    "(John Farrar) From the beginning I was on to you But like a magnet I was drawn to you Don't leave me waiting here in the dark Switch off the static of a broken heart We're holding a live wire,don't let"
  • Electric - Holy Mother
    "You live at night There's seven ways to make a dollar When the sun goes down You try to face another day You shade the light And hit the basement wall You lie aloud And you're a liar Lick the ashes from"
  • Electric - Omarion
    "Go head from the top! Yeah. Ye! Turn my music up (Haaaaa) Is y'all wit me? You know, I can feel your presence Come closer Yeah You turn me on You flip the switch I feel the current Pushin me, pullin"
  • Electric - The Church
    "Alone, at the end of the day As I stand before the relics Of what used to be you and me You turn with the tears in your eyes Not understanding that you are free Free of me Like songs, our warmth fades"
  • Electric - Katy Perry
    "In the dark when you feel lost Wanna be the best But at what cost? If you’re gonna stay here Nothing’s ever changing, no Big world, gotta see it all Gotta get up even when you fall There’s no point on"
  • Electric - Sinisstar
    "Picket fences in decline Out the way I'm comin?up I'm connected I'm infected now your fucking time is up I know it's all sublime but this is not a crime Be rejected Not affected it happens every fucking"
  • Electric - Church
    "Alone, at the end of the dayAs I stand before the relics of what used to be you and meYou turn with the tears in your eyesNot understanding that you are free, free of meLike songs, our warmth fades awayTurns"
  • Electric - Matt Pond PA
    "fell through the floor it opened up i'm on my back downstairs when i came to and i looked up Iiheard the laughing name i need the shock through to wake me up as i smile from the pain i grabbed the handle"
  • Electric Electric - Primus
    "Part I - Blinded by the Sun Bring me back again, I'd really rather not be out here on my own. Someone reel me in, I'm drifting ever farther from my home. I remember when I was a baby gazing in amazement"
  • Electric Wizard - Electric Wizard
    "one day we were a sitting and a wondering where it's at when down came a dragon with the wizard on his back he said to us step on board, i'll take you for a trip and off we flew off into space, the astro-gate"
  • Katastrofa - Patrycja Kosiarkiewicz
    "ogólnie chodzi o to by płynąc z prądem pod prąd jedynie wtedy gdy sprzyja wiatr ogólnie chodzi o to by trzymać z mądrym bo głupi może znajdzie a mądry ma i jeszcze ban na nonsensu stan ban na mięcho i"
  • Katastrofa - Proceente
    "Kosmos dźwięków Ziemia ma granice Ale ludzka głupota jest bezgraniczna Z dedykacją dla tych którzy lubią rysować Z dedykacją dla Których nie ma już z nami Aloha Entertainment ku przestrodze Kawa na"
  • I Sing Electric - Joy Electric
    "Will you ever hear me? I'm too tired for sad behavior Don't fear, don't revere me They bend back to tax, to cream me Here I come, the weak receive me I sing electric To the Godly collective I sing electric The"
  • Joy Electric Land - Joy Electric
    "Joy electric land Singing in your heart again I'm a boy and you're a girl So let's join hands for all the world And share the secret Young and old The blessed hope that we hold in our hands Joy electric"
  • I. Electric Frost - Electric Wizard
    "From ancient Yuggoth, black rays emit Evils narcotic cyclopean pits In dark babelian towers await Lie dreaming until the time will awake What man has seen unknown Kadath Whose dreamy angles, confused"
  • Electric kingdom - Lexy & K-Paul
    "We are electric fresh, cool and fantastic we are electric we are electric we are electric fresh, cool and fantastic mixes from the styles with brand new rhymes we are electric we are electric we are electric"
  • Electric kingdom - Lexy and k Paul
    "We are electric fresh, cool and fantastic we are electric we are electric we are electric fresh, cool and fantastic mixes from the styles with brand new rhymes we are electric we are electric we are electric fresh,"

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