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elephant sex

  • Elephant - Tanita Tikaram
    "Elephant Ain't going home Ain't going home To be your friend Elephant Ain't going home To start a fire To be your friend Elephant Ain't going home Ain't going out To start a fight Elephant To start"
  • Elephant - Idiot Pilot
    "Conversation works to expose How heavy is the burden of your soul? Enough to disguise all you might've said? Oh, the elephant dies I felt damnation in all its throes A complication when confronted is"
  • Elephant - Margaret
    "You’re just a douchebag coming here Mess up all my space You better … can my zen Now you It’s an elephant Not the relevant"
  • Elephant - A Camp
    "I caught you smiling with pointed teeth what once was beautiful has turned bitter and cheap So now theres nothing I can do for you but leave your roses out to die I misbehaved Im in your way in your way"
  • Elephant - A-Camp
    "I caught you smiling with pointed teeth What once was beautiful has turned bitter and cheap So now there's nothing I can do for you But leave your roses out to die I misbehaved I'm in your way I'm in your"
  • Elephant - Alexandra Burke
    "You wanna talk, you wanna talk about it Wanna talk, you wanna talk about it? (eh, eh, eh) /2x How you doing?, How was your day? Small talk, small talk you wanna play? You getting further, further away No"
  • Elephant - Page France
    "Hey Mr. Elephant there's been an accident down here You and your trickery played a trick on me down here Hey, Mr. Elephant it's important that you see That there is a big reward if you cooperate with me Hey,"
  • Elephant - Tame Impala
    "I bet he feels like an elephant Shaking his big grey trunk for the hell of it You know, that you’re dreaming of about being him Too bad your chances are slim And it’s not like Mr. shock to get shallow And"
  • Elephant - Damien Rice
    "This has got to die This has got to stop This has got to lie down Someone else on top You can keep me pinned It's easier to tease But you can't paint an elephant Quite as good as she And she may cry"
  • Elephant - Trees
    "Largest land mammal on the face of the plant faces extinction this very minute Taken from the Land by the Hand of Man largest land mammal faces extinction in our lifetime What are we gonna do"
  • Elephant - Cruiserweight
    "no more rewards when we fight but i was taken just the other night to the circus show entertainment at it's finest expectations of a great night and what a magnificent sight it was but inside my heart the"
  • Elephant - Braid
    "Baby of mine don't you cry Baby of mine dry your eyes Rest your head Close to my heart Never to part Baby of mine Little one when you play Don't you mind what they say Delta Delta Delta damn the radio never"
  • Elephant - Dawid Podsiadło
    "Oh, is that my face in the mirror? Cause is taken from my own actions Boats are stuck inside the little pond Cold is what I feel in every part Hey there my dear loneliness I heard that you came and stayed Roam"
  • Elephant - Marcin Rozynek
    "In so many ways we fade away We're freaking out Don't take the blame We can't get enough of twisted lies What's a disgrace? But this mood is good tonight And after it ends I'll get away Infatua I'll"
  • Father Elephant - Elephant Man
    "Get Jiggy(Get Jiggy)3x Everybody Now Summer Bounce(Summer Bounce)4x Over yuh head(Over Yuh Head)2x Over yuh head Becau yuh face ah no bed(Alright) Yuh Jiggy Body Yuh Jiggy Body A Wedi Wedi Wedi Wedi Wedi Chorus: Father"
  • Ornamental Elephant - Wang Chung
    "I've got an ornamental elephant made of ivory I've got an ornamental elephant made of ivory The ornamental elephant element's in our soul The ornamental elephant element's in our soul My ornamental elephant"
  • Elephant Man - Big Bang
    "A church in front of a window To a world He don't need to see anymore Cause he's just seen it all In a picture show In a theatre long ago We're watching movies And now we want more But one more tragic"
  • Elephant Man - Suede
    "I love that deafening, thundering sound That sounds like buildinggs tumbling down And people wish that they weren't around When we all rock and roll into town We hear those fearful, piercing screams The"
  • Pink Elephant - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
    "Well, a bum was in my trash He's pickin' out all the cans Firewater burnin' up his poor swollen glands The Lysol and Listerine It went to his head He eats boot black rotted on a piece of white bread He"
  • Elephant Talk - Adrian Belew
    "Talk, it's only talk Arguments, agreements, advice Answers, articulate announcements It's only talk Talk, it's only talk Babble, burble, banter Bicker bicker bicker Brouhaha, balderdash, ballyhoo It's"

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