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eliot ness

  • Eliot - Sarah Slean
    "Armies and ice and dirty greenNewspapers shovels sand on the breezeI think of Eliot when I smell the streetAnd its sometimes wise just to shut your eyesWorkers and lovers make their living space neatBent"
  • Loch Ness - Di Leva
    "Loch ness, simmande frmling i djupet. Loch ness, det str en frstelnad man p undrens strand. Loch ness Loch ness Jag iakttar ytans lugn frn min fiskebt... Sjns yta krusas, en kameras dans fr sin herre"
  • Mr & Mrs Ness - Volbeat
    "The old man is crying and he's lying The blood on his hands (is) from his wife Oh Lucy your mother is crying in the sky Lucy Where am I? They took me away from the (crime) scene Removing the gun from"
  • Red white ness - Hunter
    "FLAG OF POLAND...RedWhiteNessSee her flapping wildly above everyones head...MARCHING! - no more time for any questions!MASSES! theres no place for any difference!GOD IS... FINAL HOPE of FINAL PROMISE...God"
  • Information - Eliot Sumner
    "("Information" to tytułowa piosenka z pierwszej EP-ki Eliot Sumner (znanej wcześniej także jako I Blame Coco), prywatnie córki Stinga.)"
  • I Followed You Home - Eliot Sumner
    "I guess I never really knew The lengths that I would go for you Is it dangerous to follow you back home? The lights were out, I turned the key A stranger laying next to me And your fragrance It followed"
  • Przez Noce i Dnie - Ness
    "Jest takie coś, co nie pozwala myśleć źle Jest gdzieś w nas taka moc która pcha do przodu Wiem , ze jest bo daje nam każdego dnia Po prostu siebie Zobacz jak potrafi zmienić innych i Zmienia ciebie Prowadzi"
  • Powiedz Mi - Ness
    "Gdy na strychu odnalazłem coś Zakurzone, bardzo stare lustro Tyle razy chciałem spojrzeć w nie Chociaż czasem czułem dziwny lęk... Pewnego razu spróbowałem bo W młodym sercu zawsze gościł tłok Setki myśli,"
  • Tam gdzie ty - Ness
    "Zegar padł Jadę i Zostawiłem tylko list Twoja twarz Daje mi Uśmiech który niszczy złe dni Już wiem Gdzie chce być Moje miejsce jest tam gdzie ty Tęsknię ja Tęsknisz ty Nie umiemy bez siebie żyć TERAZ"
  • Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Mike Ness
    "Well it ain't no use to sit and wonder why, If you don't know by now An' it ain't no use to sit and wonder why, It don't matter, anyhow When the rooster crows at the break of dawn Look out your window"
  • Misery Loves Company - Mike Ness
    "I used to roam all night long I lurked the streets late at night I ain't never comin' home But loneliness Is part of the game And misery loves company I used to think that I was a king Fancy cars, fancy"
  • Crime Don't Pay - Mike Ness
    "Drinking, gambling and women Stealin' hearts and playin' with guns But the laws the law and baby that's a fact And now I'm on the run Chorus: But this song ain't about none of the above We're not punished"
  • Rest Of Our Lives - Mike Ness
    "Eighteen years in a traveling band Seen a lot of one night stands But still I find myself so very much alone And it took those years to find myself Wasn't lookin' for no one else And then I found you"
  • You Win Again - Mike Ness
    "The news is out All over town That you've been seen Out running 'round I guess that I Should leave but then I just can't go You win again This heart of mine Could never say What everybody knew but me Just"
  • Cheating At Solitaire - Mike Ness
    "You can lie to yourself, you can lie to the world You can lie to the one you call your girl You can humble yourself to the hearts that you stole Wondering who's gonna love you when you grow old? With"
  • No Man's Friend - Mike Ness
    "Don't ask me why I'm so angry Or why I'm so disturbed Unless you got a couple good hours To hear my troubling words You talk of truth, honor and respect You talk of living, but you haven't lived Seems"
  • Charmed Life - Mike Ness
    "Some say it's the strong who survive Sometimes I wonder if there's any truth to that at all I've been lucky and that's a fact I've led a charmed life I know judges and I know priests I know gangsters,"
  • Dope Fiend Blues - Mike Ness
    "In a police car I feel so very small I see my lovers face and I watch her teardrops fall And I try to figure out where I'd fallen off the track I sold my soul to the devil and then I stole it back Chorus: And"
  • Ballad Of A Lonely Man - Mike Ness
    "I'm young and I'm strong I've got this God forsaken world by the balls! I've got a one-way ticket to freedom Ain't no one gonna take it from me I was a soldier, age twenty-one In a war I'm not sure what"
  • If You Leave Before Me - Mike Ness
    "If you leave this world before A promise to you I shall keep I won't fall in love with another one Over your ashes I shall weep If you leave before A promise I never will tell About all the things we"

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