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eliot sumner I followed you home

  • I Followed You Home - Eliot Sumner
    "I guess I never really knew The lengths that I would go for you Is it dangerous to follow you back home? The lights were out, I turned the key A stranger laying next to me And your fragrance It followed"
  • Sumner Days - Above The Law
    "What's up homes? Welcome to the catacombs We seduce the microphones, bless the chron - got me in a zone Just another Saturday night at the spizot We kickin' it tough we done closed up shop Plenty of Phillies"
  • Being Followed Home - Pulp
    "I'm being followed home, / I'm being followed home, I don't know what for, / I don't know by whom. The smell of your dress, / a face in the rain, / the pavement shines wet in focus again. / Oh... /"
  • Eliot - Sarah Slean
    "Armies and ice and dirty greenNewspapers shovels sand on the breezeI think of Eliot when I smell the streetAnd its sometimes wise just to shut your eyesWorkers and lovers make their living space neatBent"
  • Look What Followed Me Home - David Ball
    "Well, I made my plans to leave you far behind to put you in my past and get you off my mind So, I took your memory on a midnight ride down a dark and lonely backroad and left you there to die But look"
  • I Should´ve Followed You Home - Gary Barlow & Agnetha Faltskog
    "Can't believe it's really you You still look the way you used to All this time, what have you done? Won't you tell me, what you've been through? And maybe if you want to Let's talk for a while Dancefloor"
  • Followed You To Work - Rehab
    "Falling in love, such sweet sorrow Here's a little something from me You know there's an old saying If you love something, set it free If it doesn't comes back, hunt it down and KILL IT Ever since"
  • Followed the waves - Auf Der Maur
    "Feel me sneaking around againAm I hangin' around again?Can't you see?That my heart lies, my heart lies to youI followed the waves to you,I cannot see it throughBut my heart lies to youYoull never have"
  • Followed The Waves - Melissa Auf Der Maur
    "Feel me sneaking around again Am I hanging around again Can't you see That my heart lies My heart lies to you I followed the waves to you I counted to see it through But my heart lies to you You'll"
  • Information - Eliot Sumner
    "("Information" to tytułowa piosenka z pierwszej EP-ki Eliot Sumner (znanej wcześniej także jako I Blame Coco), prywatnie córki Stinga.)"
  • Once Followed By The Wind - Joe Ely
    "Once followed by the wind Once led astray by strangers from the shadows Magnetized by teardrops fallin from clear blue eyes Once forgotten by my friends But remembered well by those who went before me Revitalized"
  • Followed Around - Henry Rollins
    "I'm being followed around again, around and around again I'm being followed around again, around and around again I'm being followed around again, around and around again I'm being followed around again,"
  • Followed Around - Rollins Band
    "I'm being followed around again, around and around again I'm being followed around again, around and around again I'm being followed around again, around and around again I'm being followed around again,"
  • Home - The Gathering
    "I gave my life to you and I have worked so hard at it too Would I do anything other than to raise you to be The finest men? After all this years of ploughing through the weeds I have turned wise and grey"
  • Home - Kanye West
    "(Chorus) Go ahead roll it up and pass it round Cause lately's been a whole lot of bullshit going down A lot of soldiers aint make it through this year So lets just celebrate that we still here and"
  • Thinking Comes First Followed By Action - Make Up Your Mind
    "Verse1: This hunting season is extended, And their paratroopers landed on our backyard, It's a battlefield digged up and totally wrecked with, Their booby traps are waiting for us to kick their pins in, Preventing"
  • Statement Of Being Followed By Follwers - Martyr A.d.
    "How you came from the wall Feeding me handfuls of anonymity A perfect mask can hide a shallow smile A muted voice comprised of chicanery A prophet to the disassembled A bleeding heart for a dying"
  • Who followed who - Default
    "Starting fights that can't be won Just one round and you'll be gone When it's lost you'll reret it Much too hard to forget it No one to take pity on So when you try hard to forget the truth Look again"
  • Home - Home Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
    "Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my Ma and Pa Not the way that I do love you Well, Holy moly, me oh my, you're the apple of my eye Girl, I never loved one like you Man, oh, man, you're my best friend, I scream"
  • Don't Look Now, I'm Being Followed. Act Normal - Hands Like Houses
    "Is this the edge of the world? We chased the horizon down ‘til it hung beneath our feet. Now I’m drifting blind. All I know is we can’t move closer. I’ve never seen the lights of the north, The constellations"

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