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  • A Song For Ellie Greenwich - Parenthetical Girls
    "pressed unto us flesh still sickly sweet with scents of love but lost of this lust exactly what becomes of us just like me they long to see you on your knees but all these he's into she's irreparably"
  • Ellie My Love - Ray Charles
    "There were times I left your heart in pain Time again I've turned and walked away I get to where I'm going just to find Won't be happy in this world If you're not by my side Ellie, my love so sweet My"
  • Ellie my love - Rockapella
    "Won't be happy in this worldIf you're not by my sideEllie, my love soThere were times I left your heart in painTime again I've turned and walked awayIt's where I'm going just to findWon't be happy in this"
  • Your Song - Ellie Goulding
    "It's a little bit funny This feeling inside I'm not one of those who can easily hide I don't have much money But boy if I did I'd buy a big house where We both could live So excuse me forgetting But these"
  • Silhouette (Feat. Ellie Goulding) - Active Child
    "Giving this world everything I've got Running through the woods, running through this shots Tryna to survive a day! All I want is that you stand here into me Singing outside waiting for the words to come Living"
  • Ellie - Kartky
    "Kiedy znowu dzwonisz do mnie a ja próbuję cię zapomnieć Kiedy znowu dzwonisz do mnie i widzę jak rozpływa się cały czas chamy znowu na pixach wyjebane, nie dam sie pisać w liczbach pary i głupie hity"
  • New Love (ft. Ellie Goulding) - Silk City (Diplo, Mark Ronson)
    "Think i forget my breathe did you forget my name? I wrote your symphonies They all just sound the same Don’t know what i believe in Cause i just kept moving on Said i should take a seat I know where i"
  • Heavy Crown (ft. Ellie Goulding) - Iggy Azalea
    "This heavy crown It comes and goes around And when it's time, I'll pass it proud But bitch I got it now So keep it cute, chick, and don't be hatin' on the new chick Go back and check your stats and bet"
  • I Need Your Love (feat. Ellie Goulding) - Calvin Harris
    "I need your love I need your time When everything's wrong You make it right I feel so high I come alive I need to be free with you tonight I need your love I need your love I take a deep breath everytime"
  • Powerful (feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley) - Major Lazer
    "Oh my, my, my, what you do to me? Like lighting when I'm swimming in the sea From the very first time we loved From the very first time we touched Walking on wires and power lines You put your body on"
  • Your Song - Thornley
    "I would lay down my life if I could leave it for you Then there'd be no question why It's your song It's your song And through the worst of our days we'll make it to the morning God help what stands in"
  • Your song - NLT
    "Hey Understand, firstly baby girl that I am no longer your man. That doesn't mean you and me can't be the closest of friends. (And you know) I even found myself a new girl. (You know) Fallin in love"
  • Your Song - Jon B.
    "Featuring Shin Seung Hun When I fall in love with a melody I want to play it all night long If I lie about what you mean to me Then I couldn't sing your song - your song I sing this song girl, just"
  • Your Song - Pocket Change
    "I see a place, I see a face, I'm in my own world and that's where I'm staying. I feel at peace. Something so powerful, cleansing my entire. And when I hear your song it makes me feel at ease. (Chorus:) And"
  • Your Song - Mayday Parade
    "You say that Gainesville's got no soul Well that sounds like a good excuse for coming home And all these Tallahassee skylines They keep singing out a song I know it's your song (your song) They've been"
  • Your Song - Brian McKnight
    "Whenever we?re alone I get beside myself Can?t wait ?til you get home It?s you and no one else When I look into your eyes I see This is more than just a dream And everyday it grows And I know To be this"
  • Your Song - Arashi
    "Kono hibiki ga sagashi tsuzuketekita uta soshite kimi no uta YOUR SONG sagashiteta zutto sagashite ita yo itsumademo utai tsuzuketai uta nanimokamo umaku ikanai toki ni kimi wo tada yuukizukerareru uta ima"
  • Your Song - Billy Paul
    "It's a little bit fUnny Lord, this feeling inside I'm not one of those who can easily hide I don't have much money but, boy, if I did I'd buy a big mansion where we both could live If, if, if I was a"
  • Your song - Moulin Rouge
    "My gift is my song And this one's for you. And you can tell everybody That this is your song. It may be quite simple but Now that it's done. Hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind That I put down in"
  • Your Song - Ewan McGregor
    "My gift is my song And this one's for you And you can tell everybody That this is your song It maybe quite simple But now that it's done Hope you don't mind I hope you don't mind That I put down in words How"

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