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elvis preslej makarennaolweys on my mind

  • Elvis - Alpha
    "Look into the darkness Im dancing in the shadows with you Theres a world waiting out there for us to see ... And beneath the starlit blanket Dreams are made in solid gold I just wanna be the one to hold"
  • Elvis - Iam
    "Version Cruelle On offre un trip gratis Sous le sol, allong avec une couronne de lys Sans supplice, l'apothose est Memphis Sur notre liste au regret de te dire tu seras Elvis Chill, le patron du crime"
  • Elvis - Sister Hazel
    "I'll go away I'll go on my wordless way Don't say anything Say nothing, just leave me. I've been merely, an actor In your painful play. But I feel too much to stay. Just cast me out. You can have"
  • Elvis - Longpigs
    "Crawled out of the park to eat her took a Stairwell would I fall to please her Just to tear this out of my belly forever Cause I'm still hooked to the light forever I can do it if you're there And it's"
  • Elvis Motor Inn - Dilana
    "Drop your tears away I'll show my life to you It's easy to complain Or even give yourself the blame Wash your tears away I'll tell my life to you You feel like you're in chains But don't give yourself"
  • Elvis On Velvet - Stray Cats
    "All night long way black top highway midnight hittin' a groove Mustang radio rag top jukebox hound dog don't be cruel Roadside rest stop all night truck stop side show out of a van Rhinestone lunchbox"
  • Hallucinating Elvis - Duran Duran
    "(I was hallucinating, I was hallucinating) I was hallucinating Elvis Hawaii to Las Vegas Special treatment all the way Hallucinating Elvis Missing 18 hours Losing oxygen to the brain Lying on the"
  • Elvis Porn - Lemon Demon
    "Tiptoed up the stairs, climbed into the attic Opened up my Grandma's trunk; well, isn't this dramatic? What could be inside? I could almost squeal With delight as I pulled out an ancient, dusty reel There"
  • Calling Elvis - Dire Straits
    "calling elvis - is anybody home calling elvis - I'm here all alone did he leave the building or can he come to the phone calling elvis - I'm here all alone well tell him I was calling just to wish him"
  • Elvis Imitators - Jimmy Buffett
    "(Steve Goodman, Michael Smith) Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to do this next song especially for you. and for the king Well....I walk up to the mike and and then I shake my hips I"
  • Jesus & Elvis - Greg Brown
    "Jesus had some water, said "Wine'd be better yet".Elvis picked up a guitar and made all women wet.Elvis he died young - Jesus he died younger.Elvis died of too much - Jesus died of hunger.Jesus sang down"
  • Black Elvis - Kool Keith
    "Yeah! For the 2000 (2000) Black Elvis (Black Elvis) We get raw with this (hand me my guitar) Tour bus packed (tour bus packed) Black Elvis, recordin in the 48-track studio Madison Square Garden soundcheck,"
  • Morning Elvis - Florence & The Machine
    "When they dressed me and they put me on a plane to Memphis Well, I never got to see Elvis I just sweated it out in a hotel room But I think the king would've understood Why I never made it to Graceland Bathroom"
  • Velvet Elvis - Stir
    "I washed with water and stared at him over again My silly faces were changing from pale to red And how did I get here? Now I can't turn my head Sometimes we hear what's softly spoken yet still seem so"
  • Elvis impersonator - Manic Street Preachers
    "20ft, high on Blackpool promenade Fake royalty second hand sequin facade Limited face paint and dyed black quiff Overweight and out of date 20ft, high on Blackpool promenade Fake royalty second hand sequin"
  • Elvis Sunday - Splashdown
    "What's that you say? I've fallen into rewind and hit replay. Under the maple shade, unafraid Back on 317 Beckwith Street again. Our only one crusade, To build a fortress so we could hide away. My home Had"
  • Elvis - Oblivion Dust
    "Slowdown, gagged and bound You don't know what you've been taking No sound, dragged around You came down and you're still faking Slowdown, gagged and bound You don't know what you've been taking"
  • Elvis - Pat Green
    "(Pat Green) A thick plush blue carpet at my feet A peacock stained glass window staring back at me A nine foot crushed white velvet sofa in the hallway There's a TV in the kitchen She's cooking in her"
  • Always On My Mind - Elvis Presley
    "Maybe I didn't treat you Quite as good as I should have Maybe I didn't love you Quite as often as I could have Little things I should have said and done I just never took the time You were always on my"
  • Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis? - The Gaslight Anthem
    "I cut my teeth on the stone of a teenage romance I was the salt of the earth, I was hard, and the last of the independents And the breath from my chest I was blowing kerosene My lips and fingertips were"

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