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embers fire

  • Embers Fire - Paradise Lost
    "A fallen time that's bygone A crude elite that's from a distant zone You don't know if It's the truth you told Anger looks on the quiet dreaming Seals the sense incandescent ones Hold back desire for"
  • Dying Embers - Seven Witches
    "Awaken the beast born of sin now it rage The curse that we bring has been dormant for ages Ripping and treating the flesh from its victims Begging and pleading for God to forgive them Immortal it crushes"
  • Dying Embers - To/Die/For
    "It's the hour of fading light embers of my life Save me from myself You touched the fire and took it out of me The flame is gone for all eternity Nothing can hurt me i'm safe within your grace Whatever"
  • Embers from the fire - Ian Thomas
    "Along the way some dreams get shatteredLeft behind they are pages faded and tatteredAnd they lay there on the road rained on'til some unsuspecting soul comes along'cause sooner or later, what gets lost"
  • Embers and Ashes - Pain Teens
    "Embers and ashes, sweet-smelling dust are all that remains of a fire that burned beyond my control Embers and ashes, softened by tears A bitter reminder of the leaping flames in the depths of my soul Embers"
  • Embers Of Dawn - Kemet
    "I. LOVERS GUIDED BY DESIRE See them sparkle, the embers of dawn Vipers in the garden of love, unknown clandestines in The Kingdom of delight, take on the night. Disloge the inhabitants of this blessed"
  • Embers - Media Lab
    "Break me, release me, take my soul away, your blinding everything Smiling, I'm crying, running through my veins, erasing everything Now everything is grey, ashes blown away I'm drifting further everyday Reliving"
  • Embers - Blue Foundation
    "A western sky is glowing Calling off the day Fading rays of live sunsets Caressing my feet on my way A shade in the horizon Quivers in the haze Whisper near right by my ear And these are the words"
  • Embers - Bolt Thrower
    "From the glowing fragments of what remains The soul shall rise from amongst the flames From smoldering ruins the power grows Feel the pulse of fear as we regain control From the ashes of a million dead The"
  • Embers - Bella Morte
    "In the mist there lies a ghost Of a time of shadows past In a wall of glass entombed We stand so far away, far way Shadows fall Our hands embrace the cold In mourning quest for warmth Forever far away Far"
  • Embers (Wielka Brytania, Eurowizja 2021) - James Newman
    "Sometimes i know my fire burns low But as long as you’re with me I’lll never get cold Dat and night Till darkness and light I never worry when you’re by my side Feelings chnage and seasons fade But nothig"
  • In Embers of Infernal Greed - Limbonic Art
    "By dawn's early light I see no end to the Dark obsession I am swallowed by night's Infernal dream profession O' sea of fire, all hatred's desire Thy abhorrent cremation Sparks in my eyes Forces generates"
  • Burning Embers - Lou Reed
    "Fly through the glass of a window pane fall through the sky feeling the rain Walk on broken glass your tell-tale heart Look through the bars of a dirty jail cell soar to heaven dive to hell Listen to"
  • Dying Embers - Salem
    "Lost in thoughts of the past, The anguish of the years Darkness is my only friend, Darkness hides my tears. I've lost the only light, The embers fade and die. The memories of days long gone Refuse to"
  • Burning Embers - Kendall Payne
    "Were we ready, whos to say the answer? Who is ever ready for these things? No one could prepare us for the laughter No one could prepare us for the pain You feel like burning embers You feel like coming"
  • Fallen Embers - Enya
    "Once, as my heart remember, All the stars were fallen embers. Once, when night seemed forever I was with you. Once, in the care of morning In the air was all belonging. Once, when that day was dawning. I"
  • Memorial Embers - Chalice
    "Where once a naive child learnt the ropes of life and pain An ashen path has forged to view those remnants with disdain As leaves descending earthward are a seasonal display Within those trees and subtle"
  • Embers of love - Imogen Heap
    "I paint the two of us on a canvas in chainsI hung it on the wall so the story sustains and I layerthe colors with care in veils with the sky broader thanan ocean and higher than highI will remember these"
  • Embers To Ashes - Aphasia
    "Captive in this uncreative hole Again today But this time I swear it got so bad That I almost walked away Nobody's gonna stop to wonder why Nobody's gonna catch us if we leave tonight So Burn it down"
  • Embers And Envelopes - Mae
    "We write to apologize. We ask to look past life as it goes by. I know you have sacrificed time, life, love, time to fly. Please consider all things trite, forgiveness will be the thing that gets us by. I"

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