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embrace the darkness

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embrace the darkness

  • Last Embrace - Cryptal Darkness
    "Your eyes tell of lost love your tears tell of your pain I tremble as we kiss as we embrace our passion Darkness soothes a hungry soul and in the twilight I dream in the darkness we dance this moment"
  • The Darkness That Embrace Me - Immortal
    "The Darkness That Embrace Me Blackened earth before me Creeping fog in my way Lurking through the shadows of another day My hearts the darkened one My soul on ice Into the world beneath me I stalk the"
  • Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me - IAMX
    "Worship the scream, cocksucker lies There’s a scream of middle class hypocrisy tonight Every time we beg for the rich man to provide There’s countries to be conquered, people to divide... Oh, cruel darkness,"
  • Serpents embrace - Agathodaimon
    "She was the dawn of a new day The crystal voice inside my head And at times she showed me Eden Untrodden paths, a sky that's bleeding Serpent's embrace Serpent's embrace Darkness waiting in her eyes, her"
  • Dying Embrace - Silent Winter
    "A dying embrace Holds me dear Its sold caress In blackened tears Closed my eyes to the world Love has gone Outcast I become Fallen from grace He waits in the wasteland Eternal Darkness Enslaved by loathing A"
  • Nocturnal Embrace - Macbeth
    "Light is disappearing, dark is closing in upon me, In front of my eyes a new sunset, another day is dying between my arms and the night rises caressing my face. A nocturnal embrace holds me to"
  • Moonlight Embrace - Endeavour
    "Seizing a chance of a lifetime, it's fading away Demons' encampment misleading into disarray Head for the shadow it's too far behind Enchantment of soul meeting more of my kind And the starlit sky it's"
  • Black Embrace - Amorphis
    "Terror, when the darkness binds your limbs Terror, when the fear freezes your nerves Horror, when the pain climbs up your veins Darkness, creeping under you skin Moment of life, when we all have to choose, which"
  • Fatal embrace - Obsidian Voice
    "Fate is a painter who colours my days but grey as they are fate must be a bungler I use my brains to survive the boredom I use my brains to survive my despair Fate is a priest who prays for mercy but merciless"
  • Embrace - Bee Gees
    "I don't know what you want, I don't hear what you said Truth behind the lies 'Cause I can't see what's in your head And spread your wings and fly, out in a brave new world Let this be my prayer, to keep"
  • Embrace - Angelcorpse
    "What is to be of this pestilence That makes empires tumble like tears The dust of millenia - fallen ages Staunches the flow of dawning horizons Obscuring - While the days crumble as their hours unfold A"
  • Embrace - Velvet Revolver
    "Embrace " Velvet Revolver I dreamt you dreamt of me, yeah And I was on you, see Woke up and you were gone Woke up and saw the sun It was shining in my face Showing me my disgrace Five in the afternoon Lying"
  • Embrace - Korn
    "Blood is boring Sleep is boring Don't stop running I'm here counting The life, the hurt, the pain, the hate The life, the hurt, the pain, the hate The life, the hurt, the pain, the hate Will he keep fuckin'"
  • Embrace - Angel Corpse
    "What is to be of this pestilience That makes empires tumble like tears The dust of millenia - fallen ages Staunches the flow of dawning horizons Obscuring - While the days crumble as their hours unfold A"
  • Embrace - Ignite
    "I look outside I don't like what I see The scene is split into communities I try and try to stay positive But these struggles and fights They upset me Struggles The Fighting Don't throw away Don't stop"
  • Embrace - Evergreen Terrace
    "these walls that we build save me from myself. in exchange of life for blood i am justified purified made right in your eyes. for you justified by faith alone in you purified by grace alone. forgoing the"
  • Embrace - Made On Earth
    "into the past, knowing you wan it, gotta push the now aside, and appreciate the summer lights, but as the cold comes close, embrace whats taking place, every aspect around you, learn to love what was"
  • Embrace - Embodyment
    "i am left here my memories are haunting my every thought / i see her frail womb stripped of it's innocence / the measure of judgement i long to carry out / i feel so helpless not my will but yours God"
  • Embrace - Natalia 'Natu' Przybysz
    "Knowing beyond the words Moment beyond time Deep connection Dance mediation Let me show You what I want to do I want to take You higher, higher Step up on the shore of your loving Guide yourself into your"
  • Embrace - Low
    "Holding my head for the last of racePushing my body to get that embraceIt won't last -- hold on fastIt won't last -- hold on fast Breathing in time, so hard to traceCrushing your skull with my warming"

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