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  • Mr. Emery Won't Be Home - Liza Minnelli
    "Monday through Friday from 9 until 5 I bring him coffee and I type his letters And I dial the number to tell his wife: Mr. Emery Won't Be Home 'til late tonight He said not to worry, just leave on the"
  • Mellodrama (Gareth Emery Remix) - George Acosta feat. Truth
    "Mellow drama, a song for you and me... Everyday you take me for a spin In this white lie world were all living in Maybe I, if I cried a little more My brain wouldnt hurt, my body wouldnt be so sore Cut"
  • It Always Depends - Emery
    "I wish I could put you into words, so it would all make sense. I'd write you a thousand times, your faces in pages. Run your answers the best way you can, It's that you never thought that you'd be coming"
  • Ten Talents - Emery
    "Last night I had a dream That you decided to leave me And no matter what I said My persuasion fell upon your deaf ears Don't leave me here alone, I'm not so good on my own I'm not so good, I'm not so"
  • What Makes A Man A Man (Acoustic/Live) - Emery
    "Take a look and see for yourself what makes a man a man, and I will step back to the life I left. Maybe you won't forget who I am. Wake up in the middle of the night, just don't believe everything's all"
  • Always Depends - Emery
    "I wish I could put you into words So it would all make sense I'd write you a thousand times Your faces in pages Run your answers the best way you can It's that you never thought that you'd be coming in"
  • Late - Coma
    "I’m coming, I’m coming into the rock club I’m going, I’m going to be a rock star baby I’m coming, I’m coming into the rock club I hope I’m not too late here, I hope I’m not too late yet I’m coming, I’m"
  • Late - Mya
    "Not No Not Not No Not (spoken) Um..... Girl Yes! Naw for real 28 days passed me by and she ain't even show Got me smokin knowin damn well I don't even smoke. Cause the worse ain't knowin but not knowin"
  • Late - Ben Folds
    "Under some dirty words on a dirty wall Eating takeout by myself I play the shows Got back in the van and put the walkman on And you were playing In some other time a thousand miles away I played a thousand"
  • Late - Cyndi Lauper
    "My oh my it's a quarter to eight Don't shoot me down dreamboat I'm a late date Don't ask me no questions I ain't got a smooth line, Please a' wait a little longer tryin' to make it there on time Tickety"
  • Late - Face To Face
    "I don't knwo where I belong All I know is that I'm wrong I can't wait another day Make it all just go away I don't want it today I don't want to be late If you knew what I knew You wouldn't be willing"
  • Late - Marquess
    "Im counting people walking through doors the man whos working there he stares at me he must be wondering if I am crazy cause since two houres I am standing here I am waiting for my lady might be rain or"
  • Late - Kanye West
    "I'll be late for that, baby I'll wait for that If you had a taste of that, you'd probably pay for that I'm comin in when I feel like To turn this muh'fucker up only if it feels right I'll be late for that,"
  • Late - The Spinto Band
    "Its getting Late Late, Tell me what Time it is I, Cant wait, I gotta get back to the house, My show is on, So walk and, Dont run, Its slippery by the pool, and it hurts, you know that it only gets"
  • Late - Dreadlock Pussy
    "Such a little niggle The tiniest of touch So easy to brush aside when everything looks up But blossomed into chaos The icy hands of rage reach deep into your system And pull a piece away So far away And"
  • Late - Kwan
    "I know as a fact that the sun dont always shine Gotta be optimistic, tomorrow itll be fine And it hurts, like the mother who is giving birth To the child full of innocence for life he has thirst But in"
  • Late - Blue Angel
    "Just the other day- I heard you walked out on her Just the other day- I heard it's not forever You say, anyway- You said it's not like before Just the other day- Did she let you go Did she let you go. Just"
  • Late - Planet Funk
    "Inside all the people a jet black spark rippeling like magma in their hearts under all the hot lights n' gyroscopes physically pulsing as the shake of their bones feeling kinda lonely we're fucked up and"
  • Death To Inconvenience (Demo) - Emery
    "I'd take it back to have the chance to see her laugh, to see her dance You, you never told me it would be so hard and now you sayin', you can't stay, you can't stay so get away This bedroom tells of our"
  • Thoughtlife (Demo) - Emery
    "And my heart left my chest so forgive me As you leave to find that next something new But I can't for the life of me remember when You change your words I love you to saying you don't know Oh oh Just know"

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