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emili sander read all about it

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emili sander read all about it

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emili sander read all about it
  • Newsboys Read All About It
    "I get my head together on a Saturday morning a victim of the night it's called social action I'm just trying to keep up with the times moving with the crowd and they want it loud I keep saying I'll never"
  • Newboys Read all about it
    "I get my head together on a Saturday morninga victim of the night its called social actionIm just trying to keep up with the timesmoving with the crowd and they want it loudI keep saying Ill never do it"
  • Sandra Rugała Read all about it
    "Znasz słowa, których nam brakuje, których boi się świat. Nie chcesz jednak ich wymówić, Bo boisz się swoich wad. To w tobie jest nadzieja, Którą mamy dziś w snach. Mamy dziś w snach. Masz serce głośne"
  • Annie Lennox Wonderful (Sander Kleinenberg's Vocal Club)
    "I wanna have you 'Cause you're all I've got Don't wanna lose you 'Cause it means a lot All the joy this world can bring Doesn't give me anything When you're not here Idiot me Stupid fool How could you"
  • Professor Green Read All About It (feat. Emeli Sandé)
    "I wanna sing, I wanna shout. I wanna scream till the words dry out. So put it in all of the papers, I'm not afraid. They can read all about it, read all about it, oh. Nothing to hide Suffered and cried Strife"
  • Midnight Oil Read About It
    "The rich get richer The poor get the picture The bombs never hit you when you're down so low Some got pollution Some revolution There must be some solution but I just don't know The bosses want decisions The"
  • Rachael Yamagata Letter Read
    "My love, my love, my love, how could you do this to me My love, my love, my love, you were supposed to be And I shouldn't have to tell you to explain yourself My love, my love, my love, how could you do"
  • Protest The Hero Palms Read
    "As often as always evolution is crawling from the sea, Alive with urgency like suicide, like suicide, Convinced the grass is greener on dry earth; The march of serrated utterance like a soft cough Muffled"
  • Richard Thompson Read about love
    "Asked my daddy when I was thirteen "Daddy, can you tell me what a lover really means?" His eyes went glassy, not a word was said He poured another beer and his face turned red Asked my mother, she acted"
  • Bob Rivers Read It In The Tabloids
    "I bet you're wondering how I knew That Prince Charles and Lady Di were through. Was waiting in line at the grocery store. Took a peek at the dirt about Demi Moore. And it took me by surprise I must say When"
  • Scabs Read The Magazine
    "They say Bill Wyman's got the blues On MTV they call it news They say he's just a rolling stone When he's home he's all alone When he's blue and feeling bad You can read about it in a mag When it's true"
  • Shary-An Read My Book
    "Words choke up inside your throat You won’t hold back no you can’t say no Can’t help yourself it’s your second nature Your opinion must be heard you don’t care If you know it hurts noise falls Out of your"
  • Geto Boys Read These Nikes
    "(Oh my goodness!) (Hit it) Here I go again, another brawl, a conflict Somebody finna get they ass kicked If you ain't down with the Geto Boys Get your happy ass outta dodge The rumors you heard ain't"
  • Big Maceo Can't You Read
    "Way back tale In nineteen hundred and ten The monkey and the baboon They came walkin' in The monkey told the baboon Let's shoot a game of pool The monkey could shoot But the baboon wadn't no fool Next"
  • Tha Alkaholiks Read My Lips
    "Back once again to wet up the whole area Check my style out Read my lips, my dick be makin bitches leave tips Castin shadows over battles like a lunar eclipse Cause the man that makes you jump like"
  • We The Kings Headlines Read
    "Stay for a moment and I promise that I will be different and you'll see me Wait, Wait And I'll show you There is more to this if you will listen And you'll soon believe Extra Extra, hear me now I am not"
  • Trash Can Sinatras Easy Read
    "Sometimes at night he'll phone me - he's lonely He think he's wrong when he's right - I'm glad he's back I stood outside, I never went in well, he wouldn't let me by And I knew I had to get in there."
  • Cry Of The Afflicted Read Between
    "Right now you can't see the end. Stoic in the mids of turmoil. Resigned to shrink away. Content to retreat. Content to hide in your safe place. Protest the loss. And mourn the casualties. Look at the wreckage, And"
  • Never Heard Of It Last Letter Read
    "I erased your name Pictures all thrown away Its easier this way Things were good I never should have been so scared To be so happy Never thought I could I would have never thought Id feel this"
  • Sesame Street Farley Learns To Read
    "Farley: Same Sound Fround, could you help me out? Same Sound Fround: Farley, my man, I'll do what I can. Farley: I'm trying to read this word, but I'm not having much luck. Same Sound Fround: (?)"

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