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emili the boot

  • Boot - Chantal Kreviazuk
    "Na na na na na na Na na na na na na na Never been here before Never opened up this door But I got a feelin' it's just like the others Never heard him laugh before Never felt him feel before But I got"
  • Boot - Screaming Monkey Boner
    "Can I get a witness, can I reboot to the menu screen Can I get a witness, can I reboot to the menu screen The stupid leading the blind is why I wish I could be Just... Retarded Told you once, I"
  • The Boot - Digger
    "Everytime you come over I want the night to be over. Two people just can't fit in my bed. So, I'm figuring out a way to get rid of you. Does it have to be a hard thing to do? You gotta get me out of your"
  • Boot Hill - Australian Crawl
    "Well he lived on the best side of opportunity street Adobe villa built along the golden mile Money's in the garage, there ain't nothin' to eat Just gonna give it three years it'll be right out of style Take"
  • Boot Party - Quincy Punx
    "boot party on your head, kick and stomp, until your dead, you just messed with the wrong bunch of punx, thought we were just a bunch of stupid drunx, now your face down in a pool of blood drive your"
  • Boot hill - DJ Sammy
    "Look up on the wall baby, hand me down my shootin' iron Look up on the wall baby, hand me down my shootin' iron Call your mother long distance, tell her to expect your body home If the city don't bury"
  • Boot Hill - Stevie Ray Vaughan
    "Look up on the wall baby....Hand me down my shootin' iron Look up on the wall baby....Hand me down my shootin' iron Call your mother long distance....Tell her to expect your body home If the city don't"
  • Cosmonauts Boot - Opshop
    "Silence has eloquence Makin sense of evidence Where no evidence of absence could be found And then silence is broken Were liftin our voices up to move some air Out here In this quantum soup In baby"
  • U-Boot - Beginner
    "die beginner erzhlten soeben aus ihrem leben wollten atmosphre geben zum streben nach berleben des untergrund, denn dieser impliziert nicht nur uns nicht nur die musik den tanz oder die kunst noch viel"
  • Boot Camp - Soundgarden
    "I must obey the rules I must be tame and cool No staring at the clouds I must stay on the ground In clusters of the mice The smoke is in our eyes Like babies on display Like angels in a cage I must be"
  • Wrestling Boot Traveling Band - Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band
    "Packed up my boots and I jumped in my car. And I headed for the sunshine state. And when I got there, I gave her a call. And she said everything was great. I needed some times with the boys. And she"
  • Boot Scootin' Boogie - Brooks & Dunn
    "Out in the country past the city limits sign Well there's a honky tonk near the county line The joint starts jumpin everynight when the sun goes down They got whiskey women music & smoke It's where all"
  • Whiskey Boot Hill - Neil Young
    "Winding paths through tables and glass First fall was new Now watch the summer pass So close to you. Too late to keep the change, Too late to pay, No time to stay the same Too young to leave. No pass"
  • Old Boot Wine - Spirogyra
    "Don't be scared of shadows Nasty man who look Lots of rotten bullies Pushing you around They will never steal what it means to feel The wonders of being without Where I stand it seems that existence is"
  • Boot To The Moon - Reggie And The Full Effect
    "Ready two three four Step to the right, Step to the left, stepin' forward, stepin' back, step to the right step to the left stepin' forward now jazz hands, boot to the moon, jazz hands, boot to the"
  • Give 'em the Boot - Roger Miret And The Disasters
    "Chaos on the streets What a price to pay for glory Loud, proud, and punk Just another East Side Story 1 to start the fight 3 to do it right Bottle to the head Boot between the eyes The story of my life! Back"
  • Boot down the door - Oi Polloi
    "United we stand, divided we fall skins and punks rally to the call now's the time to change this land and it's your duty to lend a hand We gotta boot down, boot down, boot down the door Smash their oppression"
  • Boot To The Brain - Agent 51
    "A smack in the face A knife in my back I wanna go under again The day so fast and the Night so short How could this be my only friend? Now I know what's right And I know what's wrong Don't need some hypocrite"
  • Freestyle - Boot Camp Click - Funkmaster Flex
    "(feat. Boot Camp Clik) Yo yo yo yo man, no blackin out youknowmsayin Watch the funky roll, my man Rhino got it locked from this side Yo it's definitely a party goin on, youknowmsayin BCC, everyday"
  • Feelin' On Your Boot - R. Kelly
    "Feelin' On Yo Booty Feelin' On Yo Booty 1 - This is my song for real, no doubt Said the DJ's making me feel thugged out As I walk you to the dance floor We begin to dance slow Put your arms around me I'm"

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