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emmy witehaus

  • Serce Emmy - Nieznani
    "Słowa: Marcin Jamróg, Tomasz Seremet Muzyka: Marek Dębowski Gdzieś w dalekiej Hiszpanii, Pośród morskich mgieł, Siedział marynarz na kei I myślał o miłości swej... Ref.: A w tawernie piłem piwo i rum, I"
  • 1965 Emmy Awards - Barbra Streisand
    "Announcer: For outsanding individual acheivment in the area of entertainment, (Sunny please may I have the envelope?) In New York, For her outstanding performance in my name is Barbra, and Emmy award"
  • Falling - Emmy Rossum
    "What's coming over me I've no control I hear a voice saying get a hold Of yourself you seem like Someone else I don't know Where have my senses gone, I lost my way With every touch you intoxicate Pull"
  • The Great Divide - Emmy Rossum
    "Reach across the great divide See the war behind your eyes Finally slow, the racing clock Try so hard to make it stop Are you listening Are you listening Are you listening Don't look away Hear me say I"
  • Lullaby - Emmy Rossum
    "Laying alone with the history that made you Cold and uncertain inside Well careful now, deep breath The water's still rising But your silver lining's in sight When you feel like you're breaking down And"
  • Don't Stop Now - Emmy Rossum
    "Follow you close Four steps behind Part of me knew All of this time Pushed it down deep Kept it so small To help me keep These fragile rules From crashing down Around my feet Don't make a sound Just let"
  • High - Emmy Rossum
    "Just twenty-four more hours But I'm not breathing right Eternity until I have you by my side Anticipation rising The seconds pass so slow I listen for your heartbeat Like a knock upon the door Feel me"
  • Anymore - Emmy Rossum
    "When she was younger Stood staring at the door Waiting for the day that she knew would surely come Tied bows in her hair Dressed as she thought you'd like But as time ticked away Promises fade one"
  • Been Too Long - Emmy Rossum
    "September, the leaves were Falling red and gold and I remember the way you pulled me closer Nothing else existed In the world we lived in Hidden We didn't see the storm was coming closer That was"
  • The Phantom Of The Opera - Emmy Rossum
    "Christine: "in sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came. that voice it calls to me, and speaks my name. and do i dream again? for now i find, the Phantom of the opera is there, inside my mind." Erik/phantom:"
  • Slow Me Down - Emmy Rossum
    "Rushing and racing and running in circles Moving so fast I'm forgetting my purpose Blur of the traffic is sending me spinning I'm getting nowhere My head and my heart are colliding - chaotic Pace of the"
  • Inside Out - Emmy Rossum
    "Unsew my seams Look inside if you dare Do you still like What you're seeing now Secrets and sins All exposed spilling out Am I still safe here On this fragile ground Inside out before you now Bare these"
  • Stay - Emmy Rossum
  • Easter Parade - Emmy The Great
    "Is all that we've become, Just nothing but hats and bags We're waiting for taxi cabs So you light cigarettes And i'm taking drags In the air, a sea of words, That didn't come soon enough In my mind a"
  • City Song - Emmy The Great
    "The city called me so I came It isn't mine to question what it said I sleep until the point when I'm awake I walk until there's nothing left to trek And everyone is looking for an answer And everyone is"
  • The Woods - Emmy The Great
    "December came faster than most And before we knew it, it was cold And you turned to me As if to say that we should not have come this way You didn't ask a question, so I had no reply And we came upon a"
  • Aiko - Emmy The Great
    "Aiko, geography has got the better of us again I know you wanna go And I am to be singing To the tail of an aeroplane So I fold these pieces of gold Into animals so I can fashion a chain That will bridge"
  • Absentee - Emmy The Great
    "Wandered by for everyone Old pair of shoes the last place they were left Out by the door where they always were kept Brown laces We stand in line to hear the news Weve not been together since Christmas"
  • 24 - Emmy The Great
    "you are watching a programme for exactly an hour all of these hours they will add up to a day you will sit there till they're done but there are 24 to play there'll be rims around your eyelids by the 7th"
  • We Almost Had A Baby - Emmy The Great
    "Well you didn't stop When I told you to stop And there was a month When I wasn't sure If the next time I saw you Out on the road I'd have something to say Other than "Pay All of the money that you owe" And"

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