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empire shakira

  • Shakira - YK Osiris
    "doin that shit in the mirror she doin that shit in the mirror bouncin’ that ass on the dick hed me still like a paraplegic you seen her with me and she nasty and freaky you better beliebe it occasional"
  • Empire - Shakira
    "Take off all of your skin I’m brave when you are free Shake off all of your sins Then give them to me Closer, let back in I wanna’ be yours, wanna be your hero And my heart beats… Like the empire of the"
  • Shakira (ft. Palar) - White 2115
    "Prosty chłopak z Milanu Kolejny mi mija rok polej mi Jean Beana jak ja sie nazywam nie wiem też zaklina to to nie prawda to viral dzisja tancz ei nie czuje jak mi mija czas jebać mocny makijaż ona tańcz"
  • Shakira (White 2115, Palar) - SB MAFFIJA
    "to nie prawda, to VR dzisiaj tańczę i nie czuje jak mi mija czas jebać mocny makijaż ona tańcz się wygina Shakira Shakira Shakira Shakira Jestem z bloków Nigdy nie myślałem że się znajdę w twoim oku Nie"
  • Empire - Fear Factory
    "Faceless, worshipping eyes full of doubtCrushing rock standards in the state of the churchShow us how to suffer and lead us to deathContrition of condition in the empireTolerance isn't a critical faceMoral"
  • Empire - Machinae Supremacy
    "Only to deceive the memory Begin the words and bleed reality. (Those without a name) Bow down before your Gods (This is your empire) Close your eyes. (Those without a say) Bow down before your Gods (This"
  • Empire - Chimaira
    "Do you believe in me Enough to sacrifice Do you believe in me Enough to end your life Do you believe in me Enough to kill for me Do you believe in me Enough to die for me Come on and join me Grab my hand Together"
  • Empire - Queensryche
    "Last night the word came down, ten dead in Chinatown. Innocent, their only crime was being in the wrong place, at the wrong time Too bad, people say what's wrong with the kids today Tell you right now"
  • Empire - Queen Adreena
    "Last night the word came down, ten dead in chinatown.Innocent, their only crime was being in the wrong place, at theWrong timeToo bad, people say what's wrong with the kids todayTell you right now they've"
  • Empire - Hollywood Undead
    "feeling like today is the day you better make a move up and out of the fray you better execute though the city decay the people watching you get the fuck out the way cuz they can get it too lord as you"
  • Empire - Boysetsfire
    "Here I am with my empire I'll bring you to your knees Ebb and flow with my desire Cause it's all that you've been taught to be Yeah, I'm the bastard son Of what's been overcome And again we plant the"
  • La bicicleta (ft. Shakira) - Carlos Vives
    "(Carlos Vives pracuje nad nową, piętnastą studyjną płytą. Jedną z piosenek, która na nią trafi, będzie duetem z Shakirą. Piosenka zatytułowana będzie ”La bicicleta”, jej premier wyznaczono na 3 czerwca"
  • Empire - Steve Kilbey
    "Aren't you tired, aren't you sleepy (never going nowhere) Can't you see what's wrong with you (comes with someone) I am summer, gonna crush us (never going nowhere) Change our skin, leave us ashes I just"
  • Empire - Isis Gee
    "I'm yours In our love cocoon No one to witness But the moon My conception Of your smile Diamonds never go out style The force leading to this page Surrounds the light of dawn And dusk lives in our name Our"
  • Empire - Superheist
    "(verse 1) A mask, a cut above, an image of a raging fire, burning in my mind,(you can't take from me) and once you believe the tales they told, once you believe in what they sold, will it bring you"
  • Empire - Atom Tha Immortal
    "Enter my dominion of mic oblivion I'll wreck a civilian With military conditioning I'm killing them Lyricism of War You ain't ready for metaphor Cause an Atom song has more megatons than atom bombs Moving"
  • Empire - Sinead O'Connor
    "I'm looking at your soul, your soul, your soul, your soul I'm looking at your future, your future, future, future As I look into your eyes, these eyes, these eyes, these eyes I see another side, side,"
  • Empire - Mac
    "Cut that simply track off Give me a little volume in my headphones Turn the mic up a little bit nigga I cant here myself What? What? alright Its ?Macadon? off in this motherfucker DJ WOP KLC Feel it "
  • Mi Verdad (ft. Shakira) - Maná
    "Hay mentiras en los labios Hay mentiras en la piel, que dolor Hay mentiras, hay amantes Que por instantes de placer Ponen su vida a temblar Hay mentiras compasivas Hay mentiras por piedad Que no quieren"
  • Comme moi (ft. Shakira) - Black M
    "I’m living with a broken heart Never meant to do you harm Don’t ever wanna see you cry, again And everybody hurts sometimes Never meant to do you wrong I know you’re gonna be just fine You said (…) "

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