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empty places

  • These Empty Places - Sieges Even
    "One more time you find yourself huddled in silence. Nicotine mingles with a mimic's tear, tarnishing moments forlon... Remember the stages that you were compelled to wander Where ideas were devised, where"
  • And He Shall Walk In Empty Places - Ihsahn
    "Of all rejected creatures unloved of all who defy the predestination that divides mankind into the saved and damned he was the first The lurking punishment with blood he did reveal Death And through"
  • Golden Hiding Places - Aereogramme
    "A summer of golden hiding places A summer of empty streets A place of love, boredom And release Predictably wrought with thoughts and questions Circumstance and plans Why you're away from me I don't quite"
  • Empty Space - The Story So Far
    "All that I know Is your space is empty It’s buried below The stress and the envy All the places I go It still hasn’t left me I hated it then And now it consumed me I dwell on it nightly Tread swiftly"
  • Empty Spaces - Roger Waters
    "What shall we use to fill the empty spaces Where waves of hunger gnaw Shall we set out across this sea of faces In search of more and more applause Shall we buy a new guitar Shall we drive a more powerful"
  • Diet Of Strange Places - k.d. lang
    "(K.D. Lang) Starving, I've got this hunger Growing from deep within Carving an internal thunder Oh a craving that wears me thin Well, it's hard to ingest So many faces I get my fill but still Those passersby Leave"
  • Places - Ours
    "Past love died, as she cried, I saw beauty Girls wished for boys and scared them away As I saw beauty Alright, alright My feet keep on taking me back, back, back to those places Alright, alright My knees"
  • Memories Are Haunted Places - Sopor Aeternus
    "Exposed with hands as empty as the opposite space, crawling we move to where the final station lies, to whom is the debt that we are forced to pay...? Real forces dare to appear only when we turn away, truth"
  • Places - 702
    "VERSE 1 You're the type that I dream about In my fantasy (i swear) Ain't no reason that we ain't together Far as I can see No disrespect to who you came here with But this ain't where I wanna be So tell"
  • Places - Fed-X
    ""Look around you, you see two cops, uhhhh" "Couple of off-duty cops and a judge," "Now I wouldn't have a second's hesitation about blowin' off your head right here right now in front of 'em" "Now that's"
  • Places - Falling Up
    "Playing my heart so many times There's always a weak hand holding mine Saying the way that I have said "This is the way" Every scene is still the same Just with a different faceless name Falling and breaking,"
  • Places - Reason To Believe
    "Wish you could read my mind Wish I could do the same Wish you would give me a sign Where I can place this blame Where am I gonna place this blame You can blame it all on me There's a place for everything"
  • In Empty Phrases - Swans
    "Here I am in my chamber In my room full of words Always searching for patterns that will give life to a line My poetry is frozen though it's beginning to melt The solid form is changing to the liquid of"
  • Empty-Handed Heart - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) All these empty places I try so hard to fill Will I find another love? I pray to God I will Girl, we had some good times But time does not stand still It's rolling like a rockslide down"
  • Empty - Chapin Harry
    "Chapin Harry Heads And Tails Empty Empty closet, empty heart. Empty morning, day won't start. Well, I got no place to go now, I really do not know how to like my life, now that you're gone. Empty"
  • Empty - Harry Chapin
    "Empty closet, empty heart. Empty morning, day won't start. Well, I got no place to go now, I really do not know how to like my life, now that you're gone. Empty mailbox, empty head. Empty promise, empty"
  • Empty - The Click Five
    "Tried to take a picture Of love Didn't think I'd miss her That much I want to fill this new frame But it's empty Tried to write a letter In ink It's been getting better I think I got a piece of paper But"
  • Empty - Emperor
    "he is an empty shell - shell-shocked luciferian soul he is an empty shell - drained and sealed he is an empty shell - penetrating cold he is an empty shell - empty luciferian soul how furiously and bombastic he"
  • Empty - Marcos Hernandez
    "Sayin I Love You Never Came Easy I Was To Afraid Of Just Letting Go I Tryed To Get Close With Others Before You But It Never Happened I Felt So Alone Till You Walked Into My Life You Took My Breathe"
  • Empty - Disturbed
    "I look outside and see that everything is perfectExcept for me I'll always be the one who sits and staresAnd now and then your just my friend someone I could talk toAnd it's killing me, it's just killing"

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