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empty words

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empty words
  • Death Empty Words
    "Ashes and promises share a bond Through the winds of change Words are blown away When visions that should be Are tattooed in your mind The power to let go Is sometimes hard to find The answer cannot be"
  • Lunik Empty Words
    "now that I can see it was dominating me I cannot deny though I don't know why I was imprisoned in a dream believed in it what a fool I've been what a fool I've been he has been a shady prince I am careful"
  • Quasi Empty Words
    "The sun still rises, the moon still shines; I've seen it over ten-thousand times. But this may be the year I will disappear. Come through my window, not through my door; Leave me a number I can ignore. Then"
  • Shawn Mendes Three Empty Words
    "I know it's gonna hurt But, darling, I'll go first Coz I won't keep on saying those three empty words"
  • Janet Jackson Empty
    "How could it be that you know me My deepest fears my fantasies Confide in you what no one knows But it feels so real (when I close my eyes) I can see your face (when I lick my lips) I can taste your"
  • Down Below Empty
    "Wake up this morning And something is wrong I don't know What's going on Look in the mirror The"
  • Janet Empty
    "How could it be That you know me My deepest fears My fantasies Confide in you What no one knows But it feels so good Chorus: When I close my eyes I can see your face When I lick my lips I can taste your"
  • Ray LaMontagne Empty
    "She lifts her skirt up to her knees Walks through the garden rows with her bare feet, laughing I never learned to count my blessings I choose instead to dwell in my disasters Walk on down the hill Through"
  • The Thrills No more empty words
    "You don't need to be afraid those hesitations of the past.Your best selling paperback, the ugly duckling has the last laugh.Everybody's got a fighting chanceCos I've spent years looking backGot me nowhere"
  • Michael Ball Empty Chairs, Empty Tables
    "(Claude-Michel Schonberg/Alain Boubil/Herbert Kretzmer) There's a grief that can't be spoken There's a pain goes on and on Empty chairs at empty tables Now my friends are dead and gone. Here"
  • Tex Williams Empty Letter
    "The train was leaving I had to go Just a moment left to say our last goodbye And you had promised now tears would show But something I said brought the teardrops to your eyes I said send me an empty letter"
  • Paul Weller Empty Ring
    "Careful not to end up fighting no-one Still battling on, when all your enemies are gone Making you look dumb and stupid, in an empty ring What would it matter to you? If the parts you always planned Was"
  • Dogs Damour Empty World
    "My world is empty, without you Sometimes I feel so empty, without you Without a soul to help me thru these dark and lonely days of wishing I could be more successful in my own ways I sleep so little again I"
  • Miriam Stockley Empty Space
    "This empty space Innocent words that were softly spoken Now I am lost in a world of broken dreams A lonely place Promises made and a love forsaken No turning back on the road you've taken now Days of"
  • Air Supply Empty Pages
    "When you're out in front and your life is unsure What have you got goin' for you after every road you turn It's magic when you tell me, and run your fingers through my hair I don't need your persuasion, cos"
  • Bardot Empty Room
    "Bardot Miscellaneous Empty Room I thought I wanted it this way I thought I really meant the words that I said I had so many reasons in my head But all I really needed was a little time and space That"
  • Flexa Lyndo Empty Spaces
    "Inside my little world, there's a place for you and me I can make some space to help it grow Don't you know, I'm interested in love So I would find the right words to tell you what's inside of my mind But"
  • Don McLean Empty Chairs
    "Words & Music by Don McLean I feel the trembling tingle of a sleepless night Creep through my fingers and the moon is bright Beams of blue come flickering through my window pane Like gypsy moths that"
  • Harem Scarem Empty Promises
    "You screwed the system I count the days I'm watching your words unfolding A little loser That's got no place Don't get your way And your world stops turning I'll be prying those words from your mouth Cause"
  • Stick To Your Guns Empty Heads
    "For the most part I think I've got you figured out You walk around like you know what this is all about Will one of you idiots please just say something new? Ya, well you say "fuck the world" we say "fuck"

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