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energy mix 64 2019 mix by thomas hubertus

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energy mix 64 2019 mix by thomas hubertus

  • Doorie (Energy Mix) - Atif Aslam
    "Doorie.. Doorie Doorie Sahi jaaye na Sahi jaaye naaaaaa Sahi jaaye naaaaaa Sahi jaaye naaaaaa Khamoshiyaan yeh seh na sakoon, Aawaaz deke mujhe tu de ja sukoon. Doorie Doorie. Adhoora hoon main ab tere"
  • Cipher Punks (Studio Mix) - Dual Core
    "eighty: Hey I'm int eighty, my memory's flash they call us Dual Core 'cause we got twice as much cache (cash) My freestyle is fast, and the synapses fry go to war with the flames like emacs and vi Push"
  • Mix Tape - Jim's Big Ego
    "This song could be between any two others You only hear it when you play it on your mix tape Made for you by your best friend before you left home You played it all the way to a new town Mix Tape... This"
  • Mustang Mix - Prince
    "Prince - Mustang Mix Could you be (could you be) the most beautiful girl in the world(could you be yeah yeah).It's playin' to see,(I can see) you're the reason that God made a girl.Oh yes you are.Ooh..."
  • Isobel (mix) - Bjork
    "In a forest pitch-darkGlowed the tiniest sparkIt burst into a flameLike me, like meMy name IsobelMarried to myselfMy love IsobelLiving by herselfIn a heart full of dustLives a creature called lustIt surprises"
  • Mega Mix - Newsboys
    "WooHoo! Shine! Make 'em wonder what you've got, Make 'em wish that they were not On the outside looking bored. Shine! Let it shine before all men. Let 'em see good works, and then Let 'em glorify the"
  • Grease mix - Grease
    "Well this car is automatic, it's systematic, it's hydromatic Why it's greased lightnin'! I got chills, they're multiplyin', and I'm losin' control Cause the power you're supplyin', it's electrifyin' You"
  • Piano mix - Erika
    "Ditto Ditto DittoI tell youDitto DittonderoI tell youDitto Ditto DittoI tell youDitto DittonderoI tell you whyAnd what it means for meTo try I live a life's more reasonlyno matter if you don't agreeWithout"
  • Jambalaya mix - Shazza
    "Jadą wozy kolorowe. Jadą wozy kolorowe. Jambalaya. Jambalaya. Jambalaya. Baju baj, Baju baj, Proszę pana. Ja nie jestem taka, Pierwsza lepsza Anna. Znam ten styl, znam ten kit, Już na pamięć."
  • Supermodel (Mix) - RuPaul
    "(Once upon a time There was a little black girl In the Brewster Projects of Detroit, Michigan At fifteen, She was spotted by an Ebony Fashion Fair talent scout And her modeling career took off) You better"
  • Christmas Mix - Destiny's Child
    "(Verse 1) dashing through the snow on a one horse open sleigh over the hills we go laughing all the way bells on bob-tails ring making spirits rise what fun it is to ride and sing in a sleighing song"
  • Mix - Jovanotti
    "When he makes the mix (repeat) When I make the mix I'm incredible I get down and scratch like an animal then i mix and rap on the mike amd I make you dance to the early light I'm the number one of the"
  • Greatest Day (Classic Mix) - Beverley Knight
    "Written By Knight/Thomas/Pheto It's a good thing the air feels cool today And it's better that God, don't send the rain And it's best if heaven holds back the clouds Cuz inside 'o' me there's fire untamed See"
  • Say (4x4 mix by Witchman) - The Creatures
    "I heard the news today Billy's gone away Left us all for good No one understood You only had to say I would understand You only had to say Whatever come what may I was feeling low You called"
  • Energy - Lisa Germano
    "You never wanted this to last You'd always rather feel bad Who hurts most? is what you wonder Who had the hardest day? I have to ask you "What's your problem?" I don't believe that you love anyone ? ?"
  • ENERGY - Disclosure
    "WHADDUP? WHADDUP? WHADDUP? WHADDUP? ALRIGHT Look, look, look, look Just in case you ain’t got it by now Listen to me Bring it in If you are alive"
  • Energy - Franco Battiato
    "I've bought a lot of women in my life on all the beds I've left a lot of sweat how many unwanted children have gone down the drain closed in cement pipes and finished by the water If a child understood"
  • Energy - InMe
    "I was in heaven and you don't care, My lucent orb is fading bright, All of this hatred turns you on, You can taste my life forever, Voices shadow me and tell me to kill myself, What to do? what to do? All"
  • 64 Hours - Smoking Popes
    "I've been wasting my time, I've been looking for something to do, I've been trying to fight it But everything brings me to you. I've spent 64 hours trying to master your powers but I can't There are so"
  • 52 #Hot16 Mix - Hans Solo (52 dębiec)
    "Utwór ”52 #Hot16 Mix” pochodzi z płyty Hans Solo "Poprawna praca serca" - solowy albumu Przemysława "Hansa" Frencela, rapera, który pod koniec lat 90. rozpoczął karierę w hiphopowej grupie Pięć Dwa (później"

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