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english adventure 2

  • Action - adventure - Andrew Bird
    "Now if you think i'm wasting your time againI'm wasting your timeWhen you pick me up in duty freeThat's when i thought i'd be the cross in your tOr must see tvBut if you think i'm wasting your time againNo,"
  • Adventure Today - Aquabats, The
    "Aquabats, The Myths, Legends And Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2 Adventure Today Drop me off right here I can go no further It seems life's too hard for you How come i feel like hanging around to win When"
  • Adventure - Television
    "(Verlaine) We shuffled our faces laughin' like fish Really flip flappin' we had not wish You said, "Look! The ceiling is down." You said 5 times with that beautiful frown Adventure I love Adventure Adventure"
  • Adventure - Sesame Street
    "An adventure is something we promise is going to excite you (Hahh-ah-ah-ah-ahh) An adventure is something as thrilling as it can be (Hahh-ah-ah-hah-ah-ah-ahhh) Adventures make wonderful stories and so"
  • Adventure - Jasmine Guy
    "Ohh'' looking atthe weather todayLooks fine to me ohh '' now can we go?If we don't i'm madI looked forward to going to the special adventureNow we not going cause of what it looks like out sideWanna go"
  • Adventure - Be Your Own Pet
    "We are adventuring, we are adventurers And in the heart of Nepal we ran into trouble When thieves caught sight of our elegant rubble They ransacked our camp without saying goodnight Okay, so yeah,"
  • Donald Duck no Magical Adventure - An Cafe
    "*Donald* What you What you are Bring it on! Shake your heads! What you what what what what What you are *Miku* Everyone, who bought this CD, Thank you very much! *Donald* *Miku* Members' introducing *Donald* An"
  • English School - Alliance
    "English School 1. I love you, when you go to school But I hate you, when you open english book There is so, many english words But i hate it, because i'm not english lord Ref: Now I don't love you because You"
  • Ol' English - The Game
    "(Chorus) Ol' English (la-lala-la-la-la-la) Ridin' by gettin' high Smokin' on that chronic drinkin' Ol' English Rags tied gangs signs Letters on my hat in Ol' English (la-lala-la-la-la-la) Drive by homicide R.I.P."
  • Moving On! (English) - Digimon
    "I quietly put my things in my bag With a treasure map in my hand, I fly out into the street When we meet in our secret base Let's all get in a circle and make a plan Surely none of us Knows what"
  • New English Bible - Clifford T. Ward
    "I hired a video and put it under the Tele I taped this and that an' I watched the films I soon got soaked - nay saturated So I phoned the rental company to - fetch it back. An' I'm drying out now I'm"
  • I amar (english) - Yarabi
    "1. I remember when you took my pain only you can name me, hold again I can hear the voices in my head calling out my name,I am afraid 2. Dont you speak? my love beyond the sky take away my fear and make"
  • Juciest (English Version) - Alicia Keys
    "Oooh Yaaaeeeeh! Talking: You know (Hey.....Oh) You know you may think that, you know, you got me Under wraps, locks and keys and And that without you I just, I'm gone be lost. But I got somthin' else..........For"
  • Cyclone (English Version) - 12012
    "Listen, a heartless shout Listen a heartless cry Listen, a heartless world [2 times] I don't even know your fragrance I don't even know your actions All of my memories have been erased I don't even know"
  • Dein lied (english) - Laith Al-Deen
    "INTRO: If you?re existing anywhere This is your song I hope you can hear it VERSE 1: You?re so familiar to me, though I never did see you I well know all your emotions i know your thoughts, nothing is"
  • BNB (English Version) - Bunty Aur Babli
    "Are u ready, sit down, Let me da tell you a lil story, 'bout 2 cool cats, yeah, bunty aur babli, c'minin' at an angle, that they better than the rest, when ya looking in-in their hearts, them a da pass"
  • Love Adventure - Elton John
    "Have you heard about the love sensation That someone in the submarine Love what you take Love what you want Love is the steam about My whole adventure Got what you want Got what you need Got what you"
  • Grand Adventure - Tim Finn
    "Grand adventure Could be just around the corner Grand adventure could be Just about here Grand adventure could be Just around the corner Striking out on your own Put the key in my ignition That for me"
  • Adventure Galley - Running Wild
    "Addicted to the stormy sea, the sound of clashing waves Proudly they are rushing by on their breathless chase Hunting for Long Ben and Tew, to bind them down in chains They're standing every raging storm,"
  • Adventure Playground - Television Personalities
    "Do you ever stop, stop and wonder What it is you want Live your life by their expectation Pride before a fall Try to find the truth before it finds you Or you may get hurt When you realise the situation's Out"

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