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english adventure 2 i can climb

  • Adventure - Sesame Street
    "An adventure is something we promise is going to excite you (Hahh-ah-ah-ah-ahh) An adventure is something as thrilling as it can be (Hahh-ah-ah-hah-ah-ah-ahhh) Adventures make wonderful stories and so"
  • Adventure - Jasmine Guy
    "Ohh'' looking atthe weather todayLooks fine to me ohh '' now can we go?If we don't i'm madI looked forward to going to the special adventureNow we not going cause of what it looks like out sideWanna go"
  • Climb - Jacob Latimore
    "You're fantasizing, you're mesmerizing When you send me pictures I get so excited And I can't hold back, no It's just your eyes and when we [?] Can't remember the last time that we were fighting And I"
  • Climb - Lifehouse
    "Maybe I'm not as smart as I thought As I come back down Entertain the sun, Beg it to go on Don't leave me all alone down here 'Cause I don't have a doubt That I am without, A way out of this And I climb,"
  • Climb - Noe Venable
    "Can you hear me? I don't love anybody else Keep you near me Just like i try to keep myself near All the givers And all the rivers in the world Cannot quench it The arid desert that you Bring to everyone"
  • Adventure Today - Aquabats, The
    "Aquabats, The Myths, Legends And Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2 Adventure Today Drop me off right here I can go no further It seems life's too hard for you How come i feel like hanging around to win When"
  • I Can Climb Mountains - Hell Is For Heroes
    "Give me some kind of hope Give me one honest lie to promote And try to think better days when you choke When blood for profit gain wins your vote And you can fake smiles to make you feel When its"
  • Action - adventure - Andrew Bird
    "Now if you think i'm wasting your time againI'm wasting your timeWhen you pick me up in duty freeThat's when i thought i'd be the cross in your tOr must see tvBut if you think i'm wasting your time againNo,"
  • Jungle Adventure - Barney
    "We're going on a jungle adventure To see what we can see There's a lion and a tiger And a great big monkey, swingin' on the branch of a tree It looks like a chimpanzee Oh, here in the jungle you can hear"
  • Favorite Adventure - K's Choice
    "There you are Your beauty consoles me I've gone far And I almost didn't find you And I almost lived without you There is nothing in this world I'd rather do Than live in you Here we go Our favorite adventure You"
  • Grand Adventure - Susanna Hoffs
    "You're a little bit phony And you try a bit too hard I'm a little bit lonely And I wonder who you are Maybe you're someone brilliant If not I still don't mind REPEAT: I'm on a grand adventure With my"
  • ADVENTURE TODAY - Aquabats
    "Aquabats Miscellaneous ADVENTURE TODAY Drop me off right here I can go no further It seems life?s too hard for you How come I feel like hanging around to win When it seems you always lose When"
  • Astral Adventure - Armageddon
    "Climb into the shuttle Tere is no time to waste! This is the last you will see Of your family and home The demigods have taken Their lives, taken control From now on we are renegades Destined to roam We"
  • Adventure Today - The Aquabats
    "Drop me off right here I can go no further It seems life's too hard for you How come I feel like hanging around to win When it seems you always lose When you're stuck in the middle With rejections again It's"
  • Action/Adventure - Memphis May Fire
    "How can you just turn your back on everything you said you believe It may not be real to you but it's real to me Leave me out, I want no part of this Open the gates and push me in I'm not ashamed of who"
  • Space Adventure - Big Dumb Face
    "I'm glad to see you m friend you look real good. Let us journey now to the stars. And we can fly throuh space and make huge robots and we will give them places to live. We'll visit other planet and make"
  • I need adventure - G.G. Allin
    "Well I need adventure, yes I do, I need adventure every dayGotta have fast cars, wild women, gotta have my fun and play all dayI need a wild woman, I need a girl to go down on meYea, I need adventure,"
  • Adventure - Television
    "(Verlaine) We shuffled our faces laughin' like fish Really flip flappin' we had not wish You said, "Look! The ceiling is down." You said 5 times with that beautiful frown Adventure I love Adventure Adventure"
  • The Climb - Hannah Montana
    "I can almost see it the dream Im dreamin But Theres a voice Inside my head sayin Youll never reach it Every step Im taking Every move I made fells Lost with no direction My fate is shaking But I gotta"
  • The Climb - Drakkar
    "(M&L: Beretta, Ferraris) Fingers turning red, cold freezing my breath Never looking down only straight ahead Winds are blowing all around Get a grip or you'll fall down Holding tight to the rock And you"

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