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english adventure 2 my cousin

  • Action - adventure - Andrew Bird
    "Now if you think i'm wasting your time againI'm wasting your timeWhen you pick me up in duty freeThat's when i thought i'd be the cross in your tOr must see tvBut if you think i'm wasting your time againNo,"
  • Adventure - Sesame Street
    "An adventure is something we promise is going to excite you (Hahh-ah-ah-ah-ahh) An adventure is something as thrilling as it can be (Hahh-ah-ah-hah-ah-ah-ahhh) Adventures make wonderful stories and so"
  • Adventure - Jasmine Guy
    "Ohh'' looking atthe weather todayLooks fine to me ohh '' now can we go?If we don't i'm madI looked forward to going to the special adventureNow we not going cause of what it looks like out sideWanna go"
  • Cousin Caterpillar - The Incredible String Band
    "My cousin has great changes coming One day he'll wake with wings Cousin Caterpillar, seven pairs of legs for you Cousin Caterpillar, can you tell me what they do? Well, all that I can say Is that they"
  • Naked Cousin - PJ Harvey
    "My naked cousin I see him running All over headland Scared as his shit as he's running His naked skin fries Fries in the sun, oh my My naked cousin can cook till he's good Good and done I hate his smell"
  • Cousin Fred - Kill Your Idols
    "Got my gun, Got my beer lets go out and kill some deer. Me, You and Cousin Fred One of us will come back dead give me a beer hurry up let's get in the pickup truck we ain't got no time to lose gimmie a"
  • Mexican cousin - Phish
    "Oh Tequila, I turn to you like a long lost friendI want to kiss my Mexican Cousin once againWe'll cover every emotion from happiness to sorrow,And the conversations I forget, you'll tell me about tomorrowWhen"
  • Cousin Dupree - Steely Dan
    "Well I've kicked around a lot since high school I've worked a lot of nowhere gigs From keyboard man in a rock'n ska band To haulin' boss crude in the big rigs Now I've come back home to plan my next move From"
  • Cousin Norman - Marmalade
    "Through the long grass, past the tall trees There's a cabin thats a nestlin in the pines Where my sweethearts catchin small fish With a cane and a bent pin on a line And if you happen to pass by,"
  • Cousin Earl - Dead Milkmen
    "Now, you wanna talk about bladder problems, then the man you wanna talk to will probably be my cousin Earl. I guess you all know Earl; he lives out on Route 13 out on that maggot farm. Earl don't like"
  • Cousin Cleotis - Capdown
    "Together we can fly There ain't no reason why not Strike whilst the knives are hot Eyes like a vision of rage Seize the day, seize the moment Yes this very moment Cos the mountain of my anger, it ain't"
  • Alsatian Cousin - Morrissey
    "Were you and he Lovers ? And would you say so if you were ? On a forecourt On a Friday Passing my way Oh... Were you and he Lovers ? And if you were, then say that you were! On a groundsheet Under canvas With"
  • My perfect cousin - Undertones
    "Now I've got a cousin called Kevin He's sure to go to heaven Always spotless clean and neat As smooth as you'll get them He's got a fur-lined sheepskin jacket My Ma said they cost a packet But she won't"
  • Donald Duck no Magical Adventure - An Cafe
    "*Donald* What you What you are Bring it on! Shake your heads! What you what what what what What you are *Miku* Everyone, who bought this CD, Thank you very much! *Donald* *Miku* Members' introducing *Donald* An"
  • Love Adventure - Elton John
    "Have you heard about the love sensation That someone in the submarine Love what you take Love what you want Love is the steam about My whole adventure Got what you want Got what you need Got what you"
  • Grand Adventure - Tim Finn
    "Grand adventure Could be just around the corner Grand adventure could be Just about here Grand adventure could be Just around the corner Striking out on your own Put the key in my ignition That for me"
  • Grand Adventure - Susanna Hoffs
    "You're a little bit phony And you try a bit too hard I'm a little bit lonely And I wonder who you are Maybe you're someone brilliant If not I still don't mind REPEAT: I'm on a grand adventure With my"
  • Favorite Adventure - K's Choice
    "There you are Your beauty consoles me I've gone far And I almost didn't find you And I almost lived without you There is nothing in this world I'd rather do Than live in you Here we go Our favorite adventure You"
  • Adventure Today - Aquabats, The
    "Aquabats, The Myths, Legends And Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2 Adventure Today Drop me off right here I can go no further It seems life's too hard for you How come i feel like hanging around to win When"
  • Action/Adventure - Memphis May Fire
    "How can you just turn your back on everything you said you believe It may not be real to you but it's real to me Leave me out, I want no part of this Open the gates and push me in I'm not ashamed of who"

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