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english adventure unit 3 happy

  • Grand Adventure - Susanna Hoffs
    "You're a little bit phony And you try a bit too hard I'm a little bit lonely And I wonder who you are Maybe you're someone brilliant If not I still don't mind REPEAT: I'm on a grand adventure With my"
  • Dinosaur Adventure - Underworld
    "What you waiting for, gazing what you waiting, what you watching the skies for what you waiting the holes are for water let the fall let the clothes in let the clothes on keep your clothes on whoever"
  • Collapse (G-Unit Freestyle) - G-Unit
    "*3 shots* (50 Cent talkin) 50 Cent, Shady, Aftermath, the dream team, we gotta get the get well cards Niggaz is sick, haha feelthis, non stop *2 shots* *3 shots* Motion picture shit Ha-ha-ha-ha Now"
  • The American Adventure - Electric Soft Parade
    "Somehow you came out fighting Somehow it turned out good This must be the happy ending I believed would come soon The American Adventure Brought you closer to the end I wouldn't like to fly today Look"
  • Adventure - Television
    "(Verlaine) We shuffled our faces laughin' like fish Really flip flappin' we had not wish You said, "Look! The ceiling is down." You said 5 times with that beautiful frown Adventure I love Adventure Adventure"
  • Adventure - Sesame Street
    "An adventure is something we promise is going to excite you (Hahh-ah-ah-ah-ahh) An adventure is something as thrilling as it can be (Hahh-ah-ah-hah-ah-ah-ahhh) Adventures make wonderful stories and so"
  • Adventure - Jasmine Guy
    "Ohh'' looking atthe weather todayLooks fine to me ohh '' now can we go?If we don't i'm madI looked forward to going to the special adventureNow we not going cause of what it looks like out sideWanna go"
  • Adventure - Be Your Own Pet
    "We are adventuring, we are adventurers And in the heart of Nepal we ran into trouble When thieves caught sight of our elegant rubble They ransacked our camp without saying goodnight Okay, so yeah,"
  • Return Of Theodore Unit - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. J-Love, Shawn Wigs, Trife Da God) (Uh what you got here, is your approach) Your approach gotta more guerilla on 'em KnowImean? Just to make it sound official (uh) Yeah.. yo.. (it's the realest"
  • Ooh! (G-Unit remix) - Mary J. Blige
    "(Verse) in the middle of the night you hold me tight said it's alright i'm yours forever i do what you want if you don't hurt me i'll cook and clean i'll make you happy (Chorus) ooh what you do to me ooh"
  • Unit - Nuttea
    "{Refrain:}Laissons place l'unitDevant nous se lve un jour nouveauEt si l'enjeu est de tailleSache que nous n'aurons pas de failleMarchons car uni nul ne nous fera taireLa voie des bas fonds passe au-del"
  • Happy - Rihanna
    "(Chorus) Just as long as it makes you happy If it makes you happy, just be happy Just as long as it makes you happy If it makes you happy, just be happy (Verse 1) It's like spending time with you Just"
  • Happy - Wendy Matthews
    "I hope that you listen To the voices inside They know what you're feeling Don't push them away We all need deliverance From our disarray Are you happy Really happy Your wishes were granted But are you"
  • Happy - Matthew West
    "3 o'clock tripping down the sidewalk Looking like a fool with a pocket full of questions I was, living in a worry Moving in a hurry In the wrong direction But then, suddenly it hit me Doesn't really matter"
  • Donald Duck no Magical Adventure - An Cafe
    "*Donald* What you What you are Bring it on! Shake your heads! What you what what what what What you are *Miku* Everyone, who bought this CD, Thank you very much! *Donald* *Miku* Members' introducing *Donald* An"
  • Body Bags (G unit Diss) - The Game feat. Hot 97
    "Its Murder Is 07 shit We runnin' through summers in dual hummers and tell them my crew coming for war Ay yooooooooooooooo! I can't let the day go without lettin' the K go Now watch his face blow, YAYO! Heard"
  • English School - Alliance
    "English School 1. I love you, when you go to school But I hate you, when you open english book There is so, many english words But i hate it, because i'm not english lord Ref: Now I don't love you because You"
  • Ol' English - The Game
    "(Chorus) Ol' English (la-lala-la-la-la-la) Ridin' by gettin' high Smokin' on that chronic drinkin' Ol' English Rags tied gangs signs Letters on my hat in Ol' English (la-lala-la-la-la-la) Drive by homicide R.I.P."
  • Quiero (english) - Shakira
    "I want To waste my life... devouring every one of your thoughts... every step. .....Your freckles to fade and every kiss and every embrace to be drawn in their place. And now that you are here I'm happy"
  • 17 (English) - Tocotronic
    "On a christmas eve When nobody called me A friend came into my room Where I was sleeping He touched my hand I knew who he was His voice was familiar and deep In the trees and in the bushes Rose up a"

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