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english adventurepoziom 2

  • English School - Alliance
    "English School 1. I love you, when you go to school But I hate you, when you open english book There is so, many english words But i hate it, because i'm not english lord Ref: Now I don't love you because You"
  • Ol' English - The Game
    "(Chorus) Ol' English (la-lala-la-la-la-la) Ridin' by gettin' high Smokin' on that chronic drinkin' Ol' English Rags tied gangs signs Letters on my hat in Ol' English (la-lala-la-la-la-la) Drive by homicide R.I.P."
  • New English Bible - Clifford T. Ward
    "I hired a video and put it under the Tele I taped this and that an' I watched the films I soon got soaked - nay saturated So I phoned the rental company to - fetch it back. An' I'm drying out now I'm"
  • I amar (english) - Yarabi
    "1. I remember when you took my pain only you can name me, hold again I can hear the voices in my head calling out my name,I am afraid 2. Dont you speak? my love beyond the sky take away my fear and make"
  • Juciest (English Version) - Alicia Keys
    "Oooh Yaaaeeeeh! Talking: You know (Hey.....Oh) You know you may think that, you know, you got me Under wraps, locks and keys and And that without you I just, I'm gone be lost. But I got somthin' else..........For"
  • Cyclone (English Version) - 12012
    "Listen, a heartless shout Listen a heartless cry Listen, a heartless world [2 times] I don't even know your fragrance I don't even know your actions All of my memories have been erased I don't even know"
  • Dein lied (english) - Laith Al-Deen
    "INTRO: If you?re existing anywhere This is your song I hope you can hear it VERSE 1: You?re so familiar to me, though I never did see you I well know all your emotions i know your thoughts, nothing is"
  • BNB (English Version) - Bunty Aur Babli
    "Are u ready, sit down, Let me da tell you a lil story, 'bout 2 cool cats, yeah, bunty aur babli, c'minin' at an angle, that they better than the rest, when ya looking in-in their hearts, them a da pass"
  • All The Words In The English Language (Part 2) - Animaniacs
    "Level and levity Lewd and longevity Libel, libation, Lanai Lithium, litigate, legal, legitimate Liberty, levy and lie Welcome back Yakko's now at the L's as he tries to sing All the words in the English"
  • All my life (english) - K-Ci & JoJo
    "Baby, baby, baby, baby, babyBaby, baby, baby, baby, babyBaby, Ooh, I'm so gladI will never find another loverSweeter than you, sweeter than youAnd I will never find another loverMore precious than youMore"
  • World War 2 - English Dogs
    "World war three is all the rage Problem child of a nuclear age Push button missiles on radio control I dont wanna die before I get old Thats the crap we always hear Doomsdays coming, almost here Why"
  • The Voice ~"Jupiter" English Version~ - Ayaka Hirahara
    "*1 Everyday I listen to my heart At times when I can't see When my faith is nowhere to be found I trust the voice in me So when you're lost, wishing for an angel Or a hand to pull you through When the"
  • Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim ( English ) - Tarkan
    "i'm on a long and narrow road on my way morning and night I don't know what state i'm in i'm on my way morning and night from the moment I came into this world began walking at the same time in a place"
  • All Life (Toda Vida English) - Eden's Crush
    "Verse1: Whichever times I encountered In search of love That love that I dreamed And nobody alleviated me That where the heart leads There a reson nothing to do with Any now that my hour has come"
  • Shame On You (English Lyrics) - Ophelie Winter
    "Summertime... Hangin' with my girl friends Took a drive by Your neighbourhood Knocked three times Looked trought the window Baby you lied Like I knew you would And I know, yeah We used have a good time But"
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies (In English) - Wise Guys
    "Jetzt neu mit verbessertem Rezept! In the mixing bowl put butter, 200g cut thin, then soft brown sugar from our sugar tin. Now you take white sugar and you cream to a paste 200g of each of them gets that"
  • Herz Aus Stein( Heart Of Stone) English - Megaherz
    "the fire was there but now it is out too many tears too little applause the damp ashes stick there still and where earlier hope was is now nothing more still only dirty snow from yesterday if i look"
  • Hi 2 u - Snoop Dogg
    "Chorus: A brother sayin hi to you (say it) I really wouldn't lie to you I wanna get inside of you Inside of you, what you try to do (can I hit it) A brother sayin hi to you (wish me luck) I really wouldn't"
  • English Wipeout - 999
    "Hello London Lets move onto Birmingham What about Scotland Edinburgh and Glasgow Here comes Newcastle Middlesborough Garden There's gonna be An English Wipeout English Wipeout English Wipeout Oh no Hello"
  • English Girls - Sarah Brightman
    "Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber Lyrics: Don Black, Charles Hart English girls get all their own way. English girls know just what to say. An accent works wonders, English girls do great in L.A. He has"

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