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english trap

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english trap
  • Dir En Grey Zan-English
    "painted with saliva a paling body was clung to within sight a distorted picture of cruelty even emotionlessness is rotting dance a short life the memory I saw at the end you laughing... die * Psycho"
    "24 października 2018 roku na swoim koncie społecznościowy o nazwie MultiGameplayGuy rapujący jutjuber YOUNG MULTI zamieścił zdjęcie prezentujące niepełną tracklistę jego debiutanckiego albumu. Znalazł"
  • Biohazard Trap
    "those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains so this mindless school of jellyfish become a useful beast of burden I can't get this fucking feeling outta my head You've"
  • The Cure Trap
    "Drowning like a fly in my drink You drone about being on the brink But I really don't care what you think Oh I'm sick of it all Sick of it all I hate the way it's always the same Hate recrimination and"
  • Janne Da Arc Trap
    "Hitoke no nai michi boku no iki wa arakuMuchuu de tsukamaeta akai "kowaku wa nai kara boku to isshoni oi de"Hoshii mono naraba nandemo katte ageruI don't kill. i don't hit. but, i won't miss you. what"
  • 12012 My Room Agony (English)
    "Mechanism conspirator you can never get a sleep. Answer is break answer is fill Get out of bed on the wrong side. Death trap Is striking heads so that their spraying blood dances not okay here either?"
  • Susheela Raman Love Trap
    "(Your body is a love trap) I have fallen so deeply, so steeply in love The harmony that you charm me with cascades from above Bewitch me, beguile me and lead me astray Don't you fret on me, don't"
  • Ozzy Osbourne Trap door
    "Can you see your reflectionFalse strength, hollow protectionRun from pain and rejectionThe truth stabs againTill the skin is brokenAnd the cut is openAnd the words once spokenJust fade awayToo late, standing"
  • Firebird Dirt Trap
    "Say that I'm wrong Well I'm feeling alright Pretty hard to take You know I won't care If you're taking your share Even when there's pride at stake In a dirt trap Wide awake In a dirt trap, yeah now Where"
  • John Porter Honey Trap
    "I’ve been asking everywhere I haven’t seen my honey trap I know she’s a really wild one I want my honey trap back She’s a really my breaker Really heart breaker Crazier then you and me I’ve been asking"
  • Built To Spill Time Trap
    "It's barely yours on loan What you think you own The place that you call home The ideas in your bones In your bones This would still feel dumb Back where you're from Do you Do you want to change your mind? Do"
  • Pantera Death Trap
    "I see you runnin' You're gone A million miles away But you know I'm comin' Violenz that Blows you into space And you think You're gonna get away Like you did before But you're the type I never feel sorry"
  • Gucci Mane Trap Star
    "24's on yo car yous a trap star, If you known to buy the bar yous a trap star, You got a watch on ya wrist yous a trap star, You got ice around ya neck yous a trap star (X 2) Verse 1: Pimpin is the topic, money"
  • Hawkwind Death Trap
    "In the back of my neck I can feel a strange sensation Feels like I'm heading for the crisis of all creation Only those with death wish understand my situation Feels like Jesus Christ heading for the stations"
  • INXS The Trap
    "don't you worry, don't you worry everything's gonna be all right well life is the trap, but it sure tastes good afar from junk, it ain't a fool it's dark, dark and lonely and there's no one, no one"
  • BIAŁAS & LANEK Prawdziwy Trap
    "jechałem autobusem 186 nie znałem, zieben Luciano Getto Flex co dzień klepałem bidę to kur*a polski twerk a moja mamasitę gdzieś wywiózł SLS tak mnie okręciła wokół palca pierd*lona ze myślałem ze jest"
  • T.I. Trap Muzik
    "(feat. Mac Boney) This a trap This aint no album This aint no game This a trap (trap muzik) [1st Verse] Welcome back to the trap Niggas back in the trap Wit another heavy chevy Big dope boys and trap All"
  • D4L Trap Money
    "I got trap money dawg, Real talk, real spit like, I aint even gotta rap. I'm good nigga, I make hits nigga. Now da word on da street I work for a mil od da low nigga. Shawty Lo in this mutha fucka wit"
  • Rebekah Love Trap
    "I don't like it But I need it Can't even be ashamed I don't want it But I feel it I can't stop it Cus I got it bad for you babe And ooh baby I'm trying I fight a good fight And still you suck me in you"
  • Dickies Booby Trap
    "estelle is a vampire she has a novel way of leaving her calling card sing along by the campfire she'll leave her mark while she's stealing your heart forget her lies about not drinking wine you love her"

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