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enriqe ciara connor

  • Connor - The Feeling
    "You found a way To change the world The simple gift for Every boy and girl Always a piece For everyone You showed them all that Giving can be fun Giving can be fun CHORUS Connor You got the life I want Connor I"
  • Ciara - Luka Bloom
    "In our troubled times We simply hide away And dream of the one We'd love to see At the end of the day Solitary winter chill me no more I dream an angel by the western seashore Ciara... Ciara... There"
  • Connor, Welcome - Atom And His Package
    "Usually I'm against this species propagating, and I do no like to think about my best friend mating. But this one time, I will grant a big exception, when I heard about the plan for Connor's conception"
  • Sarah Connor - The best side of life
    "The best time of the year Is calling me home The best time of the year And I wont be alone The best time of the year Ill share it with you When I look in your eyes All my dreams will come true The"
  • Ciara To The Stage - Ciara
    "Tonight I'm gon' do somthing different, To have yo undivided attention is my mission, listen. We gon' get it poppin' like we 'sposed to do, Want productions jumpin' off, i put it on for you. 6 inch heels"
  • Connor And Joe - Katy Perry
    "You change your mind like Mollie dyes her hair Yeah, you PMS like a bitch I would know And you always speak About Connor and Joe You should know that your no good for them Cos' you're hot n your cold You're"
  • Bounce (Feat. Sarah Connor) - Wyclef Jean
    "spoken yo man you know what! what? here me and sarah going down she saw me talking to shorty the other day, man shorty hip on the block? yeah you remember shorty! yeah! that was a nothing man we we're"
  • Promise Ring (Featuring Ciara) - Tiffany Evans
    "To the b to the b to the b cuz I need Everybody to the floor (why?) Cuz this beat is sick (yeah?) It's time to rock (uh) That's what it is Tiffany's her name Love is the game And the only way to play Is"
  • Too Hood (Feat. Ciara) - Gucci Mane
    "He's so hood, he's so damn hood He's so hood, he's so damn hood Come help me mow yo lawn, mama, turn you up into a soldier Head to the dreams, and your pretty legs on my shoulders So don't lie to me"
  • One Night Stand/ Sarah Connor - Wyclef Jean
    "Sarah Connor it's an honour Wyclef Bounce One night stand Chorus: Love ya baby, drive me crazy Let me be your sugar daddy Looked into my eyes I was convinced That he's real Girlfriend Never had a boyfriend Looked"
  • I do Not Need You (ft. Ciara) - Timbaland
    "Boy, do not need you! Oh girl, you must do! Boy, do not need you, D-o not, D-o not, Boy, do need for you, D-o not, D-o not, D-o must! I give you my money! I do not need your money I am not ambitious, I"
  • ciary (ft. bonson) - Karian
    "wszędzie złote maliny zakazany owoc w grudzie braki adrenaliny serca wytarzane w brudzie ten brutal nie jest miły pół zycia siedział pod kluczem jak sie odpuszcza winy przyda mu sie samouczek kręcę sie"
  • Ciary feat. TPS, Kurzy - NWH
    "Oplatają twoje ciało gdy jest groza Kiedy na jej punkcie zaczynasz wariować jak musisz walczyć sam o swoje racje są tam gdy sprawy zaczynają się tu komplikować jak słuchasz NWH czy śpiewasz jeszcze polska kiedy"
  • Explode - Ciara
    "Tonight I'm gone do something different To have your undivided attention is my mission Listen, we gone get it poppin like we suppose to do The productions jumpin off I put it on for you 6 inch heels on"
  • Keep Dancing - Ciara
    "Ohh yeah Waaaahhh Yeah (Ciara:) Lead me out on the floor Bring ya body closer Take it all, give me more, do me like ya supposed to Move with me left and right slide your hands over mine Using all your"
  • Echo - Ciara
    "They say Ciara got the hood... Ciara got the 'burbs... They say Ciara got the moves... Ciara got them curves... Let me put y'all up on my swag, my swag Diva of Decatur, I got stunnas they black, they black Up"
  • This Girl(Feauturing Lil Wayne) - Ciara
    "This yo girl ciara wit young weezy See this is how it goes... I am the girl that rides around in 28 I'm from ATL me and my boo bow-weezy We soon going to be getting married But let me flip it over to"
  • High price - Ciara
    "(Ludacris)Ciara on the track and she from the, the (A!)Ludacris once again and i'm from the, the (A!)Ciara, Ludacris and we gon rep that (A!)(A, A, A, yep!) Let's Go!(Ciara-verse 1)See me in the clubrockin"
  • Think I'm In Love - Ciara
    "Ciara) baby boy will you just listen up for the tenth time.I'm getting rid of you just always slaking.I'm doing every thing for you Why don't you get your butt up an actually help.I'm think I'm sick"
  • Represent Me - Ciara
    "Yeah Yay..Ooh I like to introduce myself..my name is Ciara I like to introduce myself..my name is Ciara. Im giving props to the people that help me out. And right now Ima take the time to shout"

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