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envy is my sin

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envy is my sin

  • Envy is My Sin - Agata Karczewska
    "I am just a humble man I am just a lovely man horrified by shame gonna make you believe gonna make you believe that surely I am the only one and Envy is My Sin Envy is My Sin when I am down on my knees do"
  • Envy - Armored Saint
    "I see you hand in hand with my worst enemy I can't show the anger that I feel or the jealousy About all I can do is watch And wish that he hadn't caught What I had my hands almost on But now I'm so"
  • Envy - Briskeby
    "Your life must be perfect You were born a star My friends always tells me Just how wonderful you are You know every pick-up line That works tonight Or is it that mysterious charm And your jeans so tight It's"
  • Envy - Wuthering Heights
    "To overthrow his masters Always the slave by healthy envy was driven But is my envy still healthy When I wish not to inherit the castles they live in I covet not my neighbour's house Nor his thralls or"
  • Envy - Nicki Minaj
    "Envy All dey do is envy Don't dey kno it's in me Don't dey kno I'm comin bak swingin fo that envy Why would dey offend me Y dey go against me dnt they no I'm comin baq swingin fo that ass Swingin fo sw-sw-sw-swingin"
  • Envy - So Solid Crew
    "(Lady Dynamite) WHen i step up on the microphone, explosive people learn to pimp an play like they know dis but they neva see the dynamite get firocious ya to show dis watch while i blow dis, from a step"
  • Envy - Fat Joe
    "Yo This is going out to all my peeps locked down Charlie Rock, LD All my peeps who passed away, yeah Verse 1: I remember when we used to chill on a hill When Forest Projects, used to be Godsville Brothers"
  • Envy - Marianne Faithfull
    "Anna I And the last big town we came to was san francisco. Life, there, was fine, only Anna felt so tired And grew envious of others: Of those who pass the time at their ease and in comfort; Those too"
  • Envy Is Dangerous - Raised Fist
    "You can not let go of your dreams. Don't believe that you'll never succeed. We have our respective needs follow them up it's easier than it seems. Don't let anyone pull you down. Envy is dangerous take"
  • Jesus Envy - Eric Schwartz
    "Snow is falling in the city Past the windows which cast a glow Through the curtains, friends and flirtin' Christmas trees and mistletoe Snow keeps fallin' in the city Powdered sugar on the hats of passersby And"
  • Summer's Envy - Woods Of Ypres
    "How dare you subject me To Summer's Envy I will shine brighter than the day you left me You will see traces of you in my revenge Which is in everything I do When summer comes Your spotlight is the"
  • Envy-Days - Akashic
    "Seeking me throughout the day Wandering in my thoughts - nowhere to go It follows and look for my mind And I have this feeling so close Trying to push me down - wherever I go I will try to keep it away Am"
  • Envy You - Five Foot Thick
    "So you hate me don't imitate me Who you talking about FUCKED UP WAY OF LIFE I got your ego so what's your deal You keep comin around IT'S BULLSHIT You got your own thing go get your brass ring Just shut"
  • She Is My Sin - Nightwish
    "Take heed, dear heart Once apart, she can touch nor me nor you Dressed as one A wolf will betray a lamb Lead astray the gazers The razors on your seducing skin In the meadow of sinful thoughts Every flower's"
  • Envy - Ash
    "Here's a taste of the seven sins driven to distraction, waiting on your call. i am getting trigger happy but it doesn't help at all. no, and i can't even think, with you still in my head. no, and i cannot"
  • Envy - Pacifier / Shihad
    "Falling - was it right? Could you tell me - is it right To envy Your final escape Well I spent all year packing on the make-up Spent all year waiting for your call And when it didn't come I was nailed,"
  • Envy - Bracket
    "I see myself with nothing to do Nothing to show for the last year or two I don have much left that I can prove I try not to dwell on past mistakes I try not to believe my life been a waste But it comes"
  • Envy - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "Who fed our fire at such a young age Good intentions coming off as rage Taking sides turn another page Hold another grudge Who fed our fire and put us in our place Independence smothered by your chase"
  • Envy - White Kaps
    "i've got eyes i can see everything's blurry i've got ears i hear so don't fucking worry i've got eyes i can see everything's blurry i've got ears i hear anything you think, i already know it go"
  • Envy - Youth Of Today
    "Constant competition and criticism between friends we'll bite and fight with our might until we win in the end I've got one up one you you've got one up on me overlooking each other's worthy qualities I'm"

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