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  • Eraser - Ed Sheeran
    "I was born inside a small town I;ve lost that state of mind Learnig to sing inside the Lord’s house But stopped at the age of nine I forget when I get awards Now the wave I hed to ride T he paving stones"
  • Eraser - Barenaked Ladies
    "Eraser, eraser, eraser I draw it with a pencil because it's just a stencil And if I do retry it, well then I can't deny it I'm gonna need my little eraser Eraser, eraser, eraser Eraser, eraser, eraser Eraser I"
  • Eraser - Hypocrisy
    "Here it comes to subject the terror you forgot No memories from the past The unexplainable starts to appear As your sub-consciousness begins to come back again Reality fades away You try to find a solution Here"
  • Eraser - In Flames
    "Consume, just like a worm,Catch a glimpse of the sun through cracks,Everything, I swallow whole,And hide before the flood.The way I see things,I wish they could be true,But take me all the way.The trail"
  • Eraser - Alice Nine
    "shiroi nemuri ni oitekarete fusaideiru koinu mada ugokezu boku wa asa ni tsunagareteru... dakara todokanai omou hodo namida wa nagareteku yo karete yuku anemone douka wasurenai de iro asenai chou ni natte"
  • Eraser - Smile Empty Soul
    "some days are better, they're better than others can't run forever, you're pushing me underwhat a way to live my life i'm hiding from the battles i don't want to fightwhat i've becomeand now it's going"
  • Ed - King Missile
    "Ed was at the end of his rope, an expression he detested. "There is no rope!" he would scream at the laughing walls. "There is only the end. No hope, no rope. Ending is better than mending. Doors of"
  • Ed - Ice T
    "Let me tell ya a little story Bout my homeboy Ed Use to drink every day Straight 40's to the head You try to snap on him He'd ask what you said You still try to break He'd start given up lead Love to gamble On"
  • Ed - Ice-T
    "Let me tell ya a little story Bout my homeboy Ed Use to drink every day Straight 40's to the head You try to snap on him He'd ask what you said You still try to break He'd start given up lead Love to gamble"
  • Ed - Slapstick
    "they dont know what it takes to make a man break down. the don't know what its like to survive without your friends and family around, they tell you that you're lazy and won't get off your ass to find"
  • Ed - Chancho En Piedra
    "Ya es tiempo de una involución estamos nadando en el acuario, tu castigo eterno me es incompatible con la luz de infinita bondad. CORO: **Fiestas eternas y un cielo funk** **todas tus penas, quedan atrs.** **Has"
  • Ed - Green Apple Quick Step
    "The baby can Talk to me In his hand He holds the future A broken key That fits tomorrow All welomce to new world city Just a friend A rotten kid Now a man H lives in venus Not the palce You remember The"
  • Soul Eraser - Pain Confessor
    "You're soul eraser Nothing's conceived through pain My rage, my anger No life is lived through hate Every flower has a lifespan from a seed to it's withered end Your beauty lasts as long as love is selfisness Do"
  • Life Eraser - Konkhra
    "With the power of mind, I travel between worlds, the spice of life, New ways to joy my senses. Jump through space, on certain places, gateways to spheres, and time erases. Traveller through time, seeing"
  • Soul Eraser - Kreator
    "From the sky it came to bring The seeds of slavery For a mind insane an armageddon fantasy Cure religion for the weak foundtion of all laws Redefines philosophy a tyranny from above Soul Eraser - penetrates"
  • Valentine Eraser - Virginia Coalition
    "Another story make believe Beneath the boy who's scared to see It's hard to feel a moment before it's gone Guarded words they tend to scream They act as if they've never been It's hard to hear with the"
  • Mind Eraser - God Forbid
    "Who among you still fears death? Who will must face emptiness? Infidel Sacrifice, now it's time to die Life is spared, by the shadows of the dead Can you feel the hand of god oppose your will to die? Your"
  • Expression Eraser - Small Brown Bike
    "broken glass moves through me, calloused skin falls off of me, i crash to my knees. interiorly i bleed and i cry blood under the sheets. i'm breaking down, i'm broken down, i break my thumb, don't mind"
  • The Eraser - Thom Yorke
    "Please excuse me but I got to ask Are you only being nice Because you want something My fairy tale arrow pierces Be careful how you respond 'Cause you'd not end up in this song I never gave you an encouragement And"
  • Ed Gein - Macabre
    "I'm a killer, and a gravedigger My stew will be made out of you I eat women, I'm a cannibal And a necrophiliac too I make bracelets out of bodies And coffee drums made with flesh Organs frying in my kitchen And"

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