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  • Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Eruption
    "Ich hing ab in dieser Stadt Fernab der Heimat trister Pracht Ging hernach mich zu erschpfen An Sonne, Wind und fremden Gtzen. Die kleine Bar am Felsenrande Zog lichtwrts mich in ihren Banne Frhlichkeit"
  • Snoop Dogg Sexual eruption
    "I'm gonna take my timeShe gon' get hers before II'm gonna take it slowI'm not gon' rush the stroke So she can get aSexual eruptionSo I can get aSexual eruptionSo we can get aSexual eruptionSexual eruptionWhoaWhoa"
  • Zyklon Specimen Eruption
    "Growth; is that what it takes? Disintegration; a world full of snakes This is Machiavellian Strategy, An extensive form of tragedy Evolution; countercharge the ambivalence Devolution; create your own"
  • Emperor The Eruption
    "... and after years in dark tunnels he came to silence there was nothing... he realised that the cheering cries of worship were but echoes of his harsh outspoken word reflecting back at him from cold"
  • Tesco Value Speakers Corner (Eruption)
    "See the old priest get his thrill hell taste the girls and leave the bill to the homos with flowers of golden showers Until the one is reborn well drink from him well feed our sperm we love our bellies undress"
  • Lord Gore Post Coital Eruption
    "Flesh to flesh I embrace you, and my heartbeat is quickened with lust. The darkness obscures my true nature, and my lesions of weeping white pus. As my tongue now enters your vulva, unholy transfer is"
  • Eruption I Can't Stand The Rain
    "I Can't Stand The Rain Tina Turner Notes: Also performed by "Ann Peebles" (1973), "Precious Wilson" (1977), "Eruption" I can't stand the rain 'gainst my window Bringing back sweet memories Ican't stand"
  • Cannibal Corpse Dormant Bodies Bursting
    "Bodies are bursting apart Volcanic eruption of guts Exploding cadavers bring forth A bloodbath to torment all life The sky and the earth are now tainted by Blood Death is to blame for this enormous"
  • Bjork Mutual Core
    "I shuffle around the tectonic plates in my chest You know i gave it all Trying to match our continents To change seasonal shift To form a mutual core As fast as your fingernail grows The Atlantic ridge"
  • Cannibal Corpse Force Fed Broken Glass
    "Flesh starts to rip Gouging through skin From the throat Blood gushes Glandular eruption Blistered skin secretion Internal punctures Blood regurgitation Gagging, choking, on broken glass Shredded muscle"
  • Centurion Megalometal
    "Proud chaos eater stainless steel mass controller boisterous conquer pattern of loyalty riots of hymns of glory putiry of fighting essence immortal souls sing the power of missionary Imperial eruption"
  • Vintersorg Trance Locator
    "A fiery soul's motion Inside a vibration never seen Fragments from our existence Cosmic instruments released I travel mathematical events The mind's space in centre Beams of a star, hides The function"
  • Smash The Statues Anger Management
    "Raise my anger to the brink of explosion Burning away all the fear Hang to the edge of a burning volcano Eruption is swift it will take me from here Raise this anger till the edge of insanity Make all"
  • Celestial Season 21:20 Desire
    "Twenty past nine, desires awaken atracted by the light of your eruption probably out of illumination concession blind, reduce this fiction Shake it up don't fool me around Sweatting for a piece of late"
  • Renton You are in charge
    "You are in charge of all your thoughts Cast them away and youll be lost When you jump out of the window Before make sure its the first floor There are some things that make you sad And all these things"
  • Stan Bush Instruments Of Destruction
    "Artist: N.R.G. Writers: Ernest Petrangelo, Robin Ward, Steven Serpa Producers: Ernie Burns Engineer: Phil Greene Iron birds of fortune Adrift above the skies Cloudy revelations Unseen by naked eyes Flying"
  • Focal Point No Return
    "a spark ignites, and grows into a flame.. an eruption of anger, an outburst of pain I drag myself from the engulfed wreckage that lays behind never to return never to compromise the truth that lies within"
  • L' Die zeit in der die freundschaft starb
    "Trnen der Verzweiflung Und Eruption der Wut Bilder dieser Welt Befleckt mit unser'm Blut Reduziert die Nummer derer In die man Hoffnung gab Diese Zeit ist vielmals leerer Die Zeit in der die Freundschaft"
  • GBH Future fugitives
    "Hey, hey, did you hear the news today ?Someone just got killed in Boston.Say, say, you'll get to hear it anyway,they smoked him out with a gas bomb.Future fugitives, future fugitives,You're getting in"
  • Meduza Touch the Sky
    "A perpetual fire Reign of passion, my heart is in flames An eruption of violent fury Touches me gentle as a breeze An emotional whirlwind Sweeping through my mind Now I am reaching for heaven Leaving"

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