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ery break YouTube take

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ery break YouTube take

    "Mortal: (deejaypallaside) Druga runda się wpierdalam, robię tu za egzorcystę, chłopa tak już opętało, nie ma co liczyć na Biblię. Tone wyje se w odmętach, zjechał windą gdzieś do piekła, zamiast karać"
  • Wen Im Ere - Roll Deep
    "(SCTRACTHY) *chorus* rest in the game, it was bate who was gonna be ere? (eeee heeee) roll deep is the name n were up for awards all year (eeee heeee) wen u get here, haterz wanna end your career but"
  • End The Era - Sick Of It All
    "Should be the end of an era an era of control that keeps minds lost in their identity The power that exists alone, should be finished should be done the suffocation can't go on choke on the world"
  • Break - Godhead
    "I'm trapped inside The world you sell A product in your Plastic, perfect Hell Compressed beside your head Just wishing I was dead Break my mind Break my will Break my soul I crumble as I Watch you take"
  • Break - American Minor
    "Woman, won't you do a little dance for me? I've been working 9 to 5 just left my old lady And when the evening comes I know where I wanna be But in the daylight hours you can't be seen with me You break"
  • Break - Newsboys
    "Don't go thinking I'm crazy But my fear is it's too late Won't go making no trouble 'Cause I feel like I could break All of those times I ran away From all of those things I used to say All of those plans"
  • Break - Newboys
    "Don't go thinkin' I'm crazy But my fear is it's too late I won't go making no trouble Cause I feel like I could break All of those times I ran away From all of those things I used to say All of those plans"
  • Break - Enchant
    "Some say it's better off this way, now it's over You say the future's looking grey, if it's over: Yeah, there's sorrow as we break -- but it's over Yeah, we've had all we could take -- so it's over Stow"
  • Break - Staind
    "I walk alone I am alone I think alone I'll die alone Don't think I can make it on my own I think I need someone to SAVE ME! Such is life So sad but true Kill everything That's close to you Try"
  • Break - Refused
    "You say the problems don't concern you Well wake the fuck up cause they really do how many ways are society going to fuck it up how many lies until we had enough we gotta start and care about the consequences"
  • Break - Alanis Morissette
    "Indeed I've sucked it up to heights Unknown to those outside My body has contained and suppressed And swallowed and abetted Oh, I am a stranger to myself Beneath altruism dwells A force uncontended A voice"
  • Break - Jurassic 5
    "Yo, yo, if you had much class And style like I had You would be so glad I see why you so mad I'm born with it Like Marvin and Lauren with it Yo, deform with it The way we perform wit it You gon' get"
  • Take A break - Najwajean
    "break, break, break take a break , break, break take a break , break, break take a break , break, break this color take up your back and get away from here we will be there if you don't care you don't"
  • Take A Break - Catherine MacLellan
    "Oh, I worked in the field all day I didn't stop once, not even to complain Yeah, I was next to you all day No wonder I didn't complain If you wanna take a break, let's take a break If you wanna keep going,"
  • Take A Break - Shampoo
    "I love you, you hate me.. Let's make it up over a cup of tea.. Take your mind off your mortality, Win fifty pounds for a shopping spree... Chorus Take a break, From the daily routine.. Disconnect"
  • Take A Break - Scooter
    "Ahhh! Let's Go! We gonna mix up the place and tare it off inside! yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! Right about now, it's the mic wrecker to bit to rhyme, 2 times sicker 2 times darker, to blow the speaker Dangerous,"
  • Welcome to youtube - Bo Burnham
    "Before Youtube I walked through life. And now I frollic. Youtube has been like a father to me, Except Youtube's not an alcholic. Before Youtube I was just a skinny white kid, That thought he was funnier,"
  • Break The Silence - Break The Silence
    "Reflections staring back at me in a perfect world, through a modern dream. And the pain they cause...its developing. Through another time to scatter everything. Through mistrust. Through violence. When"
  • Terror Era - Terror Squad
    "Aiyyo Joe man whats good man Aiyyo I hear niggaz poppin shit They runnin off to the Jakes man They talkin like you ain't hood nigga What's really gangsta nigga What up what's poppin man Aiyyo fuck these"
  • Break Mama, Break - Jackie Greene
    "Break mama, break break down and cry you can break mama, break break down and die if you don't mind breakin and youre heart can take the achin' you can break mama all the time i got nothing but them"

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