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  • Człowiek guma (ft. Masia, Kamel, Peus, Tymin, Sinsen, Majkel, Buka, Proceente, Łysonżi, Eskobar) - Skorup
    "Ref. Nie znasz się to zamknij pysk Wozisz się to spadnij z rys Dwa dni myśl jak czegoś nie kumasz I nie pierdol jak człowiek guma Skorup człowiek guma to elastyczny ziomek Lecz nie jest dobry jak fantastyczny"
  • So Special - Eskobar
    "You're so special Your mind is like a maze Just look at your hands Your nose, your mouth You got such a beautiful face Somehow something ain't right Although you're such a pretty sight Have we talked"
  • Something Is Lost - Eskobar
    "When something is lost And it can't be found You think about love Iit always let you down But stories they change It may take some time Our lives rearranged They always let you down Why do you say, you"
  • Somewhere It's Been Said - Eskobar
    "Somewhere it's been said I'll never find you on the ground Somewhere in my head A voice is saying I let you down But I hope you know I'd never do you wrong Turning in my head I can't stop thinking about"
  • Stay - Eskobar
    "speaking of love now that's alright but I feel you're hypnotized you play your game making plans of leave alright but i wont put up a fight you'll have your way but you should stay now stay and make"
  • Sun In My Eyes - Eskobar
    "sorry you betrayed me worried you enslaved me it goes on and on on and on again let's get those mountains alive now looks like my walking will come back to him seems like it's never gonna pass worried"
  • To The Moon - Eskobar
    "I'm going on to the moon Leaving here pretty soon To be with you I'm going on to the moon Leaving here pretty soon To be with you I am someone else now I am someone else now I am someone else now To"
  • Tumbling down - Eskobar
    "Hard times come Let them be Mark that stone Who is she? Leave this town On your own Take this sound To where you roam If this could ever make you free my love Then that's the way that it should be above the"
  • Under These Stars - Eskobar
    "I had this dream about belongin' somewhere I had this dream about a place where someone cares Cause in my life, I'm lackin' love So I keep on askin' the stars above It all happened under these stars It"
  • Violence - Eskobar
    "I see trouble ahead, I don't know a place where I can rest my head And I'm so tired, all this violence wears me out Nothing's getting better I dread, it's an obvious case where someone ends up dead And"
  • Why London - Eskobar
    "Where you going now? Where you going now? What you're looking for Is not outside your door Not in another land Still see a ticket in your hand Why London? It's not your home Why London? Just a warzone Where"
  • Worship You - Eskobar
    "One look, one smile was all it took One lie, one heart was broken It was real, it's the only excuse But I know that forgiveness is a dream (chorus) I worship you, I do I worship you, I do I worship you,"
  • You Forget Me - Eskobar
    "When it comes a time, a truth, a sign When they do declare it's all in mind I say don't you forget me Hanging from a tree I say don't you forget me (or) we'll set those people free It goes... When it"
  • You Got Me - Eskobar
    "I'm dying inside, but I'm so ugly when I cry My makeup starts to run, then I'm not me no more I wonder how, we're gonna get through these hard times I wake up from a slumber, in a smile This face, it must"
  • She's Not Here - Eskobar
    "It's no good for us to carry on did what I could for us but I did wrong it was so strange when it happened and I did not... she's not here no more I don't really care no more demanding my tears no"
  • Tell Me I'm Wrong - Eskobar
    "It's not easy being friends, it's even harder being lovers The flag is waving, it's the end, I build a shelter under my covers Where I sit i think of you my only love Tell me I'm wrong but I feel so free"
  • Devil Keeps Me Moving - Eskobar
    "The devil keeps me moving, I can't stay in one place And after a while, when enough is done, I move from first to second base And all the trust that I'm loosing, I have to build it back up so at my new"
  • Whatever This Town - Eskobar
    "If you try to get close to me, be prepared, it might hurt cause i live like the human i am so my nails, will catch some dirt dont expect a knight on a horse to come rescue the princess in you I got me"
  • Persona Gone Missing - Eskobar
    "Here's a story of a man who thought he was the only one with brains And for a long long time he had me fooled and i believed that was actually the case But the fortune changed, he got on this train Got"
  • Some Of Us Got Paid - Eskobar
    "Some of us got paid, some of us got laid. Some of got outta here, but it was so yesterday. Some of us came straight, some of us came gay. Some of us came some other way, but it was so yesterday. Just"

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