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eternity robbie wiliams

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eternity robbie wiliams

  • Robbie - Peter Koelewijn
    "Hoe lang ken ik jou al, Robbie? Oh, jongen wat een lange tijd We wonnen samen veel met poker En raakten samen alles weer kwijt En praatjes zat in de kroegen Soms viel dat niet bij iedereen Maar dan stonden"
  • Eternity - Robbie Williams
    "Close your eyes so you don't fear them They don't need to see you cry I can't promise I will heal you But if you want to I will try I'll sing this somber serenade The past is done We've been betrayed It's"
  • Eternity - Eternity X
    "It's 10:00 AM, it's time to rise, make sense of the world again My pain is too great to hide Oh I feel it, yes I see it, almost as if time had saved the day Not a matter I decide But down here time goes"
  • Eternity - Snap!
    "Eternity,Eternity,Eternity Eternity,Eternity,Eternity Eternity,Eternity,Eternity Eternally,Eternity,Eternity People all over the world Listen to what I wanna say Now I need all of your attention Come"
  • Eternity - Alex Kunnari
    "I can feel you watching me Peeking with those eyes of innocence I keep breathing silently When you're holding me Like no one else There's the world between us I should be strong but how can I forget your"
  • Eternity - Pharao
    "Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Now that I have the rest I sit in the darkness be blast fall after confession my Last and long to the term Dream and peace, heartbeat that cease ... the rhythm at least The endless,"
  • Eternity - Dreams Come True
    "I knew that we belonged together Long before I knew your name And the only thing I longed for Was a sign to prove you felt the same Somehow I knew your every secret Just by looking in your eyes From"
  • Eternity - Swan Princess
    "I knew that we belonged together Long before I knew your name And the only thing I longed for Was a sign to prove you felt the same Somehow I knew your every secret Just by looking in your eyes From"
  • Eternity - Avril Lavigne
    "Rains of sense slip through your hands never sleesing thight fault your hands in silent prayer eternal peace you'll find like two river flow to the open sea some day we'll realize we're all eternity"
  • Eternity - Daan
    "Eternity In the name of love and liberty Call it humanity on a one way trip to vanity No we couldn't break it up or call it no fatality no fantasy I guarantee you quality and quantity Eternity Eternity In"
  • Eternity - Chaka Khan
    "(Prince) Seems like an eternity since I've been in your arms A multitude of colorless hours pass I crave the life inside U, it keeps me from harm I only pray that it's not just another God Eternity,"
  • Eternity - Kamelot
    "As I sit upon these rocks above I feel the waves crash upon the shore As the sea sprays on my glowing face I wish I could embrace the sea for evermore As I lay my head to sleep at night I dream the sea"
  • Eternity - Jonas Brothers
    "Looking at a picture Of you in my hands Wonder if I'm ever gonna see you again Without you, I don't know how my life would be But I believe It's not goodbye Cause I will remember you And I will see you"
  • Eternity - Lizz Wright
    "Something about you really moves me You found the waterfalls, the treasures in me What is the gift that you possess? What is this strange happiness? I will find the answer And if the answer is you My love I'll"
  • Eternity - Richard Marx
    "I was born on the banks of Eternity, A page of the history it teaches. Not a care, lived my life like a hurricane, Leaving everything along the way in pieces. Some may have cheered, some may have wondered, If"
  • Eternity - Kelly Sweet
    "Send my hopes and dreams to the sky. My love leaves me cold inside. In a circle lies my fate. I'm frozen. Fragile moments spent with you. Now past five before there too. For time can only heal these wounds. I'm"
  • Eternity - Stratovarius
    "When clouds are covering the sky I can't help thinking what's behind. In a fading evening I can feel strange thoughts in my mind. What if we aren't alone here, there's a clone of everyone somewhere that"
  • Eternity - Dynasty
    "You sometimes went by me But didn't accept my help I wanted to give you the mercy of my heart To change your lost way (How) many times you looked in my eyes But couldn't see my real face I will make your"
  • Eternity - Rad Kick
    "You see me as someone who cares about all the things in life that are so great I know, you don't, if it's getting too late. Now you say I'm too cussed but I know you. While you take your last breath we've"
  • Eternity - Russell Crowe & 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts
    "(Cochran/Crowe) Jingle bells Hip hip hurray I've been inside most of the day Got no family I can find at short notice The only joy I got Must be in the post yeah Take a step out on your own Breathing"

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