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evanesence immortal

  • Immortal - Adema
    "Oooouh.. LET'S FIGHT! We're face to face Loyalty is what I need to see from you You're insecure I can see the fear that breeds in your heart Where will you run? Where will you hide? I see the blood Drip"
  • Immortal - LORNA SHORE
    "LORNA SHORE - Immortal (OFFICIAL VIDEO) tekst w opracowaniu Before [?], the [?] In hateful tongues Lay out the [?] one by one Forced in the [?] Leprosy [?] He who waits for the [?] [?] till the judgement"
  • Immortal - Decoded Feedback
    "I lived my life Immortal from eternity inside I lived my life So far away from everything inside I lived my life Through centuries of darkness through the pain I lived my life I've seen the rise and fall"
  • Immortal - The Rasmus
    "Strange signs Crooked signals Strike down The last aerial Heaven's bending Below, the world begins to break Life is ending Time has come to escape Down to the chambers Drink this blood and we'll become"
  • Immortal - Rasmus
    "Strange signs Crooked signals Strike down The last aerial Heaven's bending Below, the world begins to break Life is ending Time has come to escape Down to the chambers Drink this blood and we'll become"
  • Immortal - Clutch
    "Who's the man who stole fire for the people? Who causes trembling in the bones of evil? Who carved a mountain into a cathedral? I am immortal Half-blind and spitting straight into the wind Down,"
  • Immortal - Kid Cudi
    "I am the smartest man alive! I tried to tell all my friends when I was a kid that I had powers And nobody wanted to believe me Alright Spent the last month feeling bad 'bout myself I couldn't speak anything"
  • Immortal - The Cr
    "Na, na na na na, na Na, na na na na I do not know the mind of God and I cannot guess His thoughts But I have searched for you across the void when my sense of self was lost The answer stands to brush my"
  • Immortal - Def Leppard
    "Do you have the will to walk on water Do you have the strength to part the waves Do you have the lips to kiss a blood red rose Before the colors start to fade But are you tough enough to walk through"
  • Immortal - Val Davis
    "Lately I've been thinking about the way my life is going All the things I used to know, I don't seem to be a knowin' All the knowledge in the world has now been handed down And is firmly in the grasp"
  • Immortal - Blood Has Been Shed
    "After all this time after all this time knowledge I've gained can be put to use my consumption of truth beckons me to the everlasting I now speak and accept responsibility for my actions a lifetime of"
  • Immortal - Apathy
    "Hook plays once "I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings I have no rival, no man can be my equal." I spit, to make the mic like a flammable torch "It's understandable" my mind is a mechanical"
  • Immortal - Beth Hart
    "tryin' to fly mountain high are you tryin' to be immortal come on here's your chance take your dance say goodbye to your mother just let your life shine now's the time what you've been given will do just"
  • Immortal - Silent Saga
    "Look behind the mask of this broken man, and try and guess the woes that have made him sad All the vile deeds, blend their mournful weeds, Now I’m lost in this cryptical love… When this sweet thrills"
  • Immortal - Eric Woolfson
    "I was adrift on an ocean of dreams I was amazed... And as I sail to the end of the world I'm not afraid... Mournful moon and willow tree Tell the world not to weep for me And I will be set free... I took"
  • Immortal - Yung Lean
    "Hold up cause I gotta roll up Doin' donuts Euro don't fold up Four blunts on the road for four months I don't like takin' pictures please ignore us I'm abnormal, Gargamel cruisin' in the four door We rollin'"
  • Immortal - Helloween
    "Two lifes, one fate I have to leave So will you follow me? That's how it's meant to be I reigned as God I'm monumental Soon I will arise With you by my side And we will radiate the skies He who will gaze"
  • IMMORTAL - Marina And The Diamonds
  • Immortal - Arch Enemy
    "This liquid vision of euphoria Living a life on borrowed time Paying the price of immortality Desperately avoiding our fate Lead me through the halls of tortured souls Alone, forlorn... human dignity dethroned Forevermore"
  • Immortal Sin - Fight
    "(Halford) Torn by the wrath that burns like a buried flame Crossed in the heart from this voice thats a nagging pain Snared to the book of God with a twisted fear Help me from being damned by a righteous"

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