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ever after haj

  • Ever After - Joe Jackson
    "Now that you're gone Nothing is wrong But everything's changed Words in your hand Do I set them in stone Or throw them away Now everything we did Like photographs that always moved (and that wasn't strange) Now"
  • Ever Ever After - Carrie Underwood
    "Storybook endings, fairy tales coming true Deep down inside we want to believe they still do And a secret is taught, it's our favourite part of the story Let's just admit we all want to make it too"
  • Ever After - The Chameleons UK
    "I don't believe in fascists or flashing females or factory floors I don't believe in speeding, I don't believe in spreading spores I don't believe in Cupid or his laden arrows out of the blue All of that"
  • Ever Ever After - Jordan Pruitt
    "Storybook endings Fairytales coming true Deep down inside We wanna believe They still do And a secret is taught It's our favorite part Of the story Let's just admit We all wanna make it to Ever ever after If"
  • Ever After - Neil Young
    "When you hear that rooster crowing In the dawn, in the dawn There's really no way of knowing What goes on, what goes on The world is full of questions Some are answered, some are not The only faith you're"
  • Ever After - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "When you hear that rooster crowing In the dawn, in the dawn There's really no way of knowing What goes on, what goes on The world is full of questions Some are answered, some are not The only faith you're"
  • Ever After - Aaron Shust
    "I hate to be the one to break the news To let you down but I can't lie to you There's things about the world I wish weren't true I guess by now, you must have had a clue It seems you're growing up fast I"
  • Ever After - Bonnie Bailey
    "Three years ago, my journey began Chasing down this cure, no plan in hand Just your pulse, my racing guide in the dark Just knowing with conviction from the start The moment your eyes made an introduction I"
  • Ever After - God Module
    "How can you not believe - In your hold over me? Look into my eyes - You are my everything As close as I'll get to heaven - Existing here on earth You control my reactions and justify my birth Frozen tears"
  • Ever After - Girls Bravo
    "Kawaranai egao de mitsumeteite soba ni iru kara Chikasugite taisetsuna mono Mienakute toorisugita Tookutemo oikaketa mono Kagayaiteiru Hanikanda hohoemi ha hora Hibiiteku tokimeiteku Dokidoki no kodou"
  • Hai - Ofra Haza
    "Shim'u 'ekhay, ani 'od khay, u-shtey 'enay 'od nisa'ot la-'or Rabim khokay, 'akh gam prakhay, u-lefanay shanim rabot misfor 'Ani sho'el u-mitpalel - tov she-lo 'avda 'od ha-tikva 'Over mizmor mi-dor le-dor"
  • Hai Hai - Roger Hodgson
    "The sun goes up, the sun goes down And still my life is just spinning round It builds me up, it drags me down And keeps me looking for some solid ground Hai Hai, Hai Hai, Hai Hai The race is on, the"
  • Happily ever after - Donna Summer
    "Happily ever afterlook at me, right where I wanna bemy life took a turn, it's a happy affairI'm never alone even when hes not therehappily ever after, happily ever afterHappily ever afterso carefree, look"
  • Happy Ever After - Julia Fordham
    "don't ask me why, i'm running out of laughter there's tears in these eyes not happy ever after and i thought it was plain to see and i thought the whole world could be and i thought, we'd be happy ever"
  • Sadly Ever After - Collin Raye
    "Mark Collie/Bruce Burch We had a storybook beginning getting better with each page Somewhere in the middle I somehow lost my place Then came the final chapter where you said we were through And left me"
  • Happily ever after - Blu Cantrell
    "Happily ever after I'll be Let's start a story chapter Happily ever after we'll be Never have to ask for no more After loving you I'm secure Because I'm you're Queen and you're my King We could maybe"
  • Happily Ever After - Jimmy Buffett
    "Happily ever after (now and then) By: jimmy buffett 1996 I've been a stand-in, a stunt man I've takin' some falls Troubles... I've had my share But one has to learn how to run before walkin' 'round breathin'"
  • Happily Ever After - Tony Lucca
    "On the reckless and carefree wings of love Take my hand, let's fly away Make the best with what we've got And improve along the way I'm a sucker for you beauty darlin' The way you please and hurt me Scream"
  • Happily Ever After - Case
    "Guess what i did today Those were the words i said to you It was last May, don't know the exact day In my hand there was a ring And you told me that you loved me More than anything in your life And i asked"
  • Happily Ever After - Corrosion Of Conformity
    "How did I come to become How did we come to become this way When we were inseparable Formula of rituals I have lived Lost time-resentment I can't forgive when we were inseparable Made a commitment to resentment You"

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