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ever go

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ever go
  • Bananafishbones Ever
    "we're robbing Peter to pay Paul miles and miles yet to go and the pouring rain that hurts me so I'm tired of the rain and I'm tired of all all of the sudden out of the rain you're standing there hitchhiking when"
  • Miranda Sex Garden Ever And Ever
    "how can it last for forever again? what will we do with forever my friend? ever and ever, and ever again, for ever and ever, and ever my friend. is there another place to go? and is there a place where"
  • The Partridge Family If You Ever Go
    "If you ever put me down, I would fall right through the ground Couldn't make it on my own, couldn't stay here all alone and there would be no sun and there would be no one to run to CHORUS: If you ever"
  • Frank Sinatra Don't ever go away
    "Ah take a look and you'll see the way I have become and the way things becameSadness and sorrow are here in the little things you touched with your handsThis loving home was a home so happy to protect"
  • The Kinks Don't Ever Let Me Go
    "Don't ever let me go, don't ever let me go Don't ever let me go, don't ever let me go You've been runnin' round with other guys (other guys) I keep hearing these stories, I wish they were lies (wish they"
  • Alesha Dixon Don't Ever Let Me Go
    "In life the things that we try don't work the first time It's okay, you've gotta start again, rewind the tape babe Get paid, yeah you made a mistake, but you're telling the story It's okay, take a break"
  • Reba McEntire Will He Ever Go Away
    "(Will Robinson/Gerry House) On a cool gray morning, I watched with my own eyes As he headed out the driveway and finally out of my life Oh I knew he'd soon be miles from my mind So why should tears start"
  • Stella Salato & Jermaine Alford (DSDS) Never Ever Let You Go
    "Stella: Why? Jermaine: Uuuhhh Oh-wow-oh Stella: Why? Uuuh Oh-oh Jermaine: Its five in the morning I close my eyes Its five in the morning I told you lies Its five in the morning And youre not here with"
  • Lionel Richie Don't You Ever Go Away
    "Hey, can you tell my heart is aching You, It's only you that's on my mind I, I can not fight this feeling Now, now I know why love is blind From the top of my world to the bottom of my heart Just the"
  • Go Sailor Don't Go
    "thinking of you left behind leaving the door open wide turning around, do you know I'm there? the last thing you said hanging in the air don't you know this kind of heartache never mends? should I tell"
  • Cheez Never Ever
    "I said I'd never go there I said I'd never resort to this But some promises are meant to be broken I said I'd never do that I said I'd never leave you But some promises Are meant to be broken Never"
  • Luna Sea Forever & Ever
    "Saa me wo tojite Kokoro no koe to Kasukana toiki Kanji tsudzukete How long Dorekurai Kizutsukeba ii? Dream on Yurusu nara Aishite hoshii Kodokuna yoru wa Boku wa yowaku suru Mayaku no you ni Iyashite"
  • Missy Higgins Don't Ever
    "Let's take the train to anywhere I wanna feel the wind in my hair with you. Let's tell them all, that soon they'll know How very wrong they were to think we'd never go, And if you tell me yours I'll"
  • Sean Paul Ever Blazin'
    "(Ever blazing ever blazing girl) (blazing up the flame blazing up the flame) (Ever blazing ever blazing girl yo) As the world turns and as time burns girl you know im gonna be there my love is ever"
  • Sean Paul Ever Blazing
    "(Ever blazing ever blazing girl) (blazing up the flame blazing up the flame) (Ever blazing ever blazing girl yo) As the world turns and as time burns girl you know im gonna be there my love is ever"
  • Ciara Never Ever
    "Throw ya hands up in the air (If u know he love ya) Tell the DJ play this song right Here (if u know he love ya) Let Let Let Me see you 2 Step (if u know he love ya) It don't matta if you by yo self (if"
  • Robyn Ever Again
    "come on, let’s have it out go ahead and try a little crazy on me you don’t have to worry about the pulling and pushing away we never used to get it right so baby, you’re right for getting startled but"
  • Faydee Never Ever
    "Intro: If I dont, if I dont tell u I love u That ,that, that dont, that dont mean I dont care Drop that bass! Bout to get it started now wit your boy! Its da F da A da Y D double E, Go! Verse I: Baby,"
  • A Rocket To The Moon Ever Enough
    "No I’m never gonna leave you darling No I’m never gonna go regardless Everything inside of me, is living in your heartbeat Even when all the lights are fading Even then, if your hope was shaking I’m here"
  • Neil Young Ever After
    "When you hear that rooster crowing In the dawn, in the dawn There's really no way of knowing What goes on, what goes on The world is full of questions Some are answered, some are not The only faith you're"

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