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  • Everybody Knows - Julee Cruise
    "Everone knows I don't like to (x3) Everone knows I don't like to (I don't like to) (x3) Answer the phone Everone knows I don't want to (x3) Everone knows I don't want to (I don't want to) (x1) Answer"
  • I Wanna Thank Everyone - Buddy Jewell
    "Excuse me uh, but do you actually have yes in your vocabulary, I guess it started when I was a kid, If you said I couldn't do it I did, Always had a stuborn streak, Put a wall in front of me, And I'll"
  • No One Wants Me - Beatles
    "they say that everyone, wants someone i know no one wants me. they say that everone, needs someone. i know no one needs me. if your wonderin' who the lonliest creatures in the world can be... theres the"
  • Searching Is Killing Me - Bad Cash Quartet
    "Back to my shoolyard and back to were we began I know you thought you won but we knew we were right and you were wrong dreaming of something far away from home cause you have seen the world from postcards"
  • I Will See You Tomorrow - Deacon Blue
    "You were a good man Jamsie Everone loves you Now you`re gone And the seagulls over Where you lie Sing your final song I`m walking back Away from here To see where you belong Here`s the church And here`s"
  • Fleshpress - Grief
    "millions upon millions I can't even count pointless human butchery will it ever stop men, women and children a never ceasing flow of life thrust into horrid death chambers to satisfy the fuhrer's blight administer"
  • Dirty Rats - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "here they come one by one. no need to run and hide. everone of them has rudeness as their best friend. using madness and fun as an alibi. and when they leave all the girls start to cry. dirty rats......dirty"
  • It's OK If You Forget Me - Astrid S
    "Two weeks and i wait ‘til the feeling hits Maybe i just heaven’t Let it sink in For 3 years we were living together Held me like you’d hold me forever Didn’t think that heartbreak Would feel like this From"
  • A Place Where We Belong - Air Supply
    "I'm just a wandering gypsy I'll sing for you tonight And when the seats are empty I'll turn and walk into my spotlight And i'll be in the place where i belong For who will tell the story Except someone"
  • Haze One - Psychotic Waltz
    "now we're on the road the freeze is coming on everone is sleeping now the first one to bed, but the last to leave my head so i burn another number down and as i'm laying down i'm wondering where are all"
  • Exciter - Gamma Ray
    "Racing' cross the heavens Straight into the dawn Looking like a comet Slicing through the morn Scorching the horizon Blazing the land Now he's here amongst us The age of fire's at hand Stand by for Exciter Salvation"
  • 44 Magnum opus - Exodus
    "Can't withhold my anger won't control my rage My bloodlust will be sated I'm locked and loaded ready to engage Kill everything I've always hated A motherfuking Van Gogh with a gun About to paint his masterpiece Blow"
  • Pause It And Turn It Up - Biffy Clyro
    "All I ask of you is to stick around express the pain and your sadness all I ask of you is to turn around confess a system at work here Wounds take time to heal Wounds take time to heal All I ask of you"
  • How Long Have You Been There - Willie Nelson
    "I've been walking in the shadows for so long that I forgot the sun can shine I've turned away from everone and everything that wanted to be mine Somehow I always shot my eyes and heart to everything"
  • Man In The Moon - Voice Of The Beehive
    "(words t.bryn, m brooke/music t.bryn) the man in the moon is my man he never say nothing so i know he understands he's the brother i never had- the husband i'd never want he's everything to everone"
  • Goodbye - Urban Rock
    "Everyone is busy Everyone is looking out for number one A selfish song I am quite strategic I am gonna give it my best shot Its all ive got But there are days when life means nothing And there are times"
  • Everything's Fucked - Frenzal Rhomb
    "Head is up your arsehole as you move along Walk around pretending that there is nothing wrong Don't like thinking of whose getting your rent or, Environment, religion or the government, My car's running"
  • Into The Unknown (piosenka z filmu Kraina Lodu 2) - Idina Menzel
    "I can hear you but i won’t some loo for trouble while others don’t there’s a thousand reason I should go about my day ignore your whispers which I wish would go away you’re not a voice you’re just a"
  • Book Of Love - Air Supply
    "The book of love, that sacred place Where we walk tall, or in disgrace Who tills the ground on which we tread Who gives us all our daily bread The spirit woken from its sleep The demon stirring from the"
  • The Stranger - Billy Joel
    "Well we all have a face That we hide away forever And we take them out and show ourselves When everyone has gone Some are satin some are steel Some are silk and some are leather They're the faces of the"

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