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  • Social Debris - Alice Cooper
    "I don;t commit I just colide I want admit I just decided I am on the run I am on high Their eyes are everwhere I see them spy in Iwon;t firget Thhey just machine I hate the sound I hate that scene I"
  • Cold Body Blues - Goodshirt
    "cold body blues chosing whose shoes to wear chrome dome sconny muffin bald but there' hair growing everywhere everwhere ''Chose whose woes to say chose whose woes to say'' traces through paper darting"
  • Solitude - The The
    "In my solitude You haunt me With reveries of days gone by In my solitude You taunt me With memories that never die In my solitude I'm praying Dear Lord above Send back my love I sit in my chair I'm filled"
  • Solitaire - Clay Aiken
    "There was a man A lonely man Who would command The hand he's playing And Solitaire's the only game in town And every road that takes her, takes him down And by himself, it's easy to pretend He'll never"
  • Hannah - Robin Trower
    "Hannah, walking in beauty, like the night Hannah, soft as the early morning light Nothing I do, brings me to you Hannah, let me love you Hannah, distance surrounds you everwhere Hannah, living in memories"
  • Every Little Whisper - Steve Wariner
    "It's an old-fashioned feeling In a world that's gone wild It's a walk by the river On a slow summer night It's the rhythm of love Everwhere I go It's the sound of her voice here in my soul (chorus) Every"
  • Evergleam - Everclear
    "Evergleam and I know why God is good and Jesus loves me heaven lives and I know where sounds to me a not so easy chair falling free and living down stringing out and over happy Evergleam and I know"
  • The Woo (ft. 50 Cent, Roddy Ricch) - POP SMOKE
    "(see what i want baby see how i fight with the world) She want a woo She wanna fuck with the woo She wanna fuck with the woo She wanna fuck with the woo She wanna fuck with the woo I told her; ohh woo"
  • Dysfunctional Professional - Backyard Babies
    "Well you been on top of the world At least thats what i heard I gonna ask you one more time I cant sleep when youre around And i care how sick you sound I gonna ask you one more time He was a friend of"
  • God Is All Around - Anointed
    "Consider the kindness of a stranger That passes by your way For there are ties that bind us together forever Touching a broken hearted friend Brings healing to the soul within There's evidence everwhere"
  • Miss The Mississippi And You - Doc Watson
    "I'm groing tired of the big city lights Tired of the glamour, tired of the size I'm alway dreaming of roaming once more Back to my home on the old river shore Days are dark and dreary everwhere I roam How"
  • Too understand - GBH
    "I've been guilty too, I ain't so pure,you get a little bit, you just want more.Go on destroying what little we got,two steps forward three steps back.In this crazy world you get no chances,no-one bothers"
  • Sleep On A Clothes-Line - Rory Gallagher
    "I could sleep on a clothes line, As easy as pie. I can't keep my eyes open, No matter how I try. I gotta sit down, I can't stay on my feet. I been up all night, I been walkin' the street. Oh yeah... Looking"
  • Seasons - Sevendust
    "Do you Feel Like the walls come down everwhere you stand? Fill the void And escape the world with something Everytime.....Everytime Everytime.....Everytime Everytime the truth gets broken I'm the one"
  • 4u - Tyrant Tea Club
    "It's amazing how the sun sets But what did she dream? And the trees they grow and grow, but do they want to, do want to? And what do you feel inside When you carve your lovelines Into the thick rind You"
  • Death on the Dance Floor - Pro-Pain
    "listen to the sound of the underground your ears start to deafen your head begins to pound the crowd starts to move as the earth begins to quake your spine starts to give as your back begins to break death"
  • Caribbean - Roy Drusky
    "Oh have you ever been down to Haiti when the summer sun was sinkin' low There's nothin' but romance just everwhere you glance And the native hearts are all aglow But when the Cuban Queen comes upon the"
  • Caribbean - Willie Nelson
    "Have you ever been down to Haiti when the summer sun was sinkin' low There's nothing but romance just everwhere you glance And the native hearts are all aglow But when the Cuban Queen comes upon the scene They"
  • Plenty of room - Anita Baker
    "I thought I told you everthing you neededYou needed to know,ohI thought I gave you everything and then you decided to go,ohOhhh,You know I understand And child I love you with an open handWhen ever you"
  • Creepy People - Victims Family
    ""Far out" he said, "I see yellow, green, and blue and red. Spiders crawlin' up the wall, rivers of blood flowin' down the hall. Turn it upside down and ram it in the ground, the secret of yer mind control I've"

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