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every body women

  • Every Body - Big Moe
    "(*talking*) D-Gotti I'm home baby, we here to party Bar better keep watching, they lil' mama twat Cause we ain't turning down nothing, but our collars Know I'm tal'n bout, for real though feel us ha-ha "
  • Women - Def Leppard
    "Ooh we ooh Ooh wee ooh In the beginning God made the land Then He made the water and creatures, then He made man He was born with a passion, love and hate A restless spirit with a need for a mate"
  • I'm Every Women - Whitney Houston
    "Whatever you want Whatever you need Anything you want done baby Ill do it naturally Cause Im every woman Its all in me Its all in me (chorus 1): Im every woman Its all in me Anything you want done baby I"
  • Women - Primitive Radio Gods
    "Don't say you love me, life isn't fair And I don't care...So don't be stupid Who builds the missiles? Who trains the gods? I am the rod in desperate women We can ask for nothing more Chocolate legs and"
  • To Every Body - Mr. Sancho
    "Trucha, me puedes enfrentar en la calle pues caile Falta de respeto homeboy, I beat you when they hurt your madre Chale, No me ban a torser por ti Averguensarme a mi Porque no me vales nada a mi I'll"
  • Every body diez - Twiztid
    "Everybody dies! Everybody dies! Patchwork, sewn together from dues to dirt From earthgrown and weather conditions of the desert And everyone's a part of it, Some more then others Sons, daughters, and"
  • Body Count - Body Count
    "You know sometimes I sit at home, you know, and I watch T.V. and I wonder what it would be like to live someplace like, you know, the Cosby show, Ozzie and Harriet, you know, where cops come and got your"
  • Planet Of Women - ZZ Top
    "What can I do, I'm a nervous wreck? There's girls everywhere, I better go and check. Check it out I can't tell a diamond from a hole in the ground. They all got my head spinning round and round. Planet"
  • Women (They're Mine) - Monster
    "I beg your pardon my dear, but what I will say to you may hurt your feelings But I've got nothing to fear cause all I'm saying here is true Every man thinks like I do Well they can say they don't agree"
  • Every ghetto, every city - Santana
    "I was just a little girl Skinny legs, a press and curl My mother always thought I'd be a star But way before the record deals Streets that nurtured Lauryn Hill made sure that I'd never go too far Every"
  • Heart Of A Women - R. Kelly
    "Heart of a Woman This song is dedicated to all of the ladies From all of the men, ya know what I mean? Simply because yall go through so much And we want you to know that we recognise that There are So"
  • Women & Men - They Might Be Giants
    "When the ship runs out of ocean And the vessel runs aground Land's where we know the boat is found Now there's nothing unexpected About the water giving out "Land's" not a word we have to shout. But there's"
  • 13 Women - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
    "Oh! Last night I was dreamin' Dreamed about the H-Bomb Well the bomb went off and I looked around And I was the only man left on the ground 13 women and only one man in town There was 13 women and only"
  • Thirteen Women - Bill Haley & his Comets
    "Last night I was dreamin' Dreamed about the H-Bomb Well the bomb-a went off and I was caught I was the only man on the ground There was-a 13 women and only one man in town Thirteen women and only one"
  • Understanding Women - Elton John
    "Rolling over trying to sleep And understanding women Thinking of you out there somewhere Looking for a new beginning Just let me be the final word In the book we haven't written I won't be another page In"
  • Beautiful Women - Boyz II Men
    "La da da da da da La da da da da da Ahh You can put them on the cover of a magazine The finest woman you'll ever see It would be my fantasy To have them all surrounding me All of them in love, it seems Their"
  • Hairy Women - Adam Green
    "Can I trust this hairy woman, to hide out when I'm embarassed, so embarassed by injustice that shuts doors on hairy women, There's no place inside this romance, for a girl that's clearly balding,"
  • White Women - Sparks
    "(Ron Mael) What's good enough for Adam Is good enough for me I'm awfully glad we got 'em They're easy to see (as long as they're) White women everywhere There's always a replacement, anytime, anywhere They"
  • 5 Women - Joe Cocker
    "(Prince) It took 5 women 2 getcha off of my mind It took 5 months, a plenty good wasted time But it just took 5 minutes when I saw your face again 2 fall in love all over, I guess with U I'll never win March"
  • 5 Women - Prince
    "It took 5 women 2 getcha off of my mind It took 5 months, a plenty good wasted time But it just took 5 minutes when I saw your face again 2 fall in love all over, I guess with U I'll never win March was"

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