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every breathe yuo

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every breathe yuo

  • Breathe - Midge Ure
    "With every waking breath I breathe I see what life has dealt to me With every sadness I deny I feel a chance inside me die Give me a taste of something new To touch to hold to pull me through Send me"
  • Breathe - Michelle Branch
    "I've been driving for an hour Just talking to the rain You say I've been driving you crazy And it's keeping you away So just give me one good reason Tell my why I should stay 'Cause I don't want to waste"
  • Breathe - Jesse Mount
    "sometimes you cannot hide what burns you deep inside even though you may have tried you know it can't be denied so you go through the doors that lead you here but now you feel like you got somethin to"
  • Breathe - Wheat
    "(Come on) I wasn't there I guess (Come on) I wrote down the wrong address I wish I was I confess I was in the way I guess (Come on) I was standing outside too long (Come on) Coming on way too strong You"
  • Breathe - Tydis
    "I can feel in the air the way you move. Took me, baby Whatever ya need, Im willin to please I give it to you, whatever you gonna do we need to take the time to make you mine and Ill do that **** girl"
  • Breathe - The Cult
    "I don't wanna be myself Yeah, baby, I just wanna run You gotta breathe, you bastard, breathe Whoa yeah, breathe, you bastard, breathe Straight into the sun, oh Fifty-five thousand flowers for the hero Scattered"
  • Breathe - Fabolous
    "WOO! WOO! WOO! BREATHE! One and then the two Two and then the three Three and then the four Then you gotta BREATHE One and then the two Two and then the three Three and then the four Then you"
  • Breathe - BLiSS
    "Time for everbody Listen to the sound and all the lonely people live beneath the ground dont listen to another just listen to yourself only changes can happens when you change yourself I want run I want"
  • Breathe - Jeremy Camp
    "You fill my empty soul I'd give you all control You take this heart o fmine And make the pieces whole You broke this fear inside I'll leave these cares behind You take this simple mold And sanctify my"
  • Breathe - Paula DeAnda
    "Ooh, don't you know Ooh, don't you know about it Ooh, don't you know Ooh, don't you know about it Give me some time to breathe Just need ya to believe That you're the one I need now Can't you picture me"
  • Breathe - Nas
    "Nas Breathe In America you'll never be free Middle fingers up, fuck the police Damn, can a nigga just breathe? Braveheart still QB's finest Grindin', enough diamonds to change the climate Not only"
  • Breathe - Taylor Swift
    "I see your face in my mind as I drive away, Cause none of us thought It was gonna end that way. People are people, And sometimes we change our minds. But it's killing me to see you go After all this"
  • Breathe - Tech N9ne
    "Never duck another mother fucker Never duck another mother fucker Nigga better delete it put the cerebellum in killa mode For real a foe can never get with what a gorilla know Killa syllable fillin' yo"
  • Breathe - Ure Midge
    "With every waking breath I breatheI see what life has dealt to meWith every sadness I denyI feel a chance inside me dieGive me a taste of something newTo touch to hold to pull me throughSend me a guiding"
  • Breathe - Chamillionaire
    "One, two, three (yeah), breathe (yeah) If I wanted to it's true that I could probably peel panels (true) But snitches got the Federales tryin to feel flannels (woo!) Yeah Radio One but I'm a start a ill"
  • Breathe - No One
    "I've tried to see the side A part of life we cannot hide Although it's fact We still deny And my eyes are wide In disbelief of what I see It just don't seem real to me Facing internal strife Pacing the"
  • Breathe - Angie Martinez
    "Yo, yo, yo, uhh, uhh, yo, yo, whoo whoo whoo whoo, yo, uhh, hey! Sometimes you gotta, catch yo' breath and, all the time you gotta watch yo' step and, catch me all on yo' neck, stressin' 'bout "What you"
  • Breathe - Hear'Say
    "Every breath that I take You're the reason I can't live without it I know for sure I'm addicted to you Like a drug and there's no doubt about it I need some more Cause the way that I feel about you Is"
  • Every Time I Breathe - Big Daddy Weave
    "I am sure all of heaven's heard me cry As I tell You all the reasons why This life is just too hard But day by day Without fail I'm finding everything I need And everything that You are To me Chorus: Every"
  • Breathe In, Breathe Out - Delta Goodrem
    "Do you ever wanna run away? Feel like every day is not your day Do you ever find yourself out in the cold no were to go If the world has ever cut you deep If the scars never seem to heal If the emptiness"

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