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every day is carnival

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every day is carnival

  • Carnival - Perry Como
    "I'll sing to the sun in the sky, I'll sing till the sun rises high, Carnival time is here, Magical time of year, And as the time draws near, Dreams lift my heart! I'll sing as I play my guitar, I'll"
  • Carnival - Our Lady Peace
    "You know you're not a strong man And you're just about to cry Hang on, hang on it's all right, it's all right You worry about the future Sign said "Yoga class for cats" It's okay, it's okay It's no"
  • Carnival - Tori Amos
    "I sing to the sun in the sky I sing to the sun rising high Carnival time is here magical time Im near and as the time draws near dreams fill my heart I sing while he plays his guitar I sing as the night"
  • Carnival - Sandy Denny
    "The Summertime's escaping, and the carnival's away, And the sunshine is awaiting for another sunny day. Breakers whisper to the shells upon the shore, And hear the seagulls they cry for more. And hear"
  • Carnival - Novembre
    "Slowly gliding down through the bottle that seems to have no end Sweet is the falling in those bubbles and colours When you leave nothing you care about behind When the state of mind is drowning and all"
  • Carnival - Thalarion
    "(A brief commentary of Juraj Grezdo & Nela Horvathova: "Nature scenery again. Majestic darkness full of mysteries. Darkness brings fear that forces people to wear the masks to hide their fear. After the"
  • Carnival - The Pillows
    "Kanransha ni hitori de kurashiteru Daikirai na sekai o mioroshite (All alone on the ferris wheel Looking down on the world I hate so much) Matteta n da Kimi to deau hi o Kashikomatta hizashi ni kogenagara Boku"
  • Carnival day - Theatres des Vampires
    "All is dancing around the evil's eye; clowns in black on the cart are throwing bits of fleshEvil dolls without mouths are singing a symphony of death, witches are laughing while drinking blood of virginsA"
  • Carnival Man - Fish
    "It's a quarter past midnight and she aint no Cinderella She's swallowed all your best lines and she's staying in the hotel You've got a number from the bar tab that she's running The circus comes to town Temptation!"
  • Carnival song - Tim Buckley
    "The singer cries for people's lies He will sing for the day to bring him night The circus burns in carnival flame And for a while you won't know my name at all But sing and dance and love for pennies and"
  • My carnival - Paul McCartney
    "It's my carnival, it's a lovely day, well, it's my carnival, it's a lovely day. With all you people getting ready to play, I wanna hear you say, come on down, this is my carnival, it's a lovely day. It's"
  • Carnival Eyes - David Byrne
    "Gone away Someone else son's gone What a day For dreaming Hard hurt heart The holds the door Buried in time In hallways bleeding And all the time they walk the line And all the time in asking land Who's"
  • Carnival Bum - Joe Ely
    "The carnival is closed for the winter The gates are full of nails All my belongings in a camper truck In front of some Hell Hole Motel. The rides are wrapped in canvass There's a smell of snow in the"
  • Carnival Game - Cheap Trick
    "It was a masquerade at Mardi Gras That was the only trip that I recall Every time I turned around at all There was you Some days are easier said than done Always expecting something's wrong I'd rather"
  • Carnival Kids - Futureheads
    "I can't say what they're gonna do Got your cards marked And theyre coming for you Gonna kneel down Its another lonely winters day decembers coming soon Gonna need your coat Gonna cut your throat Gonna"
  • Carnival Diablos - Annihilator
    "the devil has a play ground, nothing you can see wickedness disguised for you and me darkness rules the day, the circus comes to town slowly riding in, come to take us down carnival diablos a fire in the"
  • Carnival Town - Edward
    "There's a Carnival Town Called New Orleans I met this girl there she said she ownes everything I took her home she said you got in the show she took her clothes off and showed me everything she said"
  • Teardrop-Carnival - Our Lady Peace
    "Love, love is a verb Love is a doing word Feathers on my breath Gentle impulsion Shakes me makes me lighter Fearless on my breath Teardrop on the fire Fearless on my....(x2) Water is my eye Most faithful"
  • Carnival - Chipz
    "Come on! this is carnival over here. (yeh yeh yeh aah aah) Come on the party has started everybody''s waiting down at the beach. the night is very warm now millions of stars burning just out of reach Here"
  • Carnival - Pitchfork Project
    "Wasted earth, yellow sand No chance to live Hopes have vanished The drought makes me dream The carnival is in our town Hopeful eyes, children laugh Vanished expectations Vanished expectations Carnival-it's"

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