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every day las balkanieras

  • Fatima (Miss Fatty Balkan Cover) - Las Balkanieras
    "Hey Fatima, srce ti planina, slatka ko slanina, Mujo zeli sina Hey fatima, srce ti planina, slatka ko slanina, eh bas si mi fina! Ej, Miss Fato Fato ti si Bomba Svaki Frajer voli te od Bosne pa do Konga Mujo"
  • Las Vegas - Nina Hagen
    "(Submitted by Chris Lord in Paris) Bright lights city's gonna set my soul Gonna set my soul on fire Got a whole lot of money that's ready to burn So get those stakes up higher There's a thousand pretty"
  • Countin' The Cows Every Day - Jimmy Buffett
    "Countin' the cows every day By: jimmy buffett 1975 Oh I'm just a cowboy, an old hired hand Never seen nothin' majestic or grand I just received a great big tax return Now I'm off to las vegas with money"
  • Viva Las Vegas - Bruce Springsteen
    "Bright light city gonna set my soul gonna set my soul on fire There's a whole lot a money just ready to burn so get those stakes up higher There's a thousand pretty women just waitin' out there They're"
  • Ooh Las Vegas - Parsons Gram
    "ooh, Las Vegas, ain't no place for a poor boy like me ooh, Las Vegas, ain't no place for a poor boy like me every time I hit your crystal city you know you're gonna make a wreck out of me well, the first"
  • Viva Las Vegas - ZZ Top
    "Spoken: y'all still want me to come with you? Bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire There's a whole lot of money that's ready to burn So get those stakes up higher. There's a"
  • Hey Las Vegas - Tony Christie
    "The lord above made the world for us, but the devil made Las Vegas" Oh Las Vegas, you'll be the death of me, city of sin oh what a mess I'm in, look what you've done to me Oh Las Vegas, I'm losing everything,"
  • Viva Las Vegas - Dead Kennedys
    "Twilight City gonna set my soul It's gonna set my soul on fire Got a whole lot of money that's ready to burn So get those stakes up high There's a thousand pretty women waiting out there They're all waiting,"
  • Every day - Bad Religion
    "Well I'm coming home to gypsy I never thought it'd be so cool Her big sweet eyes and body are enough to make me drool And when she wraps her arms around me, I just want to melt inside And then she whispers"
  • Every Day - Aaron Neville
    "Every day along about noon Oh how I'm dreaming of the day that I'll be home soon And every day along about one Oh how I remember how we used to have fun And every day along about two Whoa how I'm so"
  • Every Day - Rascal Flatts
    "You could've bowed out gracefully But you didn't You knew enough to know To leave well enough alone But you wouldn't I drive myself crazy Tryin' to stay out of my own way The messes that I make But my"
  • Every Day - Phillips Craig And Dean
    "What to say, Lord? It's You who give me life And I can't explain just how How much you mean to me Now that You would save me, Lord I give all that I am to You That every day I can be a light that shines"
  • Every Day - Nu Virgos
    "Every morning with the rising sun I will wake you up Like a ray of light Every evening when the sun goes down I will be your only one And this song is gust another Hundred moments of my love Every day's"
  • Every day - Darkseed
    "I'm looking now where I have been I try to see where I will go this are two ways shrouded in fog what is my existence's sense? every day I'm wondering, will there be a change? every hour, a loss of power"
  • Every day - Jason Donovan
    "Oh, every day (x4)I may never give you flowersI may be working all these hoursTo build a life for me and youI may never seem to show affectionPlease don't take this as rejectionCos everything I do I do"
  • Every Day - Les Miserables
    "(Cosette arrives to help Marius in his recovery.) Cosette Every day You walk with stronger step You walk with longer step The worst is over Marius Every day I wonder every day Who was it brought me"
  • Every day - Ian Thomas
    "At the end of the day you'll feel sleepyAnd the lights go out all over the townHalf the world just floats away dreamingAnd once again, the sun must go downChorusWhy does it have to happen that way?Every"
  • Every day - Alexia
    "This is not a love song this song is not for you. This is not a love song can't you hear me singing it for you I thought that I belonged to no-one else but you. The nights are sad and lonely you don't"
  • Every Day - Roxette
    "Every day I see him coming Every day he walks on by Life used to be so plain and simple Before he came into my life Every night I keep on dreaming Every night I take him home We always go to bed together I"
  • Every day - Vineyard
    "I take another clumsy stepI stumble over what I have saidI reach out my trembling handAfraid that You won't return the gestureI am tempted in every wayTo ask You to turn the light from me'Cause the more"

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