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everyday goes by so fast baby where i am

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everyday goes by so fast baby where i am

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everyday goes by so fast baby where i am
  • Ill Nino Everyday
    "So blinded I try to gather all my thoughts and all my fears Just need to, lay restless Lying broken Then why, must I turn and not listen to lies And confront anything that arise But just keep pushing just"
  • Psychopathic Rydas Everyday
    "Everyday, everyday Psychopathic every Hey yo Twin Gats where you at dawg? Yeah, alright now let's uh Let Cell Block come on We rydin on suckas like everyday We blowin bitches back out in every way We dumpin'"
  • Phil Collins Everyday
    "'Love can make you do things you never dreamed possible...' I got lost, couldn't find my way and I guess there's nothing more to say love can make you blind, make you act so strange but I'm here and"
  • 5ive Everyday
    "Everyday I got you on my mind Everyday I just keep It all inside You got me trippin' Because I want you back and you don't know But if you gave me a chance then maybe we'll find romance Come on tell me"
  • Future Leaders Of The World Everyday
    "Trust in me its not a fantasy Knowing we're right and they're all wrong We used to push and pull weed get high till we bleed Tune out the world and just sing our song If you're all so right why you"
  • MC Lyte Everyday
    "Hook: Every day I need my shit done in a special way everyday Off the top see me and want to serve Just thinkin about what they need Ain't that some nerve, now look here 24 hours and 7 whole days, I demand"
  • Trish Thuy Trang Everyday
    "He's so fine gonna make him mine for eternity. Oh the way that he makes me feel it melts my heart away. I can see him and me at the end of the day, Watching the sun as it fades. He'll be my paradise when"
  • Kim English Everyday
    "When I look around I cannot take for granted Things given to me the favor I've been handed All the miracles and wonders I have witnessed I do not guess - I know that I am truly blessed I must keep the"
  • Ringo Starr Everyday
  • Incognito Everyday
    "(j.p. maunick/p. hinds) (oh yeah) (hey baby) (come on) Come over here, closer my dear Wrap me in your tenderness There's no place else I'd rather be Than here with you my love (so strong) When we are"
  • Five Everyday
    "Every day I got you on my mind Every day I just keep it all inside You got me tripping Because I want you bad and you don't know But if you give me a chance, oh baby we'd find romance Come and tell me"
  • Z-RO Everyday
    "My nigga Redd been assisting me with holdin my head but I can't focuse cause so many niggaz in the street owe me some bread and if you fuckin' with my mind lately, how could it be greed? if all I want"
  • Jamiroquai Everyday
    "Yes I do Baby, maybe, we can spend a little time Together now that we're alone So long I have been waiting Now can't you let me take you home All these things we do Will make our dreams come true You"
  • M.O.P. Everyday
    "Oh yeah.. (G&B) Ohhhh.. oooh yeah (M.O.P.) Oh-ohhhh, ooooh (yeah) Oh-ohhhh (Primo bring it back, uh-huh, yo) Oooooh-ohhh, ohh-ohhh ohh-ohhh ohh-ohhh Yeahhh, yeahhhh When you're living your life (when you're"
  • M.M.O. Everyday
    "Oh yeah.. (G&B)Ohhhh.. oooh yeah (M.O.P.)Oh-ohhhh, ooooh (yeah)Oh-ohhhh (Primo bring it back, uh-huh, yo)Oooooh-ohhh, ohh-ohhh ohh-ohhh ohh-ohhhYeahhh, yeahhhhWhen you're living your life (when you're"
  • Kottonmouth Kings Everyday
    "This one's dedicated, to the Big LT and the reality of life Take a moment smoke a bowl, let's talk about life (What's that?) Simply reality of life Now death to the motherfucker that causes strife R.I.P."
  • Kardinal Offishall Everyday (Rudebwoy)
    "(Intro: Kardinal Offishall) Prrra-by-by-by, prrra-by-by-by, prrra-by-by-by, hey Prrra-by-by-by, prrra-by-by-by, prrra-by-by-by, hey Prrra-by-by-by, prrra-by-by-by, prrra-by-by-by, hey Prrra-by-by-by, prrra-by-by-by-by-by,"
  • Notorious B.I.G. Everyday struggle
    "I don't wanna live no mo' Sometimes I hear death nocking in my front do' I'm living like a hustle Another drug in trouble, another day another sorrow I know how it feels to wake up fucked up Pockets broke"
  • Bebo Norman Ruins (Where I Am Saved)
    "Laying flat upon my back, All the world in motion Everything goes by so fast I feel like I?m frozen After all is said and done Did I fail to mention Everything I haven?t done All my good intentions This"
  • Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce) Fast Lane
    "First verse, uh I’m on ’til I’m on a island My life’s ridin’ on the Autobahn on autopilot Before I touch dirt, I’ll kill you all wit’ kindness I kill ya, my natural persona’s much worse You’ve been warned"

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