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everything good

  • Everything Good - Richard Marx
    "Onward I always say These things happen everyday I should be able to smile by now But I don't remember how Chorus: With you went warmth in summer All of the stars in the sky With you went perfect sunsets Sleeping"
  • Everything - Mary J. Blige
    "You are my everything You are my everything You, my everything Everything, everything, everything (Vs.1) It's all because of you I'm never sad and blue You've brightened up my day In your own special"
  • Everything - Faith Evans
    "you are my everything you are my everything you, my everything everything, everything, everything its all because of you, im never sad and blue. you've brightened up my days, in your own special way. whenever"
  • Everything - Brian Webb
    "I love being alone Until its not left up to me I've spent all my thinking time Justifying what's been done to me I tell everybody, everything She's got a good heart. she loved me. It don't make sense."
  • Everything - Berman
    "So-long to good old yesterday it's been real but time will not stand still so-long to good old apathy it's been real but now you see that all this is dead you'll see its everything... you'll never"
  • Everything - Handsome Devil
    "When you speak to me, Treat me like a King Because you know where I'm coming from And I'm about to come undone I'm on a mission honey give me some love CHORUS I want everything, everything I want models"
  • Everything - Mary J. Blige
    "It's all because of you I'm never sad and blue You brightened up my day In your own special way Whenever you're around I'm never feeling down You are my trusted friend On you I can depend Bridge: You"
  • Everything - Sleater-Kinney
    "If you're tired of lying, there's something you should try You said Hallelujah baby, Hallelujah child Who is more deserving than me? Why live with less when I can get all the things that I want to? And"
  • Everything - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Parfitt) My eyes can see, my hands can feel My ears can hear, my eyes can see They can see everything, everything A bird that flies, a bird that dies And who knows why? But with my eyes I can"
  • Everything - Cassie
    "I see you standing there your lookinhg so good in there i get distracted from my work but the people say that your a big flirt well geuss what, so am i so lets get together and be (CHOURUS) Everything."
  • Everything - Chely Wright
    "I heard a real good joke that you would love And if I'd heard it a few weeks before I would've reached for the phone and called you up But we don't do that anymore I guess we're just old friends who meet"
  • Everything - Squad Five-O
    "I'm frozen in my chair Walk away or stay I can't say I'm not there Friends are good, but television's better Friends and beer or TV and me Alone, together I'm going down in quality My value's the same"
  • Everything - Limp Bizkit
    "I'm so frustrated Some things are making me so sick inside Aw go with your heart, go with your heart Yeah right Quit tuggin' me Aw, i'm just not good enough for you Let's change Let's be something everybody"
  • Everything - Fefe Dobson
    "Ayo ladadayo Ayo ladadayo ladeeda Sometimes I give in to sadness Sometimes I don't Doo doo doo doo At times I'm part of the madness Sometimes I won't Give in to you You see in a way I have been drifting"
  • Everything - Sofie
    "A-O la da day O A-O la da day O La dee da Sometimes i give into sadness Sometimes i don't At times i'm part of the madness Sometimes i won't give into you You seen the way I've been drifting down"
  • Everything - Normals
    "She walks to the table With an apron full of stains and asks "Hey sir, what can I get for you today?" I try to be polite, make nice conversation But the food's no good She doesn't even seem to notice me"
  • Everything - Young Jeezy
    "Young Jeezy: Waz Up You Gotta Man?!! Who Da Fuck Is Dat?? You Don't Know Who I Is?? Oh Yeah Well He Ain't Got Shit On Me!!! Ha Ha YOUNG!!!! Ya Nigga Ain'y Seein Me I Put That On Everythang Put That On"
  • Everything Is Good For You - Crowded House
    "(neil finn) I see a man with a flag And he leads the procession And a woman shedding tears For a man locked in prison Then the two locked eyes And for a moment I was taken And all paths lead To a single"
  • Everything is good about you - Diana Ross
    "So sweet you are like a shining star you brighten my whole world it brings me joy being your girl, cause everything is good about you I couldn't live without you you're sweet, you're so kind I'm so thankful"
  • Everything Is Good About You - The Supremes
    "(James Dean/Edward Holland, Jr.) So sweet you are Like a shining star You brighten my whole world It brings me joy being your girl 'Cause everything's good about you I couldn't live without you You're"

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