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evrybody die in the nightmers

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evrybody die in the nightmers

  • Die, Die, Die - Dr. Dog
    "It turns out cigarettes can kill you Cause when you didn't come back Every time that I thought of you I smoked a whole pack I was up to about seventeen packs a day I was refueling too About every hour"
  • Die Die Die - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "Shut up nigga...Shut the fuck up nigga Here they come...Here they come Here they come nigga...Duck down nigga duck down there they are Shit..come on nigga come on nigga run for it nigga make.. "
  • Die die die - Bone Thugs n Harmony
    "(whispering) Shut up nigga...Shut the fuck up nigga Here they come...Here they come Here they come nigga...Duck down nigga duck down there they are Shit..come on nigga come on nigga run for it nigga"
  • Die - Beanie Sigel
    "We chapters of the same book, just a different page Niggas in the struggle all out ta get paid Doin' what we gotta do to avoid the raid Before you get caged, but you can't avoid the grave We chapters"
  • Die - Norther
    "The sun is gone, come here darkness come With me to see into the deep, to scream to dream Of things I can't believe My fate is to decay, to rot in this grave, alone to try in vain To rise again to see"
  • Die Die - Cancer
    "Die Die Running through the night, your screams are my delight Torture is my game, fucking you insane Warped is my brain, people I do maim Breaking bones for fun, see the bleeding run Stabbing, I mutilate,"
  • In Case We Die - Architecture In Helsinki
    "I've got problems, I'm gonna use them. I'm gonna keep them from you 'til you cry. I've got machine guns, I never shoot them, I only borrowed them in case we die. Late nights, play fights, I'm freezing"
  • The Die - Lupe Fiasco
    "I present, the death, of the cool (Verse 1) (Lupe) Well I heard like group of cows That all your enimies wanna shoot you down They got ak 47's and a bunch of mac 11's Semi automatic weapons that produce"
  • Die in the Night - Exciter
    "He thrives on brutal sport Takes pleasure from the pain Murder shrouds his every move Legend tells his tale Of undead lords of war In the dark the killing starts Die in the night - Die in the night Die"
  • Die In Winter - Wumpscut
    "The time has come to close your eyes Time has come to realize Time has come for saddling down Time has come in sleep to drown From life from your life from life is this your life From life this is"
  • Die in fire - Bathory
    "When horny flames begins to rise To burn your flesh and bone That's when you realize you've never Been so scared and alone You start to cry you're gonna die So pray for all your sins The flames begins"
  • Die In The Summertime - Manic Street Preachers
    "Scratch my leg with a rusty nail, sadly it heals Colour my hair but the dye grows out I can't seem to stay a fixed ideal Childhood pictures redeem, clean and so serene See myself without ruining lines Whole"
  • Die In Pain - Rigor Mortis
    "Born on a battlefield and baptized in blood You took your first steps in the red reeking mud Killed your first man at the age of thirteen Life's lessons taught you to be cruel and mean All your prayers"
  • Die Religion Die - Brian Head Welch
    "I'm sick of all your rules - They're so man made - You treat them all like fools - You put my name to shame - I'm everything you're not - I give them love - My ways you have forgot - You put yourselves"
  • Die Pig Die - Abscess
    "Die Pig Die As I Clutch My Hands Around Your Throat Die Pig Die As I Watch Your Eyes Begin to Bloat Die Pig Die You Will Taste My Defecation Soon Die Pig Die Now I Stab Your Stomach, Face is Blue Die Pig"
  • Die, Zombie, Die - White Zombie
    "What is it? What it is. What is it? Dazzling, yea starving town, starving town, out of the cold, out of the cold (Die, Die, Die!) Moneyman rumble. Dreamtime maker. Dressed to kill. Crybaby keeper. Nature"
  • Die, Zombie, Die - Rob Zombie
    "What is it? what it is. what is it? dazzling, yea starving town, starving town, out of the cold, out of the cold |die, die, die!| moneyman rumble. dreamtime maker. dressed to kill. crybaby keepe Ture"
  • Die, motherfucker, die - Get Set Go
    "Die, mother fucker die I want to see you cry And then I'll watch you die I want to hurt you, torture and desert you Take a hot poker and stick it where the Sun don't shine..then watch you die Cause I,"
  • Die Cat Die - Koffin Kats
    "Gear myself up with vodka and drugs and a knife to plunge right in your chest I cant wait to see the look on your face Asking me why I just took your life Carve you up in little pieces Feed you to my dog And"
  • Die Lover Die - End Of Green
    "You are the one, you hate everything. Like me. No one could know that it gets too far, against anything. Our love, our trust and anything. Our hate, our faith - just everything. 'Cause everything is dead. Everything"

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