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evtybody hates me

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evtybody hates me

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evtybody hates me
  • 13 Faces Everything Hates
    "Damage Clearing away Nothing you save breaks the skin Just another fucking rash Crawling away Think I can drown Tried the door, but we'll never leave Christ, how will we grow Hear all alone Don't they"
  • Charon She Hates
    "Say no more, he's craving for your heart Deep where secrets have been kept in ice And the fire in these hands burns when you must keep it inside now Pray no more when every path is through It has got"
  • Prodigy Blacck Fifteen Hates
    "(Intro: A critic) So how are we doing today? (Prodigy) Ehh...F**k you bastard.. Oh, but we can't say that word.. (Prodigy) What if I said F**k? Fifteen F**kin times..? Stick to the Q cards.. (Prodigy)"
  • The Chainsmokers Everybody hates me
    "I just wanna to drink tequila with my friends she said she cheating cause she’s trying get ahead the more I read it the more I take offence so defeated, I can’t get outside my head I post a picture of"
  • Screeching Weasel Veronica Hates Me
    "She always has something to say to ruin an otherwise nice day She always has to start a fight She doesn't like the way I think She don't understand why i must drink to go out on Friday night But I know"
  • Scala & Kolacny Brothers She Hates Me
    "Met a girl, thought she was grand fell in love, found out first hand went well for a week or two then it all came un-glued in a trap, trip I can't grip never thought I'd be the one who would slip then"
  • Reel Big Fish Somebody Hates Me
    "i just made an enemy of someone i don't know and they are upset about somethin' that i must have done. it really doesn't make much sense well i've got no statement in my defense i know, no matter what,"
  • Puddle Of Mudd Sha hates me
    "Met a girl, thought she was grandfell in love, found out first handwent well for a week or twothen it all came ungluedin a trapp trip I can't gripnever thought I'd be the one who'd slipthen I started to"
  • Tim McGraw Everybody Hates Me
    "Well Joe got a promotion He's up there on top Everybody was cheerin' him on He deserves everything he's got Guess who's the new talk of the town The new S.O.B. The one everybody loves cuttin' down Man"
  • Pariah Jesus Hates Me
    "1. Jesus loathes me! This I know, for the Bible tells me so. Weaker ones to him belong; they are weak, but I am strong. Refrain: Yes, Jesus hates me! Yes, Jesus loathes me! Yes, Jesus breaks"
  • End Of Green Pain Hates Me
    "I walk the line 'till the end of the road. I never went that far... I wanna drown myself in your eyeball. The midnight-pain is on the way. It seems like this will be the day. I don't care and I don't think"
  • Something Beautiful God Hates Me
    "Come closer still my darling, wont you sit and talk with me? Ive been waiting for you. This evening I have been waiting for eternities, Waiting ever since the first time that I saw your innocent face. God"
  • Danko Jones Baby hates me
    "My favourite situationAre always sticky kindsI'll be the first to cast stonesI dont let sleeping dogs lieIll sing it from a mountainJust take me to the topIll scream 'til my lungs popIll stand here til"
  • Drive-By Truckers Your Daddy Hates Me
    "I know your Daddy hates me and I got a room in hell reserved. I know he wants to kill me and it the least that I deserve But I always loved your Daddy, that something that I know you know. Just sometimes"
  • Drive By Truckers Your Daddy Hates Me
    "I know your Daddy hates me and I got a room in hell reserved. I know he wants to kill me and it the least that I deserve But I always loved your Daddy, that something that I know you know. Just sometimes"
  • I Voted For Kodos She hates ska
    "Hanging around before we played when I saw her across the room Yeah well, she's mighty cute, so I thought I might make my move I saddled up beside her, to see what she's about I introduced myself, but"
  • Avenged Sevenfold God Hates Us
    "Total nightmare Total nightmare You wanna hear my side? Ya need to drown to know With all the times it hurt me to fuck you I built a wall with your blood to show God save us God save us all God"
  • Tub Ring God Hates Astronauts
    "Year Is Nineteen Eighty Five And It's A Miracle You're Still Alive We Need Another Tragedy To Show The World Who's Boss And Then You'll See Since I Flew Did Things To Me All I Knew Different Story"
  • Snake River Conspiracy Somebody Hates You
    "This is the coolest party that I've been to Shake your hand and kiss your ass We'll join the other fools Another nite, another life, I can't take this anymore Another life, another nite, Drunk and passed"
  • Reggie And The Full Effect Your Boyfriend Hates Me
    "You don't have to run away I was never just a toy Why don't you look me in the eyes, and see the news You were never there the day Fate and I we knocked on you door Why don't you read between the lines"

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