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ewelina lisowska we gle

  • Za rękę (feat. Ewelina) - TKM
    "Premiera utworu TKM Za rękę (feat. Ewelina) odbędzie się 22 stycznia 2021 roku."
  • We Paid - Lil Baby x 42 Dugg
    "Can't be fucked with Ayy, 4 Pockets, huh (Section 8 just straight cooked this motherfucker up) 'Fore I go broke like Joc Fuck with that dog like Vick (Roof) Not that rock, that pit' Palm Angels down"
  • Księżyc we włosy - Agnieszka Osiecka
    "Takiej dziewczynie, co pachnie mydlinami, wczorajszą szminką, podłym snem, takiej dziewczynie, co w knajpie była z wami, a potem u mnie, a ja wiem co ona warta... Księżyc we włosy, księżyc we włosy"
  • We Are Done - POLA RISE & ANDY WARD
    "another fride night you pick mi up for the first time don;t gona by my stop don't remember me that you'remine is a trouble is a trouble is a trouble is a trouble is a trouble is a trouble what you did"
  • We Own The Night - The Wanted
    "May our hearts be full like our drinks tonight May we sing and dance till we lose our minds We are only young if we seize the night Tonight we own the night Tonight we own the night When my time is over,"
  • We Got It Tonight - Hanah G
    "Forever Like me An Ever Sever dream Like yes my eyes so me every thing! Thats only fragment"
  • Love Me or Leave Me (from After We Collided) - Little Mix
    "You used to tell me what you loved me once What happened? /2x Where is all of this coming from? What happened? /2x You say i am crazy and there’s nothing wrong You’re lying and you know i know Baby, what"
  • Rodzina Paluszków - Ewelina Jurczak
    "Pierwszy palec zwie się kciukiem, czy już wiesz? Tata wie, mama wie i my też. Drugi palec wskazujący, czy już wiesz? Tata wie, mama wie i my też. Trzeci palec to środkowy, czy już wiesz? Tata wie, mama"
  • Małpka - Ewelina Jurczak
    "Różne przytulaki mają dzieciaki , misie pluszowe , lalki kolorowe A ja mam małpkę myślcie co chcecie, ona najfajniejsza jest na całym świecie. Jest przytulasta i pomysłowa ,wysportowana do zabawy gotowa. Bo"
  • Tum tara tira - Ewelina Jurczak
    "Gdy zabawek tańczy tłum, Śpiewa dzieci cały chór. Tumtaratira-tira-tum, Śpiewa dzieci cały chór. Ręka do przodu, ręka do tyłu, noga do przodu, noga do tyłu. Bioderko w prawo, bioderko w lewo, Uśmiech"
    "Where do we go when it’s over How do we trace our life in time? When the snow comes in October What do we leave behind? Crying Loving Dancing Fighting All of this time All of this time * * official lyric"
  • Not What You Want - Kuba Grochmalski
    "Lately i’ve been feeling liek iam half of a man I've been dodging all your calls Or maybe you did It seems like we don’t know how to communicate Well, here we go again!"
  • Insider - Champion
    "The actions of a few as displayed on the news, turns what we do, into falsities far from truth. Today we'll break through the walls in our way. Today we'll prove these lies are false and we're here to"
  • Zero - Sidewalks and Skeletons
    "Verse 1: The atmosphere imbalanced Can we hit the key? Just for a few seconds So we can see The divine unknown presence That lives under the known Let's control the vibrations Chorus: Small, red, bright"
  • 2021 - Lauv
    "2021 We could have some fun Mayne we could run Or i could be the one Think it’s time to go hard for your loving Baby i love you I don’t want no one esle but you 2021, 2021 We could have some fun Mayne"
  • DRIFTER - Sidewalks and Skeletons
    "Drifting into nowhere There is no reality We are the ghosts of your dreams Drifting in between"
  • Treat People With Kindness - Harry Styles
    "Maybe we can find a place to feel good And we can treat people with kindness Find a pace to feel good I’ve got a good feeling I am just taking it all in Floating up and dreaming Dropping into the deep"
  • Vamos a la playa - Loona
    "Vamos a la playa A m me gusta bailar El ritmo de la noche Sounds of fiesta You know we go Where the feeling is right You know we go Where the groove is hot You know we go Where the feeling is right Vamos"
  • BOP - CJ
    "I think they’re feelin My bop new We on top now I am on the strip with the top down What? What"
  • BURIED ALIVE - Sidewalks and Skeletons
    "The angels won't help you 'Cause they've all gone away We could bury you alive The angels won't help you 'Cause they've all gone away"

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