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excuse me you're busy

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excuse me you're busy

  • Busy - Grinspoon
    "Have you had enough You've been around the block too many times to try and find a park Did you spend a buck Wishing on the millions that the mystery gave away Are you very small Even though you're tall"
  • Busy - K's Choice
    "You think you haven't changed You think I'm being sentimental You've finally reached that age Security is fundamental You think you haven't changed You think that you're just growing older You wanted"
  • Busy - Jawbreaker
    "When all the consoling places Lose their charm and change their faces The world becomes too cruel to bear And something in you starts to tear When nothing seems to be quite worth it And sleep becomes the"
  • Excuse - Crush
    "You don't have to go Unless I'm coming on too strong But you got to tell me why You feel the situation is so wrong Do you think he'll understand When you're slipping in the door at half past two Will the"
  • Excuse Me - Peter Gabriel
    "Excuse me You're wearing out my joie de vie Grabbing those good years again I want to be alone Excuse me I'm not the man I used to be Someone else crept in again I want to be alone Excuse me please I'm"
  • Excuse Me - Exilia
    "Excuse me excuse me what's your name again wait a sec wait a sec I don't understand tell me tell me your last heroic action a cat you drown just for kicks kick a man when he's down Laugh laugh tell"
  • Excuse Me - Raphael Saadiq
    "How about the possibility of you and I Lady can we try Lady say you're wit it If you're not wit it, get it 'scuse me Can't make you stay If you want to go Sugar I can't make you love me If you're heart"
  • Excuse me - Daniel Johnston
    "You are the moon You are the stars I admire you from afar And I have these feelings Deep in my heart Yesterday, today, and tomorrow You and me baby We got something going You and me now baby There's something"
  • Busy tonight - Nylons
    "Are you busy Baby are you busy tonight Are you busy Baby are you busy tonight Are you busy Please don't be busy tonight I've been waiting while the whole world gets to you I've been patient got my place"
  • Busy Bodies - Elvis Costello
    "So you think that you have seen her When you're lying in between her And you tell me that you don't care Busy bodies getting nowhere Ev'rybody's getting meaner Busy bodies Caught in the concertina You"
  • Get Busy - Kim Carnes
    "I couldn't believe it things get better while we're sleeping Stop! you got to care that would like ours is a world worth keeping Too late to put your head in the sand It's really not so hard to understand And"
  • Busy Man - Billy Ray Cyrus
    "(Bob Regan/George Teren) There's a little boy out in the driveway His basketball in hand Saying Daddy could we play a little one on one You pat him on the back and say not now son I'm a busy man His sister's"
  • Busy Body - Luther Vandross
    "BUSY BODY Luther Vandross and Marcus Miller (album: BUSY BODY - 1983) I'm so downhearted 'cause what had started Out to be love has now dearly departed There's no reason for you to be leaving I wish you"
  • Busy Signals - The Pink Spiders
    "Woo-ho, we're a stunning contradiction, A pieced-together picture Of a satellite trying to fly Woo-ho, this is feeling like stick-up And I'm about to plan my getaway Woo-ho, I guess it's better late than"
  • I'm Busy - Chamillionaire
    "I know you're trying to see me, but I'm kinda busy She telling me, she like my song (she said she like my song) She said she got nothing on, but heels and a striped thong Girl I think it's time to bone"
  • The Excuse - Against All Authority
    "Well son are you feeling the pressuer yet? You know where you're from and you best not forget You can twist and contort it But I know you'll regret If you compromise all the blood that you've sweat And"
  • Sorry Excuse - Vroom
    "Making his plans Friday night He'd love to hang out but he'd rather touch lives. If you wanna come you're welcome to see what its like. I already made plans tonight you know that I would if conditions"
  • Busy Sending Me - Self
    "I met you woman in a red raincoat and a beat-up car You looked a mermaid in your water wings and a push-up bra Maybe I was nervous, maybe it was fate but I called your phone You said "Come over" I said"
  • Busy (For Me) - Aurea
    "I tried to call you But you dindn't answer the phone I tried to pick you up But you dindn't come along I tried to talk to you But you dindn't even answer me I tried to reach you But you're so high up above Oh"
  • Excuse Me Baby - Ricky Nelson
    "Excuse me baby, but you're looking mighty fine Excuse me baby, if I'm talkin' out of line Well the way you talk and the way you twist around You've got me lookin' and I just can't make a sound Excuse me"

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