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  • Extraordinary - Prince
    "Extraordinary The love U make 2 me it's some kind of scary I would B a fool 2 leave U 4 I was born 2 love U This is true Extraordinary The way U make me feel I'm so very glad it's real And not a dream Even"
  • Extraordinary - Pippin
    "Patching the roof and pitching the hay Is not my idea of a perfect day When you're extraordinary You gotta do extraordinary things I'm not the type who loses sleep Over the size of the compost heap When"
  • Extraordinary - Mandy Moore
    "I was a daydream Quiet and unseen I lived in stories But inside I kept a mystery I was a starling Nobody's darling Flying in perfect circles Just for company And now I'm ready And now I'm ready And now"
  • Extraordinary - LIZ PHAIR
    "You think that I go home at night Take off my clothes, turn out the lights But I burn letters that I write To you, to make you love me Yeah, I drive naked through the park And run the stop sign in the"
  • Extraordinary Me - Die Happy
    "You said "happy birthday" to your mum And then you asked me to become Your wife doesn't seem to be my job It's not a perfect timing to break up Everybody said I blew my chance Doesn't anybody understand? It's"
  • Extraordinary Girl - Green Day
    "She's an Extraordinary girl In an ordinary world And she cant seem to get away He lacks the courage in his mind Like a child left behind Like a pet left in the rain She's all alone again Wiping the tears"
  • Extraordinary Being - Emeli Sandé
    "you are what god imagined you are true perfection baby, you’re msde of stars don’t let nobody tell you different you’re a lot of soul, mixed with a lof of magic look how the sky turns gold every time you’re"
  • Extraordinary Thing - k.d. lang
    "(Laboriel jr./Lang) My ordinary days Are spent inside the maze Of never changing ways Such ordinary days My ordinary spin Showed itself again It never seemes to end Then you came waltzing in Waltzing"
  • Extraordinary Way - Conjure One
    "What I have is nothing to my name No property to speak of And no trophy for my game Intangible and worthless My assets on the page My coffers are empty Any offer of safety has faded away But what"
  • Extraordinary Day - Delta Goodrem
    "Change, like secrets in the wind I hear the whispers madame butterfly Spread your precious wings I watch you fly away I know, I can't change fate of that July the 8th and it was never the same I know,"
  • Extraordinary Machine - Fiona Apple
    "I certainly haven't been shopping for any new shoes -And- I certainly haven't been spreading myself around I still only travel by foot and by foot, it's a slow climb, But I'm good at being uncomfortable,"
  • Extraordinary thing - Aqualung
    "Cheer up, it might never happen, noIt might never happen, we will seeAs I sit here spitting and churning, noIt's clear that it's happening right now to meMake it specialFor a loved oneFor a strangerThis"
  • Extraordinary Dream - Campers Happy
    "In the dead of night A pool of light Newborn swaddled in white They laugh and weep As he finally breathes Then peacefully sleep The diva dies alone Her hands on the phone Weary to the bone You know the"
  • Extraordinary (deutsche) - LIZ PHAIR
    "Du denkst, dass ich nachts nach Hause gehe, mich ausziehe, das Licht aus mache, Aber ich verbrenner Briefe die ich schreibe, an dich, damit du mich liebst. Yeah, ich fahre nackt durch den Park, und renne"
  • My Extraordinary Mind - No Fun At All
    "Thursday afternoon, I was bending every spoon Stopping all the clocks in Saskatoon My extraordinary mind It's everything I could ever want I tell you what it's all about Turning all the rabbits into sauerkraut My"
  • An Extraordinary Life - Asia
    "A perfect day, or so I say From where I'm standing This rollercoaster ride, fate will decide The ending Love everlasting, or lost on the way The smiles and the frowns, the ups and downs Of fortune turning The"
  • Extraordinary (feat. Sharna Bass) - Clean Bandit
    "You can see there's something in the way I've tried to show you, my door is open I don't know how much more I can take Since you've chosen to leave me frozen Am I the only one who sees what you've become? Will"
  • The League Of Extraordinary Nobodies - El-P
    "I just counted in my head how many people in this room I'm talking to that I would never give the time Here we are, being vain and looking at ourselves in mirrors very closely nodding straight up in a"
  • Ordinary Girl - Chris Cornell
    "I seen her walk in circles Closing in on the kill and take them down Shell leave you dead on the ground (on the ground) Rolling in like a walking cyclone Pulling in everything that gets too close And when"
  • Supernatural Thing - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Your love, your love, your love, Your love is a supernatural thing Your love, your love, your love, Your love is a supernatural thing When we touch, it gives me some funny feeling in my brain I'm so"

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