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  • Golan United - Molodoi
    "Une gnration perdue Aujourd'hui dans toutes les rues Poursuivie par les Milices D'une haine rptitive Une zone d'enrags Des chiens hurlant dans le noir Une jeunesse en danger Tous les feux du dsespoir... Golan"
  • Been A Long Day - Rosi Golan
    "Its been a long day and all Ive got to say is make it strong Its been a long a day and all Ive got to say is Ive been wrong So take a leave of absence, tell me youll be gone, I dont want to see your face. Its"
  • C - Rosi Golan
    "I felt it in my heart, that it was time, a change of scenery To get a little lost, to feel alive, and reach beyond me I walked into the first caf in France Im so clich. When I saw him I felt the room divide"
  • Come Around - Rosi Golan
    "So high tonight and I dont feel like coming down I can lie to you all my days, But youre the one, youre the one And Im a fool for waiting so long to let you know Come around come around come around come"
  • Hazy - Rosi Golan
    "I watched you sleeping quietly in my bed You dont know this now but theres some things that need to be said And its all that I can hear, Its more than I can bare What if I fall and hurt myself? Would you"
  • I Don - Rosi Golan
    "No one tells me where to go, No one tells me what to do today Cause I dont know where I begin, I dont know where Im gonna end today And I feel just like a child, Thinking everything is mine, at the drop"
  • Lullaby - Rosi Golan
    "What can I give to you, but nothing? If nothing is all I have All I can give to you is loving, if loving is all I have Its all because I want to see you cry Its all because I want to see you Mountains"
  • Shine - Rosi Golan
    "This life is light, Its light burns bright So well take it day by day and let it be And everyone will see how good it feels Oh theyll see the world for all that it could be Let the sunlight in, I wanna"
  • Slide - Rosi Golan
    "I love our silences more, more than the things we say Might have our differences but, deep down were one and the same But Ive been burned so bad cant help it if I pull away When the worlds on fire you"
  • The Drifter And The Gypsy - Rosi Golan
    "The train is almost here This decision seems so clear I can feel the habit cutting like a knife In the end I know that it is gonna drive right into me Cause Im a drifter and I know that doesnt do me any"
  • Think Of Me - Rosi Golan
    "When you hear it but you just dont listen When youre lookin but you just dont see When youre thinkin theres no rhyme or reason Think of me, Think of me When youre gettin to the end of a hard day And youre"
  • Yesteryear - Rosi Golan
    "Please remember me and we will meet in memory Ill ask about your day, you will laugh and start to say You wanted to be with me since the moment that I left But so much time has passed us by well promise"
  • Counterstrike - Sabaton
    "Kick start fighter launch Throttle set to full Speed king race to win Afterburners roaring Ghostlike counterstrike Takes them by surprise Score 307 Israelis rule the heaven Jordan attacks Israel crush"
  • Sins In The Process Of Creation - Eternal Gray
    "Wrongs, the things I have done - sins in the process of creation Sinking my own thought inside - in a pool of UNrestless darkness Condemned to never know - if the death I inflicted on others Should"
  • Tequila Sunrise - Pampeluna / 4P
    "1 zwr. jestem teuqila, wodka czysta chwila pierwsza najebka jak pierwszy milion, setka przy barze wypita jak windows otwieram oczy, okna wkraczam nawijka, plynna nagrywka, czaisz syndrom browar. Wjezdzam"
  • Arriva il temporale - Giorgia
    "Io continuer a camminare sola seguendo i miei passi con un solo grido in golan io continuer a respirare piano di notte quando sfiori la mia mano perch non ti ho mai detto di cambiare perch non ti ho mai"
  • Towers Of Faith - Roger Waters
    "Ooooh, the lonely boys In their towers of faith Ooooh, the lonely boys Locked in their towers of faith The prophet reclined In the Golan Heights Ohhh, the lonely boys He said "This land is my land" To"
  • Preocupat Cu Gura Ta - Smiley
    "Multi spun ca sunt perfect Dar am nevoie de tine caci altfel sunt defect Multi spun ca sunt bogat Dar eu cersesc fericirea in patul tau sarac Multi spun ca sunt frumos Dar fara dragostea ta pot spune ca-s"
  • Amor Patriae Nostra Lex - Lukasyno
    "Tam gdzie gaśnie miłość do ojczyzny, przychodzą czasy łotrów Nic nie pracuje lepiej przyszłości niż świadomość istnienia przeszłości Nawet jeśli wymrą doświadczeni losem Ref: Mogą ci obiecać wszystko i"

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