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  • Horror - Voivod
    "We are returning in a Morgoth land Far from this fuckin' world Now I believe that anything exists And it's for tomorrow They will come back Horror! What do you see ! Horror ! We're things of terror Another"
  • Horror - Pipedown
    "Drowned down like a heavy statue, with the softness of a wrecking ball Weighed down, magnetic, stuck to the surface of a broken hull Waiting 'til war, waiting to war, with every breath we're creeping closer"
  • Horror Story - House Of Krazees
    "(Next mother fucker going to get my metal) i cant wait to tell you-to kill you- I feel you- you mother fucker its my horror story- why dont you watch me- let me die- why do they cry- why do my mentals-"
  • Horror Hotel - Misfits
    "check into horror hotel this place is creepy and it's somber too and a little vampira wrapped on my neck, said say something, say something you wanna start something with me well, take it up to room 21"
  • Dr. Horror - Running Wild
    "War, termination's roar Terminations roar on the battlefield Soldier's trapped without a shield Mordant air, carry death Poisoning, choking breath Massdestructive strategy An evil plan of first degree How"
  • Hammer Horror - Kate Bush
    "You stood in the belltower, But now you're gone. So who knows all the sights Of Notre Dame? They've got the stars for the gallant hearts. I'm the replacement for your part. But all I want to do is forget You,"
  • The Horror - Spacehog
    "Head on a plaque, its an immediate problem So you turn and face yourself for the very first time Well happiness comes in the form of happiness feels me over Stupid Cupid, you fucked it this time So you"
  • Horror Head - Curve
    "(THE Horror Head EP.) Fireworks, blue and green I can see what they sing But you are away You always smile Boxing ring The back of mules You can really see, from the inside Across the room There's a horror"
  • The Horror - WASP
    "There's a red worm, crawling in my head Cut in half worm, in my blood he lies red And I, see him in my head Alone, sliding on the razor's edge There's a red noise, deep inside my head An obscure noise,"
  • Horror Infinity - Monstrosity
    "Bloodspray, Slaughter A prophecy of traumatic despair Echoes of promise Now parasite infested They feast upon your flesh Eternal horror... Abysmal sights Of the final seize Oppressing lives Lurid memories Days"
  • Horror Show - Third Eye Blind
    "Since I was a little kid I tried to get out of my head Trapped on the playground I would stare at the sky I didn't even know why But daily life it took an evil shape Some conformed And some tried"
  • Horror story - GBH
    "Now I'm in love with the Texas Chain Saw Massacre,I'm in love with the wolfman and his pal Dracula.There's horror all about me, horror everywhere,I love it when those vampire bats get tangled in my hair.Your"
  • Horror Epics - Exploited
    "third world countries starved of nutrition look to the west to end their starvation skeleton figures of what was children real relief for the sickly. Thats right push your tea tray away from you the fact"
  • The Horror - W.A.S.P.
    "There's a red worm crawling in my head Cut in half worm, in my blood he lies red And I see him in my head It's my nightmare, oh it's my dream He's inside here silencing my screams Alone on a razor's edge Alone"
  • Horror show - Libertines
    "I've been following Your minds instructions Oh how just to slowly, sharply screw myself to death Ah yes, there is a screw It's pointed at my head Then look a dream peddlar And a stick of light through"
  • Shock! horror - Chumbawamba
    "'Forward with Braitain!' with the Daily Mirror'The Facts Not The Fiction' boasts The StarThe fact is that attacks on Asians and BlacksBy people who read this racist crapAre higher than ever before--But"
  • Predestined Horror - Vasaria
    "Predestined Horror I lie awake, unable to move Within myself battle reigns supreme I've fallen victim to my own reality Destined is the broken path that I contemplate It sadly brought me here spawning"
  • Horror Glances - Winter's Bane
    "I awoke from a bad dream - just to live in a nightmare It's been six months and I still fear voices from the past One by one they call to me, and say the killer lives His victims cannot rest in peace,"
  • Horror Show - The Birthday Massacre
    "They're getting ugly They're a horror show And now we're laughing because they'll never know That they have everything We give them all of our own and they tell us they're sick and they're all alone They"
  • Horror 94 - Gorefest
    "Smashed your head against the wallTreatment comforts temporarilyChastise yourself extremelyTo neutralise chronic painsAutomutilation dwells deep in your soulInflicting painYour body suffersWhile carving"

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