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f you moving everything is groovy');

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f you moving everything is groovy');

  • Moving - Travis
    "Another day, I feel the weight of the atmosphere’s pressure And I can’t escape I try to run, I try to find my feet, My soul is sticking to the street I get a move, I got to get myself to clean my shoes And"
  • Groovy Tuesday - The Smithereens
    "Woke up on a groovy Tuesday. Even my hangover's fine. Woke up on a groovy Tuesday. Hung my mind out on the line. Tuesday's groovy. Tuesday's groovy. Now, I know that nothing lasts. Woke up on a groovy"
  • Feeling Groovy - The Queers
    "I'm feeling so sick, someone get me a beer My life is a shambles, you know I'm a Queer My head it really pounds and pounds Records just go round and round Mom and Dad - they just hate my guts The only"
  • Groovy Station - Montevideo
    "You won't lie here by yourself Let me give you a hand My self in a frame with you around, Come on let's go!! Have you got any change? What!? I'm just speaking my mind It's hard to hear a deaf sound in"
  • Groovy Man - Young Gunz
    "(Verse (Chris)) She My Down Ass Chick Love me plus she like to come down my strip Get paralyzed wipe down my Shit I love you boo, you, my bug-a-boo Type bug ya boo All day all night then I merk on tha"
  • Moving - Red Box
    "Well there's a small time breeze And he goes where he goes Taking the wrong way down To a mountain who says "I see the seven seas Hair and toes of the world Not in a million years Blow you hot, blow you"
  • Feelin' Groovy - Blues Traveler
    "Original performers: simon & garfunkel Slow down, don't move too fast You've got to make the morning last Kickin' down the cobblestones Lookin' for fun and feelin' groovy Feelin' groovy Hello little"
  • Groovy Times - The Clash
    "the high street shops are boarded up an' the terrace it is fenced in see-through shields are walled across the way that you came in but there's no need to get excited as the lorries bring the bacon in 'cos"
  • Groovy Situation - Simply Red
    "Somethings happened to me I found someone you see Oh Yes No more lonely nights No more ugly fights Cause she make a me feel Feel like a Man She make a me Feel Feel like a Man She make a me feel like a"
  • Everything Is Everything - Diana Ross
    "(Margaret Gordy) Love of my life Love of my life And everything is right And everything is groovy The boy moves me Sets my soul on fire Sweet love of mine Sweet love of mine Sweet love of mine And everything"
  • Groovy Chick - Diesel Boy
    "And he said "She looks beautiful like Mariliyn Monroe." Now he can't get her off his mind We could not believe it When he told us the news He said "I met this chick and she's real groovy." Now he's pretty"
  • Moving On - 911
    "Moving on our way Moving on our way I will always remember Our first days together It felt like we had known each other forever We were dreamers And we were believers To give up everything To"
  • Moving On - Lee Ryan
    "Say now, what am I to do when you love someone? Say now, what am I to say when you're turn your back and walk away? Say now, what am I to do when I turn my back I see you lie with him? Yeah. Like he lie"
  • Moving Mountains - Usher
    "It's like whatever I do Ooh Just can't get through to you Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, oh Now, now she loved me, shawty I loved her Used to jump up in the maybach and roll out Used to care, she used to share The"
  • Groovy - Saliva
    "All alone it's in your mind all alone it's in your mind... you say you're one of those guys you fill your mouth with the dopest lies you think a lot of yourself you know you can't run away I've gotten"
  • Everything - Pillar
    "Can't you feel that there is something That is burning up inside I don't know what it means But there's something that I ain't tried It feels like me against the nations And it's something I can't"
  • Everything - Lil' Cease
    "(Lil' Cease) What up B.I.G. what's the deal? I hope you aight I'm just, doin' my thing living day to day life Yo you taught me the game, now we play alike You taught me how to aim, when we bust gunz we"
  • Breakdown (Keep Moving) - Kardinal Offishall
    "(Kardinal Offishall) I just started, just finished Lyrics complete the circle of a rap singer Combine with feeling mean and plus a reason And to rock it for the season And niggas on the lookout Take away"
  • Moving too fast - Supafly Inc
    "Give it a chance We can love again In my crazy world I gave you everything you wanted babe You said you loved me I Said I loved you too Even in the craziest times When we fault we made love I held you"
  • God Is Moving - Planetshakers
    "holy spirit touch your people teach us the ways of god as we live as jesus did you are in awe and lifted up there's a stirring in the spirit there an urgency in this sound we as children must obey can"

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