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face down

  • Face Down - Prince
    "(Dead like Elvis) Check, check, 1 2, check U know what he's sayin'? Face down! Somebody once told him that he wouldn't take Prince through the ringer Let him go down as a washed up singer Ain't that"
  • Face Down - Emigrate
    "Relieve me The weight is glued Deceive me Forget about the truth Don't read me I'm so transparent Don't feed me now Face down Too guilty to be happy Right inside Too guilty to be happy Face Down Too guilty"
  • Face Down - unloco
    "I sign at the world Because you don't seem to care And if I grow old Then you were never there And yet it's hard just to find The only way back inside The only way I could let this go And how could I"
  • Face Down - Within Y
    "Face Down ...En, tv, tre, fyr. Why can't you see, this ain't meant to be The world falls down, no time left Eye for an eye, they slowly wipes it out Tooth for a tooth, welcome down You've reached the"
  • Face down - Jawbreaker
    "Beneath the door I see a light. It's four a.m. in apartment three. Muted sounds. A sealed room. I turn the knob. The door is gone. Yellow light. Kitchen floor. An old woman is at the cutting board. Just"
  • Face Down - Airlock
    "Face down - to the ground I'm walking away, towards my goal So far, so Eyes towards the son, i hear i listen Ever so slow, i'll take a chance Victory, i won't let that wheeler-dealer Follow me, time"
  • Face Down - Family Force 5
    "I shut my eyes in search of sleep Tossed and turned and hoped for dreams Awakened by a voice that was so clear, It felt so near to me I want Your love I need Your touch I've been missing You so much I"
  • Face Down - Serial Joe
    "Lost amidst this false reality. Don't feel a thing anymore. On your knees and begging Face down on the floor. You try to fade into the background but you're always seen. Face down, hit the ground you"
  • Face Down - Monster Magnet
    "We'll have a good time baby Well it's a Planet of the Apes and a Third Eye kinda thing Well, let's all lay down and dig through the ground To find the holy ride that'll make your thing go ding What Mother"
  • Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Hey girl you know you drive me crazy One look puts the rhythm in my hand Still I'll never understand why you hang around I see what's going down Cover up with makeup in the mirror Tell yourself it's never"
  • Face Down - Unjust
    "sharp rocks on my shoulder endless walls face me covered hooks entice my decisions tearing me in their direction standing on the red grounds as i face the last distant sounds the liquid pain runs"
  • Face down - 4Lyn
    "(sucka) Hey mr. Pootbutt, mr. know-it-better With a donkeyhat and yo name on it, u would look much better kid, yo Im so tired. dont want 2 hear ya no more, no more Dont want 2 see ya no more, no more So"
  • Face Down - BrainStorm
    "A little bit of love to grow Give me a sign, I need to know I've seen the way you've been stealin' with those eyes When all is said and done, time marches on Here in my deepest dream Running through"
  • Face Down - Onyx
    "Yo FUCK THAT word up man! (Word to mother yo) Who you runnin wit? (AFFICIAL NAST!) Fuck that, who you runnin wit? (AFFICIAL NAST!) Yo I'm goin straight for your head to leave you headless Eyes of"
  • Face Down - Rediscover
    "From the locker room of our high school to the walk in closet of your bedroom your parents disapprove Oh, loves too cool And I'm just too damn smooth I'm jumping off the roof of my room I'd break both"
  • Face Down - Link 80
    "fall from grace onto the floor. promising myself this won't happen anymore. same thing happens every night. wait and wonder why i'm not living this life. a dreamer dies every night. fall awake into"
  • Face Up Face Down - Yu-Gi-Oh
    "Welcome all my honored guests To the utimate duel of the best of the best At my invitation you come to compete For the honor of suffering the final defeat Isn't it grand what I've managed to do By kidnapping"
  • Face - World War Four
    "Been a long time coming crawling up from the gutter It was just this morning I saw you watch me suffer. Beneath this neat facade down beneath the remains I lay covered in hurt you denied any blame But"
  • Face - Strife
    "Imperfection seems to have gotten the best of me. I beat myself down in this frustration. In unreal aspiration- never allowing progression to begin- sights set so far ahead. Missing the start I fall once"
  • Face - Chief Keef
    "Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay Ay nigga, bang nigga, gang nigga Bang bang, bang I went and grabbed the K Just to spray it, told a nigga andale I went and got the cake Just throw it in this bitch face I went and"

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