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facts and fiction'

  • Fiction - Joni Mitchell
    "I can't decide I don't know Which way to go? The options multiply The choices grow Which way to go? What should I buy? What should I be? Which way to go? (Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief) So much comes at"
  • Fiction - Milk Inc
    "Its a fact That youve got me Spinning around, spinning round And its a fact That your love Lifts me up above the ground Its too good to be true But is this really you I cant shake the addiction Is it fact"
  • Fiction - Kids In The Way
    "I had the strangest dream That you were lost at sea I found you drowning on the ocean floor I woke from my deep sleep to end the misery I found you lying outside of my door I tried to wake you up To shake"
  • Fiction - Virgo
    "Look at the cards pretending Fooling me in tarot The story is never ending I've got to pay my price on you Knowing what I'll be missing by knowing That you'll be gone begging you On and on and on to"
  • Fiction - Icon Of Coil
    "Suffocation, the candle lost its breath Like my soul, the flame fades out to death Never to consist of anything at all Penetration the fiction says goodbye My former self, why I had to die Never to resist"
  • Fiction - Nik Kershaw
    "they found me lost in space, nowhere to go with the stakes so high and my resistance so low they said "follow us, follow us today we are truth, we are the way." "Young man" they said "Your search is through You"
  • Fiction - Matchbook Romance
    "You found revenge in the bed And it only cost a name You make me sick, sick to my stomach Sick, sick, to my stomach You keep me in suspense But you're just shooting blanks All I hear is bang bang All"
  • Fiction - Ten Foot Pole
    "lifes so unfair you thought then turned on your tv, lifes so unfair you sobbed, then picked up the keys, you locked your castle door behind you to go for a ride, your shiny car roars as you think"
  • Fiction - From First To Last
    "How do you sleep at night father, with what you've done to me? How do you make it through the day, knowing your dead in me? City lights can't be the answer, (some day, some way) Broken hearted filled"
  • Fiction - Whipping Boy
    "Done with drinking, thinking, fighting I've sat down and washed out greed Turned on shyness, conquered weakness Out of kindness some say need Hear me, I can't find a place where I belong Hear me, never"
  • The facts of life - Black Box Recorder
    "(Chocolate Layers Remix)When boys are just elevenThey begin to grow in height at a fast rate than they have done beforeThey develop curiosity and start to fantasizeAbout the things they have never thought"
  • Facts Figures - Hugh Cornwell
    "If all the food The warsmen ate was sent around the world No one would have to work A single day If all the money In the banks was left to boy and girl Noone could then complain About their pay Facts"
  • Facts And Figures - Roger Waters
    "If all the food The warsmen ate was sent around the world Noone would have to work A single day If all the money In the banks was left to boy and girl Noone could then complain About their pay Facts"
  • Grim Facts - Alice Cooper
    "The boy's got problems The boy's got stress The boys' a .38 hidden in his desk The boy's got a chickie With four months to go Grim Facts - every parent better know The girl's a deadly teaser Wants to"
  • Grim facts - Gabriel Mann
    "The Boys Got Problems The Boys Got Stress The Boys Got a .38 Hidden in Desk The Boys Got a Chickie With Four Months to Go Grim Facts Every Parent Must Know The Girls a Deadly Teaser Wants to do a Private"
  • Unvarnished Facts - Balzac
    "Go! What you lookin' for? It's sorrow and fear (Unvarnished Facts) This splendid world comes to an ends (Go) What you lookin' for? It's sorrow and fear (Unvarnished Facts) I don't care (There's nothing) (Go)It's"
  • Face Facts - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Figured out long time ago Nothing's as it seems don't you know Go underground if you want the scoop Cuz the population's out the loop You know I size up my sacks with a couple extra grams D-Loc got a"
  • Actual Facts - Lord Finesse
    "(feat. Sadat X, Extra P, Grand Puba) When you say the name X, think synonymous wit fame Only draw love off the mention of my name I got a rhyme or two left then I'm a blend to the side Go out on top"
  • Science Fiction - Joan Jett And The Blackhearts
    "One, two One, two, three, four Michael Rennie was ill The Day the Earth Stood Still But he told us where we stand And Flash Gordon was there In silver underwear Claude Rains was the Invisible Man"
  • Farce And Fiction - Napalm Death
    "I chase my toil Hammering a nail against the grain of fact I keep on bouncing back Misinformation is passed Look left to the right Always fight or fight I painfully dissect Will never take as read Yet"

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